Important! Controlled “Truth Movement” EXPOSED!

If you’re confused about why people in the satanic New Age movement are out there emphatically exposing the satanic Illuminati –  Here’s an excellent and insightful video exposing the “Externalization of the Hierarchy,” (the deliberate self-exposing of the “Illuminati”) and the elite’s overarching, all encompassing plan to subjugate the world to satanic control and serve their false Messiah (the anti “Christ”). Add to Alex Jones and David Icke, countless leaders in the truth movement. It has become very difficult to sort those sincerely trying to expose the workings of evil from those who have been planted by the elite to deliberately only take us “so far and no further” in grasping the complete picture of the occult agenda. All the more revealing to us that our one and only safe refuge is Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Alex Jones/David Icke & the Hegelian Dialectic paradigm of the controlled truth movement.
It’s important not to realize that individuals can be deceived or mislead. We battle not against flesh and blood, for the elitists themselves worship lucifer.

YouTube video

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