ISIS To Attack On 9/11/2014 – FOX Puts Out Article Then Deletes It From Website (psyche!)


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We all knew it was coming…we just didn’t know what or when. Here is a leak by Fox News saying that ISIS has planned to attack the USA on none other than… 9/11/2014. That day is historical to us all. That day led us to where we standnow. Where will it lead us if another attack happens on that day again? There are a lot of worries being voiced across the board from Chuck Hagel to Rick Perry saying that the next 9/11 is imminent! Did they actually mean the exact date of 9/11? Well according to this Fox News leak they did! This seems like perfect timing as Obama has finally authorized attacks on ISIS (ISIL). Video proof below

YouTube video
YouTube video

Here are the links to the articles:

This report is released only hours after my previous report today that the elites are going to drag our attention everywhere else around the world to distract us from the homeland according to Dan Page

Here are some pictures of the websites:


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