Noachide Laws | Nikki Haley & the Queen of Sheba

This Dec 19, 2018 Breaking News Israel article, “Sanhedrin Invites Nikki Haley to be Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations” sheds light on the agenda behind the migrant invasions and Donald Trump’s “fight” against “globalism”: The “Organization of 70 Nations” under the rule of the Seven Noachide Laws. In the article, … Read More

We are being PLAYED – Problems / Reactions / Solutions

Are we outraged  yet? They are sure stirring the pot! Two states in the United States of America have officially legalized infanticide. Other states; Idaho and Mississippi to name two, have reacted by passing absolute anti-abortion laws, calling all abortion “murder,” and most Christians would agree. Do we see yet … Read More

Donald Trump & “Third Temple” for the Whole World

Inside the mind of “Third Temple” advocates. Jerusalem and the “third temple” received a lot of attention last year. In April 2018, according to the Jerusalem Post, a Passover Sacrifice Ritual was carried out at the foot of the temple mount. The ceremony, which included the slaughtering of a lamb, … Read More

Coming ‘Utopia’ Ruled By Noahide Laws

What Ted Pike presents here is well researched and vital to understand in order to grasp the NWO agenda. The Pharisaic Jews were looking for a Messiah to reign over an earthly kingdom. The New World Order is that kingdom, and the “millennial reign” of futurist eschatology is the planned earthly reign … Read More

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