The Desert Sky

On my way to work in Palm Desert Thursday morning, I could not believe how beautiful the sky was, I just had to share it with you. 

– Dan Dapper

I even took a little drive down El Paseo in Palm Desert, just to enjoy the beauty of the natural desert sky.

My manger was taking these pictures in the link below, as I was on my way down the mountain into Palm Desert. She was just astounded by the beauty of the sky that morning, same as I was.

When either of us can capture pictures of the natural weather patterns of nature, we do! I don’t mind her not doing her morning duties, to capture such beauty in the sky!

Then, the very next morning on Friday, all those beautiful natural weather clouds were all gone, not one in site.

There were just a few jets leaving those natural vapor contrails. But they were also very pretty! I think it’s so cool how they can turn off and on the contrails they leave.

It was only 82 degrees here those days. I did not think jets flying below 25,000 ft could even leave a pretty vapor contrail like these. Modern technology is so amazing, what will they be able to achieve next? All for the betterment of mankind you know!

OK, so I’m being just a bit facetious. It’s just when I look at the sky, I want to say something like. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!”  “Smells like victory!”

Napalm in Palm Desert, well, almost. As people sit at Starbucks on El Paseo and enjoy their morning cup of latté, without a clue, they don’t even look up. It’s all just so surreal to me!

It is very close to “Apocalypse Now”

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