Mattel Releases “Gender-Neutral” Barbie, Promotes it with Preposterous Video

This is disgusting. In our “scientifically advanced” society we are being asked to disregard basic biology. The question people should be asking themselves is “Who is pushing this and why?” Clearly, it isn’t these children who are just parroting their parent’s ideas. The satanic cult that is taking (has taken) … Read More

Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After “Gender Reassignment Surgery”

This report is a GLARING example of the publicly endorsed madness that is “gender choice.” It does not matter what a person does with their genitals, SCIENCE (which our society WORSHIPS) shows us that DNA DOES NOT CHANGE! Even by the world’s standards, the people pushing this agenda should be … Read More


David Lynn, a pastor in Toronto, was arrested earlier this month while preaching the Gospel on a street corner in an LGBTQ-friendly community. Here’s an example of his “offensive” preaching. Lynn was reportedly neither disrespectful nor condemnatory during his address, going out of his way to ensure no demographic who … Read More

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