Angel or “Beast”? The Subtlety of Satan | Mark Gervais

Why does Genesis describe Satan as a “beast” rather than an angelic being? Gen 3:1

In this excellent and timely sermon, Mark Gervais, pastor-teacher of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church in Robertsdale, AL, and director of To Him Be Glory Ministries, offers a fresh look at the serpent in the garden (presented here as a “beast” who Adam fails to take dominion over.) Gervais suggests an underlying principle; that “temptation often comes to us from subordinate things”. His sermon is about an unpopular topic; Satan. But while he breaks down how our nefarious enemy operates; addressing his subtleties in both the world and the church, his conclusion is a positive one: Satan is subtle, but God is not. While at one point he unfortunately uses a globe analogy, his emphasis is on discernment, knowing God’s Word, and being aware of a “moralizing,” self-focused Christianity that has largely replaced the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Well worth a listen.

YouTube video

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