Israeli Mystics: “America is Done”

Israeli Mystics: “America is Done”

As NAR prophets squirm in hopes of a last minute miracle to put their man back in power, Israeli mystics are saying that it doesn’t matter because America’s fate is sealed. Pointing to the fast demise of the US, they see it as part of the necessary removal of governments for Maschiah to come and reign.

On November 4th, Israel365 News Reported the ominous words of Kabbalist Rabbis Alon Anava and Chaim David Targan in their article,


“The whole system is set up to bring the country to civil war, martial law and the end of the US. Either way you look at it, it’s going to bring the country down.

“America is done. America is going to go down and with it, the entire world. Why? Because Hashem is preparing the entire world to bring His messiah – Moshaich ben David (Messiah, son of David) – to come and redeem the entire world, not only the Jews.

“There cannot be a redemption if there are governments. There cannot be a redemption if there are world leaders. Moshiach is going to come and remove the world leaders, so it’s really irrelevant who is going to win.” Alon Anaya

Rabbi Alon Anava

“Today formally ends the age of the American Empire. If Biden wins, like Rome, America will crash and burn. If Trump prevails, its age will end gracefully, transferring its power, authority and sovereignty fully to the leaders of the geula (redemption) and successfully and joyfully completing the Tikkun of Eisav (Esau’s rectification).” Chaim David Targan

Rabbi Chaim David Targan

Regardless of their differences in detail, the parallels between the stated purposes of the NAR and the Rabbis is unmistakable.


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