Newly Issued “Abraham Accord Peace Coin” is Full of “In Your Face” Symbolism

Update 12/16/2020

With the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 21st, take a closer look at the “planet” at the top of this coin. I’d previously thought it was Saturn. Nope. See the spot? It’s a hybrid image of Saturn and Jupiter depicting the conjunction.

Donald Trump’s signature is featured on the new Abraham Accord Peace coin. But that’s only the beginning. Vaccines, circuit boards, computer code, NASA and Wifi signals on the coin serve to confirm that all these things are related.

The sword in conjunction with the dove of peace is also in this Denver airport painting, which depicts masses of sick and dying people.

Here’s a video on it as well.

YouTube video

Cheryl Devine Tuumalo offered this excellent analysis of the coin on Facebook:

By Cheryl Devine Tuumalo

It might be a good time to point out some of the symbolism that jumped out at me when I saw this disturbing Abraham Accord Coin. Please share with me what you notice as well.

Now, I understand what is said about the coin from the Temple coin website. They claim that all these symbols represent coming together to work on a cure for “Covid” as well as in fields of infrastructure, science, agriculture and energy.

HOWEVER, from their own words they also state “the back of the medal features a sword that ‘GRADUALLY MORPHS’ into symbols of peace, prosperity, etc.” Hmm!That is a key statement to remember now. At the tip of the ‘gradually morphing’ sword we don’t see the dove of peace, but we see SATURN with a star. This is huge!

Some of you may not understand the significant of this. But basically Saturn represent satan. It goes back to Rome, they worshipped Saturn (thus celebrating Saturnalia), and the Greeks worshipped Cronus, same deity, both represent satan which leads to the black cube. You need to understand the black cube connection to the Jewish priest wearing the Tefillin (black cube) on their foreheads to the Muslims walking circles (rings) around the black cube in Meca. I’ll leave a link in the comments to help you better understand this.

Next the sword guard is wrapped in prayer beads. Prayer beads only serve one purpose, to count repetitive prayers. Both Islam and Catholicism share their love of prayer beads, which came from pagan traditions. What does the Word say about this.

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.” Matthew 6:7

The Father doesn’t want to hear senseless babbling, He wants meaningful words from the heart.

On the guard of the sword in the middle I see a Babylonian Sun Wheel. That goes back to Rome and pagan worship again. It’s also known as the Wheel of the Year. Could those be 9 ‘planets’ surrounding the sun?

Now moving along, I’m not sure about the first two images. Then there is a Heartbeat symbol, maybe a pulse, as giving life to, or time is running out?

Next we have a Satellite Dish and a Binary Code, maybe just stronger Big Brother surveillance? Next, gears, the NWO speeding up? Then we have a syringe to represent the vaccine for their ‘Covid’, we could say a lot on this one alone.

Now moving on to the Date Palm Tree (Latin name PHOENIX Dactylifera). ” Yes, in some parts of the world the palm tree symbolizes Victory and Fertility. But I found it very interesting that in Islam, they view the date palm as ‘The Tree of Life’. Now in Judaism, the palm represent peace and plenty, but could the palm also symbolize the Tree of life in Kabbalah? But the most telling to me, is that the palm tree was a sacred sign of Apollo in Ancient Greece because he had been born under one. And we also could add, that many of these internet towers are hidden as palm trees today.

Of course there would need to be a sun, right. Next it looks to be a Satellite, 5G Wifi and NASA, think what you will. NOW we have a Dove that is to represent Peace. And we know what the Bible says,

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh…” 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

So remember what I said about Saturn above and how it represents satan. This is why Saturn is at the tip of the sword, remember, they said the sword is morphing to the end. And who could look at a sword and dove and not think of the Denver Airport murals. Satan knows his time is short. They don’t even hide this stuff anymore, it’s right in your face.

And finally, don’t forget this has been Trumps dream to be able to make peace in the middle east since the 80’s. Trump was given the Tree of Life Award by the Jewish Nation Fund in 1983. And remember the magazine cover with him holding the dove in 1985. This is all very spiritual, Trump is just a tool.

Pope Francis was the one who primed all this. Remember just last year, he went to the UAE and signed a Historic pledge of fraternity for peace with Islam. Do you see what is happening.

The Father would NOT be pleased at all with this for so many reasons. As a “Christian” a true bible believer in Jesus the Messiah, can you accept this Abraham Accord? No, it’s a mockery! There will never be peace until the King returns. This is a false peace that will lead to death.

Remember this is just my take on what I see. I look forward to you sharing your thoughts as well. Much love!

Comment from Francis – 

Just a few observations regarding the Newly Issued “Abraham Accord Peace Coin”

If you look at the coin plainly you’ll see a stylized * Yin-Yang symbol, * the sword faces left, (never peace from a sword btw) – would like to know what the inscription on the handle is , * a microcircuit – a fallen state,  *next a networking icon/pyramid (3 balls linked),  *an Irregular Heartbeat Symbol,  *a satellite dish = communications/weaponry/frequency = prince of the air (waves), * a dropper/vile and a syringe with 2 drops next to it!, * 7 gears? mechanics ? time piece?  * 1’s and 0’s = digital- opposite of analogue (nature is analogue btw),* Unclear about the palm tree with a sun or moon behind it with branching thingys?  * a satellite broadcasting up/out, a spacecraft – going where? *10 stars total – constellation? * a dove with a sprig, * and Saturn (we all know what that means) …  so for I the “coin” is complete falsehood, an inversion, and why a coin? why not a medallion or a piece of art? … just sayin’



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