White Noise in Palestine

The movie “White noise” is about an airborne toxic event happening in Ohio due to a train derailment. This movie was being pushed hard by Netflix right before the airborne toxic event in Ohio due to a train derailment.


Apparently the media doesn’t think so.


What are the chances that the same people used as extras in the movie ‘White Noise’ just happen to be from Palestine, Ohio?

Residents have reported countless dead chickens and fish. And even as they’re being told that it’s safe to return home and drink the water, crews in East Palestine, Ohio are dressed in hazmat gear.

The EPA released a manifest summarizing the deadly chemicals released in East Palestine, Ohio:

– Three cars of Diethylene Glycol
– One car of Polypropyl Gylcol
– One car of Propylene Glycol
– Two cars of Polyethylene
– Two cars of Polyvinyl
– Five cars of Petroleum

It’s not just what was in the tanker cars. It’s what happens when they burn and combine. This may be the largest dioxin plume in world history. I know of no more serious release, ever. – source  <– worth the read

This is much more than an “oil spill” or a simple derailment. It’s nothing short of catastrophic, and I’m sure we’ve only seen the beginnings of the loss of life that will result. So, on the one hand, it seems like they want everyone to catch on to their predictive programming and the actual forces behind these events. But on the other, the event that other countries are calling “The Chernobyl of America” is clearly being suppressed by the MSM.

YouTube video


Be praying for Ohio and those who have been and will be affected.

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