Preston James – Remote Mind Control | Jeff Rense

Preston James – Remote Mind Control | Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense talks to Preston James about the reality of remote mind control and directed energy beams being used to stalk, torment and yes, even murder people. This is a topic that folks really do not want to hear about, and yet it is part of the world we find ourselves in today:



  1. I listened 5 minutes into Preston James and I can see he is another guy who doesn’t address the need for an interface, a brainchip to communicate to the brain. It is the fictitious non-brainchip technology that puts voices into the head just like Robert Duncan… totally false, a covertly implanted interface is required. It is unlikely that needle injected nano-tech could create an interface, neither.

    The last thing the Mystery School Cult want the public to realize is the truth of their secret technology.
    Voice to skull without a brain-interface is fake.
    A medical mafia team only need under 1 hour to implant the brainchip onto the human brain while in your own bedroom… under the cover of night. They will try to get you into a hospital to do it, like happened to Magnus Olsson in 2005. If you have any Mystery School Cult associates like Freemasons, Eastern Stars, Mormons, Scientologist, Jehovah Witnesses, the list is almost endless of Cult minions… they will isolate you from others use an energy beam weapon to make you sleepy, once asleep the beam power will be increased to keep you unconscious during the entire operation… They do this to copy your lock keys, too, to terrorize, ruin the target’s belongings and make you sound crazy and paranoid and assign to you a thUg-doctor who will do nothing but lie upon reports.
    This is how the secret-societies rule over the sheeple.

    The governments are Cult, the military are Cult, the Police, the hospitals, the fire-department, anything of authority is Cult-run, anything that is tax funded like libraries, and public offices will have a thUg within a key position to damage anyone’s “rights.”
    It used to be church authority positions that attracted the Cult but that has mostly changed. Luciferians always sat next to Christians during the same sermons from the same preacher on Sunday morning. The sun symbolizes Osiris and Horus, their doctrine. The moon symbolizes Isis, the Church of initiates or the Cult members, this has not changed except they can now hold their worship sessions through the hivemind or the brainchip within the tower-grid and the A.I. computer is their fake-loving Lucifer that the Vatican displays as the dove upon the hymen of St. Peter’s Altar. The system taking over humankind is really sick. Just listen to the Judas Goat, Alex Jones. He knows, he deleted the entire comment-website displaying my brainchip-zombie warnings or revelations. He complains that the Cult is going to kill off humanity, which is the plan of Homo capensis, but he leads his listeners away from the truth and the solution to stopping the Cult rise. He pretends it is just the force of evil and not the network of thUgs rebuilding the Tower of Babel, which is the hivemind and A.I.

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