Central Banks Issue Hidden Warning ‘DUMP OUR CURRENCIES Now!’


With the world’s central banks becoming more desperate every day to keep their failing systems propped up, economic expert Gregory Mannarino tells us in the brand new video below that same banks are also telling us: “DUMP our currencies now!”

Mannarino tells us that the signs are everywhere as long as we know what to look for, and shares with us those signs we need to be watching out for in this video.

With the worlds central banks now refusing to allow any kind of ‘natural price discovery mechanisms’ which could be used to figure out what the ‘fair market’ value of assets should be, we know that we have a major problem and Mannarino tells us that soon, there will be a major ‘balancing out’ that will ‘rock the core of the Earth’… “there is no stopping this” Mannarino warns.

We’re also told that if we continue to hold on to an asset, of which the ISSUER of that asset has already told us that they are going to DESTROY its’ purchasing power, we must be absolutely insane…

YouTube video

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