Just Comfortable Enough to Do Nothing?

A Womanly Wisdom

Well, the same activists who have been active for decades are still pulling the alarms, doing the research, and providing the facts that major media is not allowed to provide. One might guess that the American public, claiming to understand what has befallen their nation, would also become activists for the cause of freedom and the rights of themselves and their children, but one would be wrong.

Most Americans, like all the rest of the world’s people, have taken a dive in lifestyles, their abilities to have good food and water, to pay utilities, and have work and even homes. They know their education system is garbage, their culture is garbage, their entertainments are garbage, their elected representatives are garbage, etc., but instead of becoming active workers to correct these realities, they simply complain, act educated like they actually know something, and stay home and do nothing but complain.

Complaints are good, but they do not restore nations. Restoration takes work, incessant efforts, and fearlessness. This is where Americans are lacking. Phones and tablets take precedence. TV takes precedence. Acting like everything is okay as long their families are barely making it takes precedence, all the while complaining, but not lifting one finger to help.

Complacency is why our rights are gone, why criminals run the nation and now the entire world, and why, when it hits the fan in forthcoming full-force, Americans will only complain behind the closed doors and minds of their inaction. In fairness, it is a historical pattern to sit by and watch atrocities unfold, to do nothing, to starve, and to allow criminals full reign. Then again, it is immoral to do so.

Freedom, which necessitates the comforts, incomes, intelligence, and future of a family, was never about you and yours. It was an endowed principle given to all human beings. When that freedom is stolen, a universal construct is violated for all of humankind. To do nothing, to act as if your family is the single most important issue at hand is immoral and callous, particularly when millions believe the same while an entire world suffers, starves, and is systemically violated and enslaved.

Whether religious or non-religious, human life is about the future. The present, this moment in time, is simply what it is, for the next second is impending. All life is about the next inch, the next desire, the next meal, the next phone call, the next deadline, the next day and then night, the next paycheck, the next birthday, the next generation; life is about the future of existence. When unaccountable people steal the future from not only humanity, but also from nature’s flora and fauna, there is no future. Whether religious or non-religious, one family’s ability to live is dependent upon the abilities of all families to live. To shut doors on humanity’s nightmare is to die spiritually, rationally, intellectually, financially, ethically and morally and, ultimately, physically.

The perpetrated weapons of total mass-technology today comprising air, soil, food, water, natural gas, oil, metering, communications, transportation, finance, education, surveillance, law enforcement, military, insurance, health care, data collection and sharing, pharmaceuticals, mental illness, employment, entertainment, and crime, just to name a few, have damaged humans being beyond all comprehension and reason. We are no longer living as human beings and, as a consequence, we no longer feel or act as human beings. We no longer have self-preservation instincts, and we do not care about other human beings.

Totalitarian technology controls all daily life and, as such, we no longer live humanly. Instead, we are fully engulfed within interconnecting networks of technological insistence; networks that watch, listen, educate, entertain; track our usage of food, gasoline and water, financially, medically, and legally regulate, and we are ranked by connectivity and stored outcomes. This is not “human” life.

The outcry for justice, for freedom, may never occur as people meld into biological-technical creatures and living. They will choose to use their devices, to interface with them, to service and upgrade them, and to work diligently for their ranked scores far more than their human family; they will simply succumb.

Most are just comfortable enough to do nothing, because they are already electronically enslaved, and the unaccountable ones couldn’t be more pleased with their creations. The day is rapidly approaching where comfort, any comfort, will also be ignored and forgotten much like freedom, and without freedom, there is no future potential for humanity.

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