Oliver Stone: Be Scared, Be Very Scared – What Does Oliver Stone Know That We Don’t Know?

HHA | 8/12/2014

(Before It’s News)

This post from Oliver Stone’s Facebook page speaks volumes and is headlined “Be Scared, Be Very Scared”, which he immediately buffers with this disclaimer: “I hate fearmongering in all forms, but I am scared. It’s impossible to stay silent with this slow-motion disaster befalling the world.”

Warning of a horrible destiny awaiting the US in eastern Europe, we have to ask, what does Oliver Stone know that we don’t know? With ‘scary events’ unfolding across the world in the last few weeks, the two videos below Stones’ post look at what’s happened recently and what may be on the way, providing evidence of WW3 and a ‘new world order’.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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