Trump Wins North Carolina | Ordo Ab Chao

I’m normally a courteous person, but when the young woman offered me a face mask with a decidedly parental tone as I walked into the store, I felt the heat rise. I locked eyes with her.

“No.” (I held the “..thank you.”)

No. I will not be muzzled.

No. I will not play along with this media created “pandemic” circus.

No. I will not willingly surrender my rights to breathe freely.

No. I will not participate in this satanic cult.

She and her co-worker muttered their disapproval as I forged my way into the store. My pulse raced as the reality washing over me anew.

The demoralization is complete.

Logic is gone.

Critical thought is a thing of the past.

The world we live in has become an insane asylum.

Lord help us.

The proud New World Order comrades have been emboldened by their recent presidential “win”. Their chosen “leader”, mentally limping though he may be, promising tyrannical rule right out the gate with nationally mandated masks, contact tracing and vaccines. (Here’s the speech if you can stomach it). In it, Biden repeatedly says “just wear a mask”.

I mean, think about it; why would “wear a mask” be so heavily pushed in a presidential speech? Why is wearing a mask presented as a “symbol of unity and change”!? Wearing a mask doesn’t even make any scientific sense! Yet those who refuse to adhere to the party line about this mythical pandemic will be punished and ostracized in their Orwellian brave new world.

But wait! What’s this? Trump gains North Carolina!

Sigh of relief. Maybe the fat lady hasn’t sung just yet!

But hang on, let’s think this through. A Trump win may mean a reprieve from the encroaching dystopia (assuming he was only kidding about Operation Warp Speed – and we’ll set aside his plan to roll out 5G for a moment) but what’s more important is that a Trump win would embolden the false NAR prophets and ecumenical heresy; the Cahn’s (Con), the Grahams, the patriots… . In short; it would fuel apostasy. And, let the world burn around us, but our Father has taught us not to be concerned about that. The devil’s true objective is the destruction of our immortal soul. (Matt 10:28)

And think of the CHAOS a last minute Trump turn around would cause. Imagine the protests, the further division, escalated emotions and violence.

Remember the Freemasonic motto: Ordo Ab Chao (order from chaos)? Keep in mind that Trump is a Mason.

Look around; everywhere we turn there’s destruction (fires, extreme weather…), violence, chaos, economic collapse. Why are they destroying everything? To put all mankind in a pressure cooker until we scream for a New Age of Luciferian False Love and Light, that’s why. That False Light, NOT looming tyrannical rule and pedophile rings, is the Biblical Beast System. It’s out with the Old – which includes the tyrannical “New World Order”, and in with the Real New World Order. To accomplish that, the public’s confidence in the present system needs to be destroyed, thus engineering approval of the New. In their language; the Phoenix of The New Age will arise out of the ashes of the Old.

Do you see it?

Truthers beware; it’s they who are exposing the horrors of their current Satanic New World Order system. The fear we feel as we listen to Biden’s speech is part of it. Social media censorship is part of it. It’s all part of the show.

They’re not upset that we know about their crimes.

Revealing them is all part of their plan!

They’re not even concerned that we know about their fake virus or poisonous vaccine.

It’s The Externalization of their Occult Hierarchy. They want us recoiled in disgust and chomping at the bit for the New Age of Love and Light that Trump promises.

And it’s working. I’m disgusted. Are you? I’m ready for some love and light. We just need to make sure it’s the right Love and Light! (John 8:12)

Biden has firmly established himself as a threat to any semblance of the liberty and justice that Americans value. We are aghast. But know that he represents the dying Order of oppression (communism).

Trump may well yet be re-installed to bring down that oppressive system and usher in the Real New Age of technocratic surveillance, Sustainability Agenda 21 with its eco terrorism – all under the guise of “liberty”.

I’m not sure how all this is going to play out. I’m honestly not even sure how to behave in public these days – (I’d completely missed the fact that God loves the girl in the store and that she needed to see Jesus.) But what I do know is that, as hard as it is(!) we need to resist the temptation to get sucked into the drama. We need to keep the big picture in focus.

Be watchful and keep your eyes on Jesus. (Heb 12:12) His kingdom is not of this world. (Jn 18:36) And He has gone to prepare a place for us. (Jn 14:3)

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16:33)



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