Destroying Gravity – By Richard

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The aim of this post is to invalidate the modern Theory of Gravity, by analyzing and scientifically scrutinizing pertinent facts related to one of the biggest lies ever sold.


For anyone new to this blog, and for those simply wishing to refresh their memories, below are a list of posts that are highly relevant to what will be discussed in this post.
If you are new to this blog you may find it useful to read these before reading on below, but this post can certainly stand on it’s own as well without any prior reading.

  • The Torus and Ancient Cosmology – where a mathematical model of the Universe was derived using magnetism, nature, and mathematics (i.e. sacred geometry, vector equilibrium, and the golden mean/phi). The model matches the model of the cosmos shared by every ancient culture.
  • The Greatest Liars of All Time – a study of many of NASA’s lies.
  • Look Around, it will Astound You – where the expected curvature of the globe was calculated and compared to reality (to find that we see no curvature); and where perspective was discussed in depth.
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  • You Spin Me Right Round Baby – where we scrutinized the spinning ball model of Earth provided to us by NASA and scientists.

In the last post, we analysed much of the evidence available to us regarding Antarctica:

  • Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2), where we covered:
    • Hidden symbolism in Pink Floyd’s music;
    • Antarctic explorers
    • Our education (i.e. indoctrination) system; and
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  • Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2/2) where we covered:
    • Southern hemisphere flight paths;
    • The legal framework surrounding Antarctic travel;
    • Flat Earth in plain sight, including in music and movies; and
    • Disinformation (brainwashing) programmes.

There are two things in particular to keep in mind from previous posts as you read this post:

KnightsKings Royal Crown Codex_Féjervary-Mayer_(Lacambalam_2014)

  symbol 1


We’ve seen (in Magnetism: Tesla’s Key to the Universe) that the men who brought you the heliocentric model of the Universe were all freemasons:
 Freemasons (1)
Image result for galileo statue


In this post, we will turn our attention to “Gravity”… which is science’s explanation for everything.

To best understand and contextualize the gravity deception, we will first take a look at some historical background. In particular, you will see that the Vatican and Freemasonry are undeniably closely linked to the Royal Society, where the theory of gravity originates.
We will then scrutinize Newton’s theory of gravity, with nothing more than some good old-fashioned common sense, after which you will see a scientific show-down between the genius hero of modern science – Albert Einstein, and suppressed inventor Nikola Tesla.
Finally, to wrap up this post and start to lead us into the next post, we will put on our lab-coats and make use of the scientific method to start to unravel what is really going on where we live.

Please note that this post focuses primarily on deconstructing the gravity lie. You will probably have lingering questions about what gravity is (given that Newton was wrong) after reading this post, but it’s important to thoroughly dissect the problem before piecing together the solution – which we will start to do at the end of this post.
For your reference here’s a Table of Contents for this post:

Table of Contents

  1. History of the Royal Society
    • Vatican connection
    • Freemasonry connection
  2. The Theory of Gravity
    • Isaac Newton
    • Scientific Experiments
  3. The Theory of Relativity
    • Albert Einstein
    • Spacetime Curvature & Nikola Tesla
  4. The Scientific Method



Let’s start off with some straightforward questions and answers…

  • How can the Earth orbit the sun?

Image result for earth sun orbit

Image result for poof

How can the moon orbit the Earth without drifting off into space?

Image result for moon orbit

How can satellites the size of a school bus levitate in mid-air above our atmosphere without falling down?

Image result for satellite

Image result for poof

How can gravity be strong enough to stick 321,000,000 cubic miles of seawater on the globe, but at the same time be weak enough to let a helium balloon float upwards?


Image result for poof

How can the water curve around, and stick to, a spinning ball (despite the fact that water always finds its level)?

Image result for water on earth Image result for water level flat earth
Image result for poof

How come we don’t fly off when the ball spins?
Image result for falling off the earth

Image result for poof

How come people and water can stick to the underside of a ball?
Image result for falling off earth

Image result for poof

Now then…
Lets start with the man who invented gravity… when an apple supposedly fell on his head…


The story goes that Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head…

Cool story right?…

Image result for oh really gif

Do you really believe this fairy tale?!

Image result for really gif

I mean seriously… did no one else ever notice that apples fall to the ground before an apple fell on “Sir” Isaac Newton’s head in 1666?!
giphy (5)
Image result for joey laughing gif

By the way, these guys are laughing too…
Image result for funny flat earth memes
Related image

To explain “gravity”, Newton wrote Principia Mathematica


…. which was so complex that it required Newton to invent of a whole new type of mathematics (i.e. Calculus) first…

Coincidentally, Newton just happened to invent Calculus in the same year that the pesky apple fell on his head…

Now, I’m not one to believe in coincidences, so judging by the coincidental timing of the falling apple and the invention of Calculus, it would seem that this knowledge of Calculus was only introduced to the public by the establishment in order to enable them to promulgate the gravity story…
Far fetched?…
… Perhaps… But let’s dig deeper.
You may be asking yourself who the “the establishment” is that was mentioned above…
Well, the organization responsible for establishing “modern science” as we know it is the Royal Society… which we will now scrutinize a bit before delving into the science behind gravity.
Bear with me, as there’s a little bit of history in this next section, though as you shall see it’s very important to understand the historical context of the introduction of the theory of gravity before we get sink our teeth into the actual gravity lie itself…

History of the Royal Society

In this section, you will see that the Royal Society has very strong connections to the Vatican as well as Freemasonry.
Please don’t get bogged down on historical detail in this section;… the key point to note is simply the connection between the Vatican, Freemasonry, and the Royal Society.
First off, a quick intro courtesy of wikipedia:
royal society.JPG

Vatican Connection

Note above that “The Royal Society” got its name through royal charter by King Charles II, who played a key role in the founding of the Society…
Here is a portrait of him in all his glory:

Image result
Allow me to point out some key symbols that you may already be familiar with…

First, notice the crown on King Charles II’s head, bearing the Templar’s Cross, which can be found in Washington DC’s street map, and has strong connections to the Vatican.
For more on the Templars Cross see my earlier post 12. Templars Cross, Square and Compass, and The Night Owl.

Portrait of Charles II:

 symbol 1


Notice also the orb (globe) in his left hand, as well as on the crown itself…

You may recall from 17. The Greatest Liars of All Time that this orb (globe) symbol is rather popular among many royals…

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