The Dawkins Delusion: Atheism EXPOSED

The Dawkins Delusion: Atheism EXPOSED


  1. Why would an entity from another dimension (Heaven) want to come to Earth? I say this as I’m finishing my delicious steak dinner. Could that be it?

  2. Aliens would not have our original sin and therefore not need our babtism.

  3. Catholicism is a Human thing

  4. Catholocism is a very ,,very human thing.

  5. Gene Browne says:

    When we humans try to perceive any other reality than our own Earthly experience we are on our own. Almost all input is man made and rarely addresses any divine questions or answers. For example, why were these supposedly inter-dimensional entities so anxious to leave their dimension and come here? In fact why are we humans so anxious to go to Heaven or anywhere?

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