Jeff Rense Nearly Killed In Car Accident – Is There More To The Story?

Jeff Rense Nearly Killed In Car Accident – Is There More To The Story?


You are probably familiar with Jeff Rense, who has hosted an online radio show since 1997. Rense addresses many of the topics that this site does. There have been accusations that Rense is anti-Semitic, and I realize that some will take offense in my posting anything by him for that reason. In light of the many questions about Zionism that come up when you start to do research about the New World Order and the “star of David”, (which is very well-presented in Gonz Shimura’s recent video about the star of David and the state of Israel,) I think we need to be cautious with that label, any label for that matter. While any kind of racism is evil, searching out the truth and getting the facts on a topic is not the same thing as hatred for a group of people. Take Nazism for example. I’m a first generation German and I despise everything the Nazi regime represented. When I was about 6 years old, after coming to America, I remember our landlady yelling at my mother that she was a “filthy German animal.” The woman did not know that my mother’s own father had repeatedly spoken out against Hitler and the Nazi’s to the point of being martyred for speaking the truth. She did not take the time to get to know my mother, or to learn about the nightmares and hunger she had suffered as a child growing up in war-torn Germany under the Nazi and Communist regimes. No, this woman had bought the lie that since we were “Germans,” we were Nazi’s; people to be hated. That is the ignorance of racism. On the other hand, to embrace or turn a blind eye to Nazism in order not to be “anti-German” would be outrageous!

I haven’t taken the time to fully examine Jeff Rense’ position on Israel, but his radio show and website has addressed topics that few others would touch, long before most people were even asking questions. And I’m not saying that Jeff Rense has it all right, but I do want to say that questioning the official story, saying that some Jewish people have done evil things, or pointing out that the star of David appears to be an occult symbol does not make a person anti-Semitic. If that were the case then you would have to say that I am anti-German when I say I despise Nazism because some Germans were Nazi’s! If you do only a little bit of research, you will find that Torah Jews themselves, do not want to be associated with the star of David or Zionism. I encourage you to pray and look into it for yourself rather than taking anyone’s word for things.

That being said, I was very relieved to find that the report of Jeff Rense being killed was false. It does appear that there may have been an attempt on his life, however. For the record, in his own words, here is the story of the car accident.


  1. Hi,
    I can see you are a true site of Christians who are not minions of the thUgtopian Satan-race. This is rare upon the net. I hope others can feel your validity too.

    I have just noticed that my links to YouTube are requiring a “G Suite Account” I would recommend that beginners do not get one and to avoid them until the power of the Creator-God is stronger within them.
    This may be a surprise to some, but the ancient race whose technology built the old pyramids around the world are not a friend to humans or Homo sapiens. I realized that Homo capensis wants to eventually destroy Homo sapiens… this is why our western civilization is now crumbling before us.

    Have faith within your good-will for our own species as we toil to correct the atrocities of the Satan-race of Homo capensis and their minion secret-societies.
    The good-intented souls will prevail and come closer to the Creator-God that has provided us with this present challenge to prove ourselves worthy with our good-will towards all living souls.


  2. Wow I forgot about my last comment attached web page.
    I found this article I wrote a few years ago, cool…

  3. I found another obvious zombiie chip hit job, but it was not an assassination like they tried on Rense. You see, the offduty cop was a thUgtopian (rising the phoenix on many many many flags and crests) They are rising a fake-Utopia after they decided to murder their own brother high priest Manly P. Hall. Fritz was a thUgtopian, Hall was a spiritual Mystery Schooler. You see they are fighting within the Mystery School Cult… well they were, thUgtopians took over and they have mankind going for another annihilation cycle… if there are any more cycles to be had for them. Oh, the boy driving the car was just like Rense being heterodyned to crash.
    Like rense they had to try a follow-up. They heterdyned the boy to come out with a knife so the thUgtopian had a reason to kill him so he couldn’t talk like Rense had the opportunity to do.
    They put me into snow banks 3 times before sending me into a power-pole to break it in half with a compact car. I have lost track of how many times these thUgs have tried to murder me in Canada,

    They recently just heterodyne me to take poison lately, I guess… They are all the secret-societies in every country’s position of authority these days. The coronavirus was just a cold viruse but they all shut down the world to prepare for likely the real deadly viruses
    Rense is likely having his teeth worn down by heterodyned dentist visits. Dentist thUgs grinding teeth and thUg eye surgeons lasering annomalies into their coronas. I started to take computer microscope photos of the scaring on the epithelium when they peel it to gain access to the cornea, haa! the next thing I know a eye-thUg cut my entire epithelium off the eye, but left a bit so I could realize what they had done. that kind of stuff is supposed to freak you out so they can send you into a nuthouse, haa! They are all so pathetic with their brainchip technology as they set themselves up for their own destruction.

    Well, you have that website on my name about zombies, try this one too:
    Keep up the great site work and dont feel afraid ever… you are immortal too within the multiverse and good-will and good-intent places anyone into a much safer probable universe. I know it all may sound strange, but it is a fantastic GGod-designed Creation that we all participate in, both thUg or sheeple… may both awaken soon.

  4. There is something very special going on for Jeff Rense.
    This was a hit-job, but I wouldn’t listen to Rifat too closely, and not sure why Rense keeps him around.
    To cut to the important stuff… the microwave tower grid is where these assassinations occur.
    The brainchip in Jeff’s head was used to render him unconscious and then remote-controlled his body to precisely destroy his beautiful truck and kill Jeff. Dr. Robert Duncan helped to heterodyne or (control movements by another via wireless microwaves).
    The brainchip gave him a split second of consciousness likely just to play with giving Jeff a bit of horror. These thUgtopians using this technology are a sick people.
    Then they again heterodyned Rense in the hospital bed. They even did it with Rense conscious, which is very rare… they expected him to be dead, obviously and would not speak of it. But Rense survived, which is special.
    Read the Seth-Books to understand that our world is experienced by choosing probabilities. Rense is thus special in your life because you chose the probability where he lives.
    This is one of the powers of the rebuilt “Tower-Of-Babel.”
    Harrison was also brainchipped murdered by these thugtopians.

    Rifat is misleading Rense with his psychic warfare… when it is really brainchip heterodyning technology exposed by Dr. Robert Duncan. But even Duncan is hiding the microwave to brainchip hivemind system. The brainchip does the instant unconsciousness trick, but Rifat does not expose this. I you look at Rifat’s psychic warfare site he claims to teach psychic powers… which in actuality are just functions of brainchips… this suggests that Rifat is a thUgtopian swaying Rense in the wrong direction.

    But the real bad-guys are the techno-thUgs at Central-Command… likely underground.
    If you are a “sheeple” and not a thUgtopian, you best read the Seth-Books.

  5. It’s certainly possible Eileen. I apologize for it taking me so long to approving your comment!

  6. Eileen Donohue says:

    I am of the mind it could have been a Mini stroke. Hey, I’m not a doctor, nothing makes me right. Jeff Rense is about the right age, mini strokes can be so minimal lasting only a few seconds, but if you are driving at 60 mph, yeah, it can turn deadly, What did the doctors say. What did the CT-Scan say? And yes, you best believe God was involved, wow, only a mini-stroke, and a few hours later you were conscious an speaking and speaking in sentences…..Sound like God was involved to me. And I thank God Jeff Rense is doing well, God be with him always as he was that day.

  7. Chris Brown says:

    I had something like this happen to me

  8. Sounds like a directed energy weapon murder attempt that failed. Jeff was lucky in spite of his injuries.
    However, this intimidation tactic might force him to back off the Rothschilds and Illuminati out of fear that he’ll be attacked again.
    However, the best way to stay alive is to remain as public as possible. Especially living in the dictatorship that the United States has become since 9/11.


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