Chemtrail Truthers Unite, a call to arms…

HHA | 9/16/2014

Here is an update after the widespread response to Dr Toran’s post “They Are Killing Us With Chemtrails In Switzerland“.


Dear friends and chemtrail truthers around the world, my name is Dr Alev Toran and I am a Swiss chiropractor and author of the post, “They are killing us with chemtrails in Switzerland”.

I have decided to come forward at this time and take advantage of the momentum my article has gathered in order to further expose the Chemtrail agenda in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

Thanks to and YOU, close to 30’000 sites, Facebook pages and Tweeter accounts have picked up my story in less than three weeks.


The article has gotten a lot of attention within our chemtrail community, but we need to force the issue out into the mainstream.

Let’s start by letting the Swiss government and Swiss media know that the world is sick and tired of the daily poisoning and demands it be stopped. Let them know that all eyes are on THEM…Big Brother in reverse…lol !

Would you please consider helping me by sending an email to all Swiss Parliament members as well as all Nouvelliste editors and “journalists”, supporting my demand for:

  • The IMMEDIATE halting of ALL AEROSOL SPRAYING over Switzerland.
  • The initiation of a TOTALLY TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION into the phenomenon of aerosol spraying.

At the end of this letter are links to Excel email lists that I prepared of Swiss Parliament members as well as of employees of the Nouvelliste, our local newspaper. It is important that they ALL know how disappointed the international community is to find out that the Swiss government is permitting the poisoning of it’s own population.

This plea needs to go viral. We need to make some noise. We need a massive showing.

Over the last year or so I have sent dozens of emails to representatives of both government and the Nouvelliste newspaper, complete with hundreds of photos I had taken along with links pertaining to the devastating chemtrail agenda, but to no avail.

Both are purposefully, and in a very cowardly manner, suppressing the story and covering-up the evidence of intentional and irreversible poisoning of our soils, waterways and populated areas with heavy metals such as nano-aluminium, barium and strontium, and a whole slew of different chemicals, drugs, biologicals and nano-particles.

What are you supposed to do when you can’t get your local newspaper or elected official’s attention on an important matter?

 …you need to find a way around them and communicate directly to the people.

But first, before I continue, let me share some important facts about Switzerland, which make it the perfect battleground for our Chemtrail fight.


Switzerland is still a very civilized country where the individual has a strong voice in molding government policy…truly a government for the people, of the people and by the people…

  • Last year the Swiss people voted against unbridled immigration and to secure our borders at a time when all of the EU nations and the US have caved in.

  • In 2011, the Swiss people voted to preserve their right to bear arms, at a time when nearly all other countries are stripping their citizens of this right!

  • Did you know the US constitution including its second amendment was inspired by the Swiss constitution? Yes it’s true. In 1291 the armed Swiss people rose up against their tyrannical overlords, the Hapsbergs, and formed what is till this day the most democratic country on earth…the people can ratify any law, they just need to accumulate 100’000 signatures…it’s called a popular referendum… the US police state model doesn’t even come close.

The trouble is that the Swiss are asleep when it comes to the chemtrail issue! We need to wake them up!

I’d like to share a great story to illustrate why I LOVE Switzerland so much and why I think with your help we can finally expose the chemtrail agenda in a BIG way…last year I went to the Parliament in the capital of Switzerland, Berne, to speak with a Delegate of the National Counsel about the chemtrail issue.

Arriving at the Parliament building, I needed to pass through a security check before being permitted inside. When it got to my turn, I could see my host on the other side waiting for me. I recognized him from his picture on the Parliament site.

At the security check, two things worth noting occurred:

  • First, although I had to pass through a metal detector…nobody physically touched me! Nothing, no pat down, no cavity search, no disrobing, no humiliation… NOTHING!
  • Next, I realized I had forgotten to remove my Pepper Spray canister from my fanny pack. Imagine trying to enter the Senate or Congress buildings in Washington with a pepper spray in your pocket…and this wasn’t just any pepper spray, it was a bright orange, Swiss made, 2 shot “Guardian Angel Jet Protector” pepper gun…it contains two CO2 cartridges which shoot out the most vicious concentrated pepper spray ever developed at speeds of up to 140km/hr, that is 90miles/hr! It shoots accurately from distances of 20 feet and is so powerful it easily goes though ski masks! Pull on the trigger once and the first Co2 cartridge fires, pull the trigger a second time if needed, and the second one goes off. Definitely a self-defense weapon of mass destruction!

After security discovered it, they simply held on to it until after my meeting with the Delegate and then promptly returned it to me upon leaving the building along with a smile. “Don’t forget your Guardian Angel” reminded me the security officer, followed by “Have a nice day”. No body slam, no taser and no overreaction of any kind.  You know…like normal civilized people.

Switzerland and the Swiss culture are really worth preserving.

Back to my meeting with the Delegate of the National Council…I unfortunately cannot give away his identity but he is a brave and honest public servant and I respect him tremendously. He is in politics for all the right reasons, and his track record proves it.

We finally got down to why I came and he told me that the Parliament was well aware of the Chemtrail issue, having discussed it “unofficially” in Assembly on several occasions. The topic was suspiciously taboo though and the only way to get the issue to be acknowledged publically would be the development of a “grass roots” type movement of concerned citizens, (which I am in the process of forming). He said that if the population demanded it, they would bring the issue to the floor, but not before. When I asked him how many voices we would need…he said that 10’000 or so should do the trick.

Guys…do you think we can get out at least 10’000 emails from the concerned citizens of the world into the inboxes of the representatives of the Swiss Parliament and the Nouvelliste newspaper over the next couple of days?

I just now sent them a letter, which included the following info:

  • Links to my posts on
  • Our demands that they cease and desist all aerosol spraying over Switzerland effective IMMEDIATELY and that they commence a TOTALLY TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION into this crime against humanity.
  • Photographic evidence of massive chemtrailing of my part of Switzerland, the Valais.
  • My rainwater test results… Aluminum 38’000mg/l instead of the normal 50mg/l, Barium 440 mg/l instead of 0 mg/l, Strontium 260 mg/l instead of 0 mg/l.
  • Expert testimony and whistleblower testimony.
  • Proof that it is impossible for turbo-fan engines to produce contrails. Turbo-fan engines are  used by all civil and military planes, with the exception of fighter jets which use turbo-jet engines which might at certain alltitudes let a contral go.
  • Articles by Dr Blaylock, neurosurgeon, on the explosive increase of neurodegenerative diseases linked to nano-aluminium !
  • Evidence of Monsanto having developed GMO plants resistant to high nano-aluminium levels in the soil.
  • Evidence that chemtrails are just part of a much larger depopulation agenda.
  • Information on Morgellon’s disease and nano-tech.
  • I even threw in some 9/11 and vaccine truth.
  • Etc…

This letter has been sent to all Swiss Parliament members, all Nouvelliste employees, all Swiss chiropractors, the local chapters of Greenpeace and the WWF, and to 2800 other people (witnesses) all of whom I’ve asked to share this information with everyone they know. I am hoping to wake up as many Swiss citizens as possible, but the Swiss media and government also need to hear from YOU!

If you choose to support my effort, please be respectful when writing, use no foul language, make nothing that might be construed as a threat of any kind, but do let them know that unless they make a 360° turn and HALT ALL AEROSOL ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY we will take the actions mentioned below.


to the Parliament, let them know:

  • That you are appalled that Switzerland would allow the poisoning of the environment and of it’s own population with toxic heavy metals such as nano-aluminium, barium and strontium, as well as other chemicals.
  • That Switzerland’s image as an ecological leader or as a clean pristine place to bring your family on holiday is at great risk.
  • That you are seriously considering boycotting ALL Swiss goods and services.
  • That you refuse to ever visit Switzerland until they stop spraying.
  • That you will share this information FAR and WIDE.
  • Remind them that the world is watching them and that Dr Toran is off limits!

to the Nouvelliste:

  • Let them know what you think of their covering-up of the crime of the century…aerosol dumping.
  • Remind them that having knowledge of a criminal act being committed against the people of Switzerland and not exposing it, makes them accessory to the crime.
  • Remind them that they have a responsibility to the truth and to the community they serve.
  • Remind them that they have been caught breaking the sacred trust and are therefore no longer relevant.
  • Also please remind them that the world is watching them and that Dr Toran is off limits!

Conversely, reassure them that if they stop the intentional poisoning of their people and instead shine a light on this criminal practice and help put an end to it on their soil and elsewhere:


  • You will be proud to continue buying and promoting Swiss products.
  • You will seriously consider, and encourage others, to visit Switzerland in the near future and will help promote Switzerland’s tourism industry and image every chance you get.
  • You will defend Switzerland against attacks from weaker puppet governments whose own populations will start to demand changes.
  • You will spread the word of Switzerland’s courage and decency and help Switzerland secure a place in history as the first country to defy the criminal chemtrail cartels, serving as an example for other countries to do the same.
  • The above are all suggestions… respectfully say what you want to, but don’t put it off.

Spread this around to EVERYBODY!!! This needs to go viral…

All email addresses are public and freely available on the Internet, but I have organized them into excel documents for ease of use. Copy/paste away!

Parliament email list (excel)

Nouvelliste email list (excel)

Please include the following 2 links in your email along with your comments:

  • A link to my friend Matthias Hancke’s trailer for his soon to be released documentary on chemtrails called “OVERCAST”…please watch the trailer, spread it around. Look for the full version this fall.

Share on Facebook and other social media platforms, send copies to all your friends and family, to as many local and national media and government sites and agencies in your country as you can think of to show them that we are awake to their shenanigans and not going to take it anymore!

Remember, we have the moral high ground.

Dr Alev Toran, chiropractor, Sion, Switzerland

I am neither a terrorist, nor a revolutionary, nor a hero. I’m just a guy who has discovered that he and his whole community are being INTENTIONALLY sprayed on a daily basis with toxic chemicals from airplanes. It’s a normal reaction to be angry and to demand that the spraying end. It’s a survival mechanism, not some political statement.

PS: I am anticipating some backlash, please consider a donation to my legal fund, anything you can spare.


Bitcoin: 112ghAHAwx9StZs7hRVBgP37RKPeFAR2su

Parting shots…

How many engines do you count? and how many trails?

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