TRANCE-Formational Festivals and the Myth of One-ness

The most common message brought back by “NDEers” is that of “One-ism”, the teaching that we are all part of a great “Oneness”, without the existence of a separate, creative God. It’s interesting, if not telling, that NDEs are bringing the same message that New Age thought brings. In light of that I found these Transformation Festivals to be particularly interesting. The next one is planned for Sept 14-17, 2017 in Copenhagen.

YouTube video

Narration by Carl Teichrib, using excerpts taken from an interview from the, describing the New Age concept of “One-ism”, which is being manifested and propagated through various types of transformational festivals and events around the globe. Set to a compilation of footage from festivals such as Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Azora, Boom, Lightning in a Bottle, and others.

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