Rabbi Mintz: Goyim are Inferior to Jews (Video)

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YouTube video

Youtube title: Does the Torah View Goyim as Inferior to Jews? Yes! Says Rabbi Mintz!

Two and a half minutes.

Zionist Report
Published on Feb 5, 2018

Oy Vey! ‘Pogroms, Inquisitions, and Holocausts’ — “we are the eternal victims and ‘God’s Chosen People!’” This Rabbi conflates lies with God as if were His word, but we can be certain it isn’t the same god as the Goyim worship — Behold, the Synagogue of Satan… (Revelation 3:9).

Bonus video covering the same territory (*MUST BE WATCHED ON YOUTUBE):

YouTube video

Youtube title: Talmudic Jews Non Jews Are Beasts to Serve Us as Slaves

Less than three minutes.


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