Is Christianity Just Another Religion?

The belief that Christianity is just another “religion” is taught in our schools of higher learning; it has trickled down through society and is all over the internet. The argument finds traction in the unfortunate, bloody history of the organized church, both pre and post reformation.

But in reality, Christianity is not an organized religion at all. It is not a collection of liturgies and practices, nor is the Christian life about adherence to a moral code or law. Christianity is a personal relationship with God, made possible through the atoning sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. . .  It requires what Francis Schaeffer called an “upper story leap;” a supernatural touch from the Holy Spirit of God, enabling the believer to know that God is and that He has made a way for man to be regenerated and reconciled with Himself through faith in Christ. (Eph 2:8-9, Rom 5:8) And it requires the believer’s response; to turn from his human effort to achieve righteousness (law), and to embrace that truth as his own. (Jas 2:19, Rom 10:9, Heb 11:6, Acts 2:38, 16:31, 1 Jn 3:23)

There are several ideas that try to blur the lines between Jesus Christ and the many god-myths. I run across these so regularly that I thought I’d put together a collection of videos addressing some of the more popular ones.


Let’s start with the well known Zeitgeist film which argues that Jesus is merely a “copy” of the Pagan Gods. The film has been widely circulated. It has successfully confused countless young believers and reinforced the unbelief of others. Let’s see what Bible teacher/evangelist Chris White has to say about it.

YouTube video

Resurrection of Jesus Based On Early Mythologies?

In the following video, Author of Skeptic Magazine and the book “Secret Origins of the Bible”, Tim Callahan, is debated by Dr Gary Habermas, author of “The Case For The Resurrection of Jesus”.

YouTube video

The next few videos are by Youtuber, New Age to Christian convert, Steven Bancarz, who addresses some of the popular New Age ideas.

Christ Consciousness

In this video Steven Bancarz looks at how the idea of Christ Consciousness is not only a false philosophy, but it was warned of specifically by Jesus.

YouTube video

The New Age Movement is Satanic

The real roots of the New Age Movement

YouTube video

Does Everybody Go To Heaven? The Shack or New Universalism

Presenting a Christianity that even a New Ager can get comfortable with, enter The New Universalism.

YouTube video

Deepak Chopra and Greg Koukl

(This is not an endorsement Of Koukl, but he presents some excellent arguments here)

YouTube video

Does “Truther” David Icke Have the Answers? Full-Length Video by Chris White.

YouTube video

Ancient Aliens

The idea that DNA has been doing nothing but mutating since the creation of man and that the ancients were pretty likely smarter than we are would really upset the apple cart of evolutionary theory. Ancient “aliens” come in handy to explain the contradictions. Or do they?

YouTube video

God bless you!




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