Less of Self: Illuminati Rich Man All Mixed Up!

YouTube video


Published on Aug 9, 2015

Hollywood mixing truth with lies. What the masses think is science fiction is in reality the future being shown to them for
preprogramming and conditioning. The secret of The Freemasons,Illuminati and Elite’s of what is called “The Great Work” and why they all want the Temple of Solomon re-built. Most are looking for a physical third temple to be built, but the truth of what Solomon had learned with Magic,Alchemy and technology to control demons,angels or other temples is at work to this very become Gods. This video has been blocked from my other YT channel,had to rework it a little bit,hope I can keep it up, please watch from beginning to end and you will see why google/youtube doesn’t want it up for very long. I make no money from this video!

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