Social Media’s First Official AI Takeover: Censors Videos & Pictures

We knew it was coming and this is only the beginning. You may have noticed a problem with images on Facebook yesterday. Most people just accepted the official explanation; a server problem. But many noticed that Facebook started showing what appeared to be AI-generated captions of people’s photos. There were descriptions like, “Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, laptop and indoor” or “your Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, hat” aso…

Craig Paton

It seems yesterday (July 3rd, 2019) Facebook along with other social media sites had their first official AI takeover in the form of censoring videos and pictures. It actually went through some of my pictures on my personal page and deemed them offensive. Ironically this happens the day before our “Independence” day or maybe it should be now called “dependents day”.

I believe this was the roll out of AI controlling all of social media. Now you really need to be aware of what you say or post anymore. Pick your fights wisely. Oh yeah, a couple of coincidences. Forbes put out an article the same time all this AI censorship started on July 3rd 2019.  Read this (…/a-i-will-…/amp/…).

Just a coincidence I’m sure.? PETA became a big shareholder for FB on July 1st. Guess what their agenda was? Censoring videos.


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