Flat Earth: Who Owns The World? Have No Doubt.

Mr. Walter Veith’s accurate, documented presentation clearly revealing who is behind world events. In spite of his futurist interpretation of scripture, there is a wealth of excellent information in this video. I’ll preclude it with excerpts from a comment made by the Youtube user, PearlDiver:

…I believe the info about the Jesuits, communists, masons, and Jews and their One World Order are correct. However, they are the source of the lie that Revelation is about a future coming of Christ, and that the Anti-Christ would be from current day Rome. They put forth this lie, and built a propaganda machine that distorted God’s word for their benefit.. to make people believe that they had to politically and monetarily support the “State of Israel” which they established in 1948 for the purposes of controlling the mineral resources of the Middle East, and to pit Christians and Muslims against each other, to kill us off so the so-called Jews would be left in control. They have conspired, murdered millions, stolen the wealth of the world to promote this agenda. Jesuits were created by a sect calling themselves Marrano Jews. Unfortunately, their lies have fooled many people into believing they must support the State of Israel…

YouTube video

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