Damar Hamil; a Freemasonic Ritual

UPDATE 2/13/23

Hamil appeared at the Super Bowl in Phoenix yesterday donning a jersey that blatantly mocks Christ.

“GLENDALE, ARIZONA: Damar Hamlin was spotted again at the Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills safety made his third Super Bowl week appearance in Phoenix, this time on the field at State Farm Stadium before Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The outfit he chose for his appearance, however, did not go over well with his fans. Fans chastised him on social media for his ignorance.- Source 


I’ve never been interested in sports, at least not the ones you watch on TV. So, I wasn’t planning to talk about Damar Hamil or NFL shenanigans in general, but I changed my mind after watching this interview excerpt of running back Arian Foster from the Macrodosing podcast.

The MSM was quick to explain away Foster’s revelations as a “joke” and “fuel for conspiracy theorists” who’ve been saying for years that the games were rigged. And of course the games are rigged, but Foster’s statements were as scripted as the games.  Like always, they’re playing both sides as they bring things out into the open. It’s just more of the rising false light.

Foster’s statements come right on the tail of Damar Hamil’s alleged cardiac arrest and miraculous recovery last month, inviting more scrutiny of the incident.

OK. I’ll bite.

On January 2, 2023, Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamil collapsed during an NFL playoff game. I don’t know much more about gematria other than it’s an occult practice that originates in Kabbalah, which basically assigns numbers to letters and gives special meaning to certain numbers. The number 3 is important to (Kabbalist) Freemasonry. And in Freemasonry, the 3 and 33 degrees are highly symbolic. The Hamil incident occurred right on time to kick off an important year in Freemasonry; 2023.

2023; inverted, with the -0- removed = 322 

The date; 1/2 (1+2) ads up to 3, so:

1/2/2023 = 3 322

They really like their 3’s.

After his collapse, paramedics worked on Hamil for 9 minutes before he regained consciousness. More 3s:

3×3= 9

Nine minutes seems like a long time for someone’s heart to be stopped. 🤔

“The odds of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest without severe brain damage dropped 5 percent for every 60 seconds that passed before spontaneous circulation was restored.” Source

If that source is right…  Hamil’s odds of suffering severe brain damage were pretty high, and his swift recovery, near miraculous.

But Hamil was discharged from the hospital 9 days later, on 1/11/2023. Here we go again:

1+1+1 = 3 322

So, lots of 3s, 322, aso… If you’re interested, there’s an in depth look at the numbers here – but be careful; a fascination with this stuff is one of the things the enemy wants to stir.

Then, three (3) weeks later, on 1/22/2023, Hamil made a dramatic appearance at the Buffalo Bills/Bengal’s game. 

And, of course, Hamil is number 3, and his CPR challenge is #3forheart.


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We could spend some time just going through that video, beginning with Hamil’s unlikely tone after his recent brush with death and what he chose to talk about after his long silence. Given his “miraculous recovery,” his fleeting mention of God feels insincere, and then there are the countless short cuts in the video (why?)… The whole thing just seems off.

OK, so let’s think this through.

Roughly 30 million people tune in to the playoffs. 

Roughly 30 million people watched in horror as one of their heroes collapsed. Trauma mind control for the masses. 

Roughly 30 million people watched players “take a knee,” which is a Freemasonic ritual.

(Just to keep add interest, there’s a woman throwing the devil horns hand sign). 🤔

Taking a knee.

Pelosi with democrats taking a knee to “honor George Floyd” at the US Capitol in 2020.


Police taking a knee in honor of Floyd, 2020.

Basic stuff. Another Freemasonic public ritual. On the simplest level, it serves as a redirect. Nothing new there. Rather than think critically, the 30 million Bread and Circus fans are given something to do about this terrible event: Learn CPR!!


On Good Morning America yesterday (Feb 10, 2023), in his first interview since the incident, Hamil credited, not God, but his trainer Denny Kellington with his life.

“I owe Denny my life, literally. You know, he loves to say he was just doing his job, which is true. That night, he was literally the savior of my life, administering CPR on me.” – Hamil on Good Morning America

Celebrities are joining in Hamil’s call to learn CPR. Sheryl Crow says Hamlin inspired her to learn CPR and she’s actively supporting his #3forHeart CPR challenge. Crow appeared at the national “Go Red for Women” event sponsored by the American Heart Association. 


More devil horns

Learning CPR is a harmless enough trend. But “Heart Health Awareness” is no different than “Cancer awareness,” “MS awareness” or any other “awareness.” It never deals with the root of the problem, be it the real cause of a disease, much less the inevitability of death. It’s yet another godless distraction to alleviate people’s feelings of helplessness in this temporal world and makes them feel responsible and virtuous.

“Distraction is the only thing that consoles us for miseries and yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries.” ― Blaise Pascal

While we’re still being told that just about anything from shoveling snow to the Ukraine crisis causes myocarditis, the CDC has openly admitted that the experimental “vaccines” are the culprit. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. And of course they let the cat out of the bag, creating more fear, more division, more confusion.

Keep them preoccupied. The more they feel the less they think. So scare them to death and give them false hope to cling to. 

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more cardiac arrests this year. At least we’ll have an army of people at-the-ready to perform CPR on them. And there’s good in that. If they’re successful, the survivor will have more time to hear God’s voice and turn to Jesus. And that’s what’s missing with all of this, is an eternal perspective, a perspective that the enemy and those who serve him are all too aware of. 

It’s all scripted. All a show. All carnal with the intent of keeping our minds focused on this temporal world.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Rom 12:2)

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