In Search of THE CURVE

Dan Dapper in Carlsbad California presents more common sense evidence that we are not living on a globe.

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Dana Point is about 35 miles north of Carlsbad and Point Loma is 35 miles south, depending where you are at in Carlsbad. I was in the middle or very close.

Each point, at its highest elevation, is less than 350 feet. Standing on the bluff in Carlsbad, I was not up that high up, maybe 60 feet at the most.

I used 100 feet up on the bluff for the calculations. At that height the horizon would be at 12 miles, which makes the targeted height of each point 350 feet below the horizon, if I understand their BS theory correctly.

Both Point Loma and Dana Point should not have been visible from that height on the bluff and place I was at in Carlsbad.

This Earth Curve Calculator tells it like it is and is very simple to use.  Google elevation can give the exact elevation you are at. I was looking at that as well.

Anybody, anywhere can simply look up on Google elevation where they are at, and also a place of reference that they’re looking at, its distance and height and figure out that there is no curve.

It is that simple. My video says all that and has the links to look for yourself.  If one is not willing to take 10 minutes to check my references and use the simple tool of Earth Curve Calculator, a calculator that uses the mathematics of the earths curve is 8 inches per mile squared which “science” states as fact…

Simple observation proves the earth does not curve of 8 inches per miles squared. I’m no mathematician, but the fact that the earth is flat is very observable even to the average person who is willing to get beyond their cognitive dissonance.

If I can do it….. guess what? YOU CAN TOO!

Dan used this site for his calculations:

Point Loma:

Longitude: -117.24668
Latitude: 32.70003
Elevation: 96m / 315feet

Dana Point:

Longitude: -117.69810
Latitude: 33.4669721
Elevation: 45m / 148feet

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