Anonymous Announces Revenge on “Terrorists”


I was just on CBN’s Facebook page and they are pushing the “Islamic terrorists” propaganda, big time. But what caught my eye was a video from the hacker/activist group “Anonymous”, in which Anonymous promises to take cyber-revenge on “...terrorists, claimed by yourself; The Islamic State.” As a Christian I’ve been on the fence about Anonymous in the past, having some obvious problems with their Sweeney Tood reminiscent slogan:

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

And I’ve always wondered about the Guy Fawkes mask, granted, a symbol of protest against government tyranny, used by the Occupy movement as well. But it was also worn by the main hero in the mind control symbolism rich movie “V” For Vendetta.  As television personality Gordon Dietrich says in the movie,

“You wear a mask for so long you begin to forget who you were beneath it.” 

In  “Mind Control Themes and Programming Triggers in Movies,” Carissa Conti examines the mind control symbolism in the movie. She writes:

“Mask symbolism, as it is used in mind control, refers to the masking of the various split off alternate personas from each other.   The main hero V experiences a transformation in personality that’s likened to the Phoenix. His old self dies, and a new persona is born, rising from the fire — quite literally. V emerges from a huge explosion and fire […] walking through the flames letting out a primal yell of rage. […] this transformation results in a persona hell bent on destroying the society he sees around him.[…] – source

Are there dots to connect here? I’m not sure. I just find it interesting.

I’m not alleging that everyone involved with Anonymous is necessarily working for the cabal or that they’re even aware of the biblical context of their slogan, but I am asking why a “Christian” broadcasting network would join ranks with a group calling themselves “Legion”, and who declare that they “will not forgive.” Not to mention they’re joining in with the “Islamic terrorists” narrative here.

The hacker group Anonymous is allegedly planning to take on ISIS in a massive cyber war – CBN

I hope Christians are starting to pay attention, because if they don’t, they’re going to fall right into the trap of the New World Order conspirators and find themselves joining ranks with those bringing about WWIII, fighting a fabricated, false enemy and resulting in the deaths of many innocent people.

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