Getting Back to Basics | Early Church Gatherings

In only a few short months the world we’ve known has been transformed into an increasingly hostile place; a fake pandemic/occult initiation & worldwide financial “Reset” – the greatest deception the world has ever seen; fears of a mandated, DNA altering vaccine, with many churches naively bowing to the satanic/draconian shackles being placed upon the world and actually planning to participate in the vaccine rollout; a corrupt election and impending collapse of the US, the strong arm of the New World Order being met by protests worldwide; signs in the heavens – an upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Dec. 21st… and that’s just to name a few things… all amidst the Christmas season – which itself demands discernment. (I plan to post an in depth series about Christmas by Cheryl Devine Tuumalo over the upcoming days.)

The world was a hostile place for early followers of Christ too, where a simple confession of faith in Jesus placed their very life on the line. But early Christians didn’t march for their rights or try to change the government. They didn’t worship in grand buildings either, nor did their humble meetings bear much resemblance at all to what most of us today know as a church service.

– And yet – they changed the world! –

This video about early Christian gatherings felt like fresh water to my soul. See if it affects you the same way.

YouTube video

Eyes on Jesus! (Heb 12:2)

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