Directed Energy Weapons Involved in Northern California Fires?

10/13/2017 | CO

(Update 10/24, 2017 – links with information about these technologies at bottom of article)

We are facing a new kind of terrorism; UNnatural Disaster Terrorism. With multiple eyewitness accounts of “blue flashes”, and scenes reminiscent of 9/11, the Northern California “wildfires” are as unnatural as can be. The advanced technology these people have, much less their wanton disregard for human life in the land where we’re taught freedom reigns, is far beyond anything the average person can wrap their mind around. Youtuber ThePlaneTruth investigates:

“Even the head of Cal Fire for the state said on CNN he had no idea what started the over 60 strikes that came out of nowhere in the middle of the night without warning. Sudden, unexplainable winds kicked up to 60-70mph, blue flashes and sparks were seen above by many, including me. Cars were torched, yet trees untouched. the car tire rubber and glass were nowhere to be found and homes were reduced to unrecognizable rubble. Glass and rubber take thousands of degrees to melt which means these fires generated there own direct heat, like a directed energy butane torch, except they are using directed energy LASER technology to pulse the plasma clouds, stir the wind for energy and release up to a trillion watts of laser power at any one source. This is why cars and homes completely melted but shrubs, leaves, plants and neighbors houses, were untouched.” (emph mine)

YouTube video

A previous video about Canadian wildfires, also indicating the use of directed energy weapons

YouTube video

These strange lights were seen in the Mexico City sky after the recent earthquake:

YouTube video

Strange lights in the sky during the Florida “hurricane”

YouTube video

Science Fiction? Hardly.

YouTube video

UPDATED 10/25/17 *

It is not unreasonable to think that technologies are behind these events. Here are some Air Force technologies and their projected goals for the future:

Excerpt from the document Technology Horizons discussing Directed Energy Weapons:

“The document “Air Force Directed-Energy Systems Laser-based and high-power, microwave-based DE systems being developed by several nations will play an important role in the strategic context of 2010–30. The success of MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) in tracking, targeting, and destroying a representative missile in February 2010 with an integrated, airborne, megawatt-class chemical laser demonstrated the potential of strategic-scale systems. Ground-based lasers are likely to appear for air defense and other roles, as will airborne microwave-based systems that can disable or defeat electronic systems. More recent solid-state laser technologies are enabling tactical-scale systems for potentially revolutionary airborne selfdefense and low-collateral-damage strike capabilities. Emerging fiber laser technologies as well as diode-pumped alkali lasers may allow later versions of such systems to be made even smaller for integration in a much wider set of platforms, including fighters. DE systems will be among the key “game changing” technology-enabled capabilities that enter service during this time frame.” read more…

PDF of the book “Full Spectrum Dominance”

See more technology the US has in their possession here:

If you have any doubt they would test/use these against US citizens, you need only look at the Manhattan ProjectThe Army tested ‘germ warfare’ on the NYC subway, and Plumb Island experiments as a few examples.

 Jn 8:12


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