Shocking Look at How Vaccines are Approved!


Clueless Big pHarma idiots approve new HepB with ‘no research for multiple shots at one time.’ After 2.5 minutes, new vaccine approved – 100% approval.

Concerns about myocardial infarction? No problem!

Wants to look at the ‘Post Marketing’ data carefully. “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” Source – page 5

Lots of amateur “scientists” defend vaccination as if it’s scientific. Like there’s data out there that proves they’re safe. “the science has been settled” Ya… not really.

This is really what it looks like at the CDC.

“What do you think Bob? I dunno, seems like we’ve been doing these things for awhile already. Should be safe.”

“Do they do this anywhere else we could look at to see if it’s safe? Not to my knowledge. We’re the only place on the planet that makes up safety data and adds the vaccines to the list. Go ahead, give them all in one day. No sense worrying. So, we’re all in agreement then? Fine. Fine then. Thank you all for participating in our safety meeting.”

1340% INCREASE OF VACCINES GIVEN TO US CHILDREN FROM 1962 TO 2016 Vaccines to prevent fever, cough, rash and diarrhea.

And they get all of this and worse….. Vaccine_Doses_US_Children_1340%_1962_to_2016.

Yvette Bronx  I want you to see how a new vaccine is approved for market, by the quasi governmental agencies that you trust.
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