Open Your Eyes People ! w/Evangelist Anita Fuentes

HHA | 9/20/2014

I have felt a similar frustration over the last few days, so this video by Anita Fuentes hit me at the core. I hope people know that the things presented on this site are not to entertain or to scare anyone. These things are to bring awareness – to the end that people would prepare themselves spiritually with a much deeper prayer-life and seek Him with all their heart in these last, evil  days.

We have been programmed from childhood to be spectators, constantly taking in the data from TV, radio, music and society. Ask God to break you free and draw near to Him today! Ask Him what is in your life that needs to make room for Him. Ask Him what He would have you do – today, then do it!

We were bought with a price. This life is not our own if we are in Jesus Christ. Make the time to be in the Word and seek His face this morning and every morning! Get the junk out of your life that you’re hanging onto, forgive and hand it over to God! Let it go! Be courageously aware of what is going on not only in the world but in the CHURCH and respond in wholehearted PRAYER! We are out of time and so many around us are still lost! They need to see us walk in Holy Spirit Power and Holy Spirit Love! They need to hear us share the gospel of Jesus Christ; of repentance, forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ, and the True Life that is only possible in Him!

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