Nature, Faith-Based Initiatives, or God: What Do We Worship?

Many things last millions of years, most of which belonging to genuses, species, and entities in nature. The oceans, for example, must be very, very old, as are mountain ranges, bedrock, and things buried miles beneath the surface of the earth; natural plants, animal species, human beings, and many, many other aspects of what we call nature, including all things above in the universe. The world’s history is all around us. As such, we often sense the miracle of our birth into this mysterious system of living and on-going antiquity.

Nancy Levant – Feb23

To sense the wind is to acknowledge its existence. It moves, and it moves us to breathe in and feel it upon our beings. We lift our faces to the sun to feel a fire that sustains life. We stare at the moon and stars, whose ages are incomprehensible, yet beckon all eyes and dreams. And the clouds, lightning, and rain stir our imaginations, causing us to tremble with their power and awesome beauty or quieting us into private contemplation. We exist, made of the molecules of time, nature, the earth and the heavens. We exist, a part of and knitted to the whole of creation, and we sense the fit. We are meant to be here. We are suited. It is our place, our home, and we, too, are the nature of the earth.

As we understand the randomness of ourselves, we understand the randomness of nature. We are designed to experience newness in our days, in the weather, with the noises in our ears and sights in our eyes; we are designed for the mystery of life and to connect ourselves to its movements, surprises, catastrophes, and through our ever creative imaginations. We are virtually incapable of stagnation because we are knitted to life’s creations and to its incomprehensible history; yet, we are estranged. Something within the deepest recesses of humankind senses separateness; a terrible loneliness and bittersweet individuality. In the midst of our fantastic natural and biological connections, we feel not at home and are plagued by thoughts of our purpose, our individual meanings, and automatic inclinations to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Life becomes mundane. Work becomes chronic and senseless, and we sense time passing as a strange and looming deadline. Why am I here? Why am I aging? If a squirrel or a tree or a blade of grass is satisfied, why am I restless, and why is happiness consistently temporary? What do I want that money or others or things never satisfy? What is the longing that persists in spite of the happiest of days?

We are designed for this place. We are made of its elements, and we have survived to achieve great and remarkable things. We breathe the air. We partake of the world’s waters and sustain as the animals and plants of the earth sustain. We exist enmeshed with this world of life, yet mourn our lives as we live them with burdensome disconnections we cannot shake. We have everything, but everything fails our deepest longings. We want more, but what? This longing, which sets us apart from the whole of nature, has been addressed, hypothesized, argued, debated, and philosophized for thousands of years. Today, the politically correct answer to this longing is to call it mental illness and to address it with the profound disrespect of pharmaceutical substances and moronic entertainments. Take a pill, be numb, get chemically saturated, and go online; the only acceptable results and answers in a time that 1) despises nature, and 2) despises life, and all under the guise of nature worship. Yet, clearly, humankind is wasting away in some manner of human wasting disease. Even fundamental morals and ethics have been cast off in favor of inventions to make humans less human.

There is a scientific movement, globally funded and rapidly enveloping humankind, which purports to be fast approaching a breakthrough in humanity itself. This science claims it can end the chronic suffering of humanity with new biotechnologies, newly created and altered gene pools, new food and drug concoctions, and by a controlled ending of human life coupled with extraordinary extensions of life. The science is not new though its breakthrough concepts, devices, and inventions are state-of-the-art and built on a philosophical treatise that humankind is violent, that it spends half of its life declining in health, and that not every human being should rationally exist; Terry Schiavo being an early and very public media example.

Today, human wasting diseases are epidemic. Human morals and ethics are wasting away. Human kidneys, livers, pancreases, and hearts are wasting away. Human brains in elders and in children are wasting away. Human sobriety is wasting away through street and pharmaceutical drugs, with enforced drug cocktails the largest culprit and poison. Human mobility is wasting away from epidemic strokes, epidemic knee, back, and hip problems; epidemic curvatures in young spines and in epidemic and paralyzing migraine headaches. Human breathing is wasting away with epidemic asthma, chronic and epidemic upper respiratory infections, chronic pulmonary disorders, and from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Human immune systems are wasting away from epidemic antibiotic and drug usage, from veterinary growth hormones and antibiotics consumed in meats, and from genetically modified foods. Soon, I suspect, humans will be wasting away from starvation due to airborne barium and aluminum-poisoned crop fields and fresh water coupled with genetically modified and inedible foods. Humans, with nature, are wasting away. We sense the calamity but ignore it to sit in observance of electronic screens and to live our entire lives as wage slaves. But the life of nature, which is also the life of humankind, is being scientifically exterminated. However ignored, the facts remain and humankind comprehends that wickedness befalls them in nature’s name. It is the world’s masses who are blamed for the destruction of nature, yet we are not the destroyers. Transnational corporate sciences, coupled with their political employees destroy nature, and they are very strategically and rapidly finishing the job.

I am often asked, “What can we do?” I have spent decades searching for answers and actions that could be taken but, in truth, there are no answers to questions that are beyond the powers of people. Simply put, humankind cannot stop sin when its nature is sin. Though we rarely consider it so, apathy is sin. Not giving a damn is sin. Blaming politicians and the filthy rich, albeit their guilt, is also sin because there are no means within our natures to stop interfering with God’s plan. The interference is chronic due to our aggressive sinful natures and fears, but God’s will, will be done in spite of the sinfulness of all misguided efforts or apathy. Therefore, people ask, “…so, what’s the point of even trying?” This, of course, stirs and rattles my human nature into a defensive posture. I, of course, want to save the world. I want to be God’s hero, but I finally had to turn over these questions and my own to God. “What,” I asked, “should we do?”

The worship of nature, as well as the worship of wealth and the wealthy, has long been politically productive. The world’s rulers have consistently forced subjects into belief systems that secured their power, assets, and control over the masses. Rulers are few; the masses are many, and their ability to rebel and overthrow is the constant concern of elites in every culture and century. To maintain wealth, power, and assets requires the orchestration of policies to appease and control the systematically robbed. Sadly, the world’s masses being capable of the comprehension of the robbery of others, are rarely willing or capable of fathoming the same within their places in time.

This blindness has resulted in most of the world’s massacres, wars, and genocides. Human beings, rather than making waves within their societies, walk into gas chambers, onto reservations, and take all manner of poisons in order to maintain a misguided semblance of social order and peace. Even more devastating and strange is the fact that they often elect their executioners and commonly the wealthiest of executioners, because money is so endlessly coveted. Humankind, above all things, desires more money even at the risk and expense of their lives. People admire and equate successfulness to wealth.

The enforced worship of nature is not new. The gods of wind, rain, drought, forests, oceans, and animals have all existed to propagate lifestyles, beliefs, fears, and excuses for humanity’s stations in life; its problems and lowly and powerless social positions, which are chronic to most of humanity in every culture and century. Belief systems, which change with changing regimes, are enforced and/or manipulated by conquerors and work for the continuance of their wealth and power. What people believe, which result in their pooled and common behaviors, is of primary significance and correlates to the survival of all conquering rulers. And as mankind is now subject and addicted to the powers of mass communications and media, the manipulation of public opinion has become far easier and faster to master.

Much of humankind now receives instructions for politically mandated beliefs from screens, produced programs, and through the use of professional actors, educators, and facilitators to accept control-based, canned, and mandatory social behaviors. The manipulations have not changed, but rather than new beliefs adopted due to fear of vicious execution, new beliefs are molded by multi-billion dollar media marketing corporations that are financially tied to conquerors in political power. Psychological indoctrination programs now instruct the masses on what to believe through visual manipulations and facilitation gatherings in communities, on screens, in homes, in schools, universities, and in books and the workplace.

Today the young are particularly targeted, and nature is once again at the center of worldwide green-space worship. Several generations of the world’s masses have been screen and school-trained to focus spiritual energies and beliefs on the survival of nature, their physical home, while nature is systemically stolen and destroyed. A fear-based program, inspiring nature worship and using mass media and schools, began in earnest in the 1960s. Today most national and global governmental systems use as their political foundations and motivations the religion of nature to implement new power structures and to redirect wealth while lowering the wages of the western world’s working masses. As such, political theft is at a global all-time high. The ruling elite are not only inventing new eco-taxes to inflict upon the world’s masses, they are also criminalizing privately owned property, which is now collected under the mantra of nature’s protection.

New regional governmental structures, which are non-elected leaders and bureaucracies, are collecting ownership of the world’s most pristine and valuable natural resource territories through enforced elimination of private property. They are stealing the value of land by stealing land. As they enrich themselves, the masses become more and more vulnerable. When people do not own the land upon which they live, they can be force-relocated to any desired destinations or hubs. History is full of such forced relocations, always with dire outcomes.

As humankind is forced to comply with new governmental rules and regulations based upon nature emergencies, it is essential that we believe in such emergencies. As such and for decades, people have been trained to believe in morals and ethics founded upon nature worship. The willingness to comply with new living standards that include removing everyone from rural and wilderness areas in order for nature to recover from the polluting effects of the human foot print is how people now demonstrate belief in the commandments of nature religion. It all sounds good. After all, humankind polluted God’s earth–God’s nature–and it is our responsibility to be the stewards of God’s world. Therefore, sustainability is the new mantra. We must ensure the sustainability of the earth’s resources in order to ensure biological survival. However, no one steps back and asks, “Are we supposed to worship nature and do I actually believe that nature is omnipotent?” If we are not supposed to worship nature, why has it become enforced through both national and international laws? Equally, we must ask if the masses caused the earth’s pollution, or did corporations and politicians pollute the earth with their consumer-forced inventions, none of which requested by the world’s people. We are blamed and charged; they are protected under laws they enact to protect themselves from blame and charges. Further study reveals much, much more, but the new religion of nature is clearly enforced, and enforcement always points to the maintenance of power and acquired/stolen assets. Check world history if in doubt.

Many Christians and most Christian churches have succumbed to political nature mantras in order to grow their churches with governmental grants. Nearly endless dollars are available to today’s U.S. churches in exchange for the implementation of identical social programs and programming, most of which targeting church youth as free labor, Third World wealth redistribution mission assignments, and the establishment of group and consensus-based community and global social projects. But to understand the new church, one must understand the governmental funding forces that have altered both the nature of today’s church and its missions. For example, all churches, as well as all schools both public and private, all universities and colleges, and most places of employment now have “lock-down” policies. American churches practice lock-down policies in the form of fun overnight parties for youth groups. But from where did the concept of and funding for lock-downs come, and why are churches, schools, and business practicing the disallowance of anyone in or out of buildings? Why do lock-downs mandate the use of policies that are directed through all-inclusive government instruction manuals? The answer to this and many other questions leads to governmental departments, initiatives, and mandates; all of which related to issues that have nothing to do with fun, parties, faith, nature, or even safety. Lock-downs are federal prison practices and terminology borrowed from the incarceration industry.

In order to hear when God answers, God must be prioritized. To varying degrees, Christians comprehend that God has a plan, and that they are selected participants in God’s plan. But all too often, cultural and sociopolitical engineering, as well as worldly preferences and desires, trump God’s intentions and plan. In a fallen condition we are constantly sidetracked by our sinful natures and desires, and all too often these natures play into social and political contracts that lead to endless and historical nightmares. We walk into gas chambers. We walk onto reservations. We worship gods of wind, rain, animals, and ecosystems to ensure our acceptance in and beneath ruling social orders. We ignore God’s plan to feel accepted and safe under new regimes. We compromise ourselves, our children, and our spirits for social orders and specifically for a sense of security through income, the most fleeting and liquid of all assets and foundations. Today, more so than at any other time in human history, the pathological love of money is evil’s root, and it has invaded today’s church beyond measure and comprehension. The invasion has taken root to such a degree that governmental departments now fund church missions, church building, and church decorations. Today governmental departments own, govern, and administer churches through executive orders decreed by presidents. In their profound ignorance and denial, church leaders in the United States, using their 501(c) (3) non-profit statuses, now take orders from the executive branch of government. The reason they do so is to extract operating budgets through governmental grants which, if compliant with governmental program mandates, are in endless supply. Today’s church, as defined in Executive Order 13397, is under the administrative authority of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the DHS is funding most churches in the United States due to their 501(c) (3) non-profit statuses. DHS grants, denominational grants, Faith-Based grants, FEMA grants, church building grants, and many, many others specifically designated as “church” grants, come with social program mandates, stipulations, and mandatory reporting requirements. This is why and how today’s churches do what they do, and all in exactly the same way and in common. It is all about budgets, money, and governmental programming mandates. Remember when tithing was enough? Remember when churches were not art-filled palaces with chandeliers? Remember when choirs, without sound systems, were sitting on benches or in the shade of trees?

In order to hear when God answers, God’s word and plan must be prioritized, and people must incessantly seek God’s plan in their lives in order to hear God when He answers. Today, God’s plan is rarely found in churches, but government social missions, implemented through governmental grants, are found everywhere. Sadly, most of these government missions are hidden from Christians by church leadership. They know they have become community profilers through grant reporting requirements. They know what they are doing goes entirely contrary to God’s Word and plan, but they opt for budgets, incomes, organs and choir robes, and other financial luxuries over God’s mission. As such, they include a few biblical principles by incorporating and carefully manipulating biblical meaning into mandated governmental social programs, but they have to be terribly careful because it is illegal to use government church grants for 1) prayer or prayer services, 2) worship services, and 3) religious instruction of any kind, including religious holiday traditions. To use government funding for these purposes is to break federal laws, which is why God and Jesus Christ have all but disappeared from today’s churches. Problem is, this prostitutes not only God’s word, but also manipulates and misleads God’s people. This is a vicious and very sinful mistake. One cannot prioritize fancy churches through grant funding over God, but this is the constant and absolute state of affairs in 95% of today’s churches. What churches actually do on a weekly basis, which have become identical “community” programs in 95% of American churches across the entire nation, are simply a reflection of Faith-Based funding by the federal government, and today’s church is carrying out the mandated social control and propaganda programs of the government. Churches have entered into social partnerships and are now designated stakeholders (interesting term) with the government, consequently damaging the spiritual and biblical connections people have to God; again, a foretold and sinful mistake.

We are called to understanding and wisdom. Terribly, both are getting harder and harder to come by, but we were, in fact, forewarned. Today’s church has become spiritually dangerous. In fact, today’s church needs to be abandoned. Christians need to think, pray for wisdom, and reorganize themselves at the foot of the cross, because the source of our disconnection, our desire for something that money cannot buy, and even the purpose of our being is not found in nature, grant-funded outings and sound systems, or in wage slavery. It is found at the cross.

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