“Plague Will Be Released In America” 4-Star General Warned ‘V The Guerrilla Economist’- Rick Wiles TruNews – “To Bring In Martial Law”

By Live Free or Die

With Executive Order 13295 giving Barack Obama the ability to quarantine Americans for having a bad cough, Rick Wiles’ TruNews welcomes National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers’ President Zach Taylor, who tells Rick that asymmetric warfare is now being waged against the American people.

With Obama’s Center for Disease Control now insanely importing ebola into America, Wiles reminds us that ‘V the Guerrilla Economist’s 4-star General contact recently told him that a plague was going to be brought into America…and would be used to declare martial law. He also told us that we won’t recognize the country we now live in within a few years.

This video is truly a wake-up-call for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention to what is happening now to our country; the NWO and Barack Obama now have the ability to put anyone they want into a quarantine situation…martial law in America. We were warned. This show is a good one right off the bat (50 second intro) as Rick brings back ‘V the Guerrilla Economist’s’ warning (start at 4 minutes) for all to hear.

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