A Christian Perspective of the “Died Suddenly” Documentary

The number of people,  particularly young healthy people, who are simply dropping dead recently is nothing less than horrifying. And even the casual observer can’t miss the connection with the 2021 “COVID vaccine” rollout. But before we get too excited about Stew Peters’ new “Died Suddenly” film, we need to consider Peters’ credibility. Keep in mind, it was less than a year ago, that he released his ridiculous “Watch the Water” documentary claiming that there was “snake venom” in the water supply.

Peters is more-or-less the new Alex Jones; controlled opposition, which, as most readers know, is a method that the powers-that-be use to control all aspects of their narratives, steering public opinion to their desired end. Like any lie, controlled opposition is truth mixed with very calculated deceptions.

It serves to ridicule and discredit the truth for the unsuspecting masses. So, if they happen to look into something that a member of the “truth community” tells them, there are enough errors/exaggeration/false information within the report or  actions on the part of the controlled opposition agent to discredit the argument completely.

It’s designed to gather up the newly, partially aware and misdirect them to a false narrative and desired reaction by those in control.

The desired reaction is fear and outrage, which is clearly justifiable. But it’s been designed to create an uprising. Like I’ve often talked about, they want an uprising; a false light. But let’s look at some of the problems with the film.

For starters, I think it’s pretty unlikely that pro-vax people will watch anything that Stew Peters puts out, so the film is really only going to be viewed by the unvaccinated. But if any pro-vaxxers do happen to watch it, there are enough deliberately planted tidbits to have them “throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water,” further convincing them that the “truth community” are a bunch of hysterical illiterates. Let me give you an example. At the 3:25mm of the trailer for the film below, you’ll find a clip of basketball player Keyontae Johnson collapsing during a game against Florida State University.

The problem is that this incident happened on December 12, 2020, a full week before the vaccines were even available for medical workers, much less the general public. Also, Johnson did not die. The production clearly had a significant budget, and Johnson is a well known figure. It’s highly unlikely that this detail would have escaped the notice of the professionals involved in making the film.

The film starts out with facts about the depopulation agenda, MK Ultra, the JFK assassination, 9-11, but then, completely off topic, Bigfoot pops up(?!) In the mind of the skeptic, that quick flash will serve to dismiss the film as  “conspiracy theory.”

The film does a good job affirming that “COVID vaccinations” are behind all the recent sudden death reports and provides evidence of the large, fibrous clots that are causing people to drop dead. Several doctors, including Dr. Charles Hoffe were already talking about these clots back in 2021, and the reports by morticians are factual as well. A friend of mine’s father is an embalmer, and he was already talking about these (and other) disturbing findings a year and a half ago. This is really happening.

But then, it goes on to present Joe Biden, George Soros, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert as the villains they are, but it conspicuously omits conservative pro-vaxxers like Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, etc. That may fly by unnoticed by conservatives, but it will cause the film to be dismissed as more nonsensical Q propaganda by pro-vaxxers.

Of course the film ignores the fact that no virus was ever isolated to begin with. But we don’t hear much about that anymore. 🤔

The conclusion of the documentary is the same futile “rally together, take action” jargon.

“This is World War III. It’s a spiritual war. We need to rally together to defeat it. If we don’t, these monsters will destroy humanity.”

And therein lies the real problem with this film. Just like with mainstream and alt media, the real misdirect is its carnal focus. You will not find that message in the New Testament. You’ll find a spiritual battle. But not a call to rally together, resist or fight evil in the natural, (Eph 6:12 ) because this world is not our home and our lives here are about the Father’s kingdom, not saving this world. (Matt 6:33, 1 John 2:15-17) The New Testament tells us to expect evil while we are here. (Jn 16:33) So, not only are they fueling the pro-vax camp with their staged “sloppy journalism,” they are keeping the anti-vax people in fear (more like horror), and focused on saving their own skin instead of reaching lost souls for Christ.

The world is going crazy

This Winepress News article was in my inbox just this morning:

Psycologists Cannot Keep Up With Demand And Are Fatigued Themselves, As Americans Continue To Go Crazy

People are desperate. The current assault not only against humanity, but the entire creation is unparalleled, at least since the great deluge. What good could possibly come from these horrors? Well, people don’t typically seek God when they’re comfortable.

“… Thus is the Devil ever God’s ape.” – Martin Luther

“Like everybody else, Satan has only the power God created in him and the latitude to use it only as He permits and no more. The power given to him is meted out for what God wants him to accomplish for His purposes. Seeing all of the horrible things happening on earth, we may suppose that his power is unlimited, but it most assuredly is not.” – John W. Ritenbaugh

What did Paul and Silas do when they were in prison after they’d been mercilessly whipped and it looked like all hope was lost? Did they pray for the success of some Barabas and his followers to start a revolt and get them out? No. They sang praises!! And they didn’t do it because they thought it would magically make their chains fall off. They sang out of the joy of their eternal hope! (Acts 16:16-34)

Does the Bible tell us about these days? Yes, it does, but not according to the popular dispensational script. Jesus speaks of faith being taken from the earth, (Lk 18:8) and of God’s judgment when He returns – a judgment that I believe has already begun. (Matt 25:31-34, Matt 25:46, Rev 20:4, Rev 22:12) In that light, we can look at these horrors and see that God is ever in control. We can celebrate the fact that Jesus has already won the real war and that we share in His immeasurable hope!

(I ran across this amazing video earlier today.) 

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