2017 Solar Eclipse – NASA/ Fails to Present Accurate Model On Globe

YouTube video

Backward rotating earth by

Here’s the NASA “super speedy” moon

YouTube video

Here’s NASA’s new and improved animation with the completely motionless moon.

YouTube video

Here’s another look at all of this by Youtuber, Geocentric Kingdom.

YouTube video

“The Eclipse on August 21, 2017 is supposed to be one where the globe is disproven by the shadow of the moon passing in the wrong direction across North America.

Some Flat Earthers celebrate this idea, while others think it does not in fact disprove the globe. Well, I decided to use real balls to figure this out, hopefully once and for all.

See The Potter’s Clay’s presentation here:…

See Jeranism’s opinion here:…

My conclusion is that the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, does in fact disprove the globe model, and supports the Flat Earth Model, if the moon’s shadow passes from West to East.”

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