Genocide of Seniors Continues as FDA and CDC Recommend 3rd Booster Shot to Age Group with Highest Amount of Deaths following COVID-19 Shots

Originally posted by Brian Shilhavy on Health Impact News | Sept 24, 2021

Last Friday an FDA vaccine advisory committee voted 16 to 2 against authorizing a 3rd Pfizer COVID-19 “booster” shot. And yet inexplicably, they later took a second vote among the same committee members to authorize a 3rd Pfizer booster shot for people over the age of 65, which was passed unanimously.


Beliefs that vaccines actually help prevent disease, and that therefore those “most vulnerable” need them most, seemed to prevail here among the vaccine cultists, even though most people do not even know that Pfizer has never claimed their COVID-19 shots stop transmission of COVID-19. They allegedly only “lessen the effects.”

This religious-like belief which has no basis in anything that can remotely be considered “science,” is seen in its absurdity among their believers when a fully vaccinated individual dies after receiving these shots, and their loved ones exclaim: “Thank goodness they were fully vaccinated! Otherwise they would have suffered much more before they died.” See:

Belief in COVID “Vaccines” Now Reaching Religious Fervor: The Shot “Reduces Suffering” Before Death

As a result of this belief system, seniors are always targeted more than the general population to get as many vaccines as possible, and the version of the flu shot people over the age of 65 get is usually four times as strong (toxic) as flu shots for the general population, based on this belief. See this article we published back in 2013:

23 Seniors Died After Receiving Flu Shot Sold by Pharmacies

It is no surprise then that the vast majority of recorded deaths in VAERS following the COVID-19 injections is among people over the age of 65. Here is the breakdown by age according to statistics in the VAERS government database, which was just updated today (9/24/21).

As one can clearly see, people over the age of 65 die the most following COVID-19 shots.

If we separate the “Unknown” age category, we see that about 77% of all deaths following COVID-19 shots are among people over the age of 65. Applying that same percentage to the “Unknown,” we can conclude that about 4,414 out of the 5,770 deaths were probably also people over the age of 65.

That brings the total amount of deaths in people over the age of 65 following a COVID-19 shot to about 11,770 deaths.

Throughout this week we have published whistleblower testimonies stating that tremendous pressure is put on healthcare workers to NOT report adverse reactions to VAERS, and we also now have Dr. Jessica Rose’s very detailed analysis on the underreporting of adverse reactions in VAERS where she concludes that a safe estimate would be to multiply adverse events in VAERS by a factor of 41X.

That would mean then that a conservative estimate of deaths in people over the age of 65 following a COVID-19 shot for the past 9 months is about 482,570 senior deaths represented by the U.S. VAERS. (While the majority of these are in the U.S., there are also some from outside the U.S.)

Did you think I was exaggerating when I chose to use the word “genocide” for this age group in the headline to this article?

By way of comparison, I searched the government VAERS database for deaths in this age group following ALL vaccines for the past 30 years, since VAERS was started, and it returned a result of 1,311 deaths in people above the age of 65 following ALL non-COVID vaccines for the past 30 years. (Source)

So we have seen almost ten times more deaths in this age group following COVID-19 shots during the past 9 months than the past 30 years following all other vaccines COMBINED.

And for those people in this age group who survived the first two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 shot, the FDA and the CDC just authorized a third shot to be given to this age group with the highest recorded deaths already following COVID-19 shots.


This is also the largest age group where medical kidnapping happens, as about 1.3 million seniors have court-appointed guardians where their custody is removed from their families, even if someone in their family has power of attorney, and turned over to the State. (Source.)

State appointed guardianship of seniors is a $273 BILLION industry. (Source.)

And the criminal truth to all these tens of thousands of deaths among seniors following COVID-19 shots is that not a single senior needed to die from an experimental “vaccine”!!

There are effective, non-vaccine treatments!

Just as I was writing this article today, a person emailed me a study published in Spain earlier this year, that saw 84 seniors from two different nursing homes all diagnosed with COVID-19 have a complete recovery from simply using antihistamines and an antibiotic. read more…

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