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Zionism in America – Seven Strikes & Counting

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Preface: Strikes 1-5 appeared in an earlier article.[1] Numerous requests were received to isolate and extend this itemization of Zionist Strikes that will lead to its eviction from the halls of power in the USA. For those who worry about our President Donald Trump being “owned” by Russian Jewish crime families and Zionists generally, we would offer a caution: Trump can turn on a dime, appears vastly more imaginative and devious than people give him credit for, has clearly cut a deal with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and General Secretary Xi Jinping of China, and has the full weight of the US Marine Corps and the White Hats of the secret intelligence community, both aspiring to a restoration of the US Constitution.

 The Looming End of Zionist Influence in the USA

Zionists rule in the USA is being challenged openly now.[2] There is a fury sweeping across the USA against the Zionists, neutralizing what was once a formidable lobbying force – so formidable it could reasonably be described as an “occupation Army” camped in Washington DC and controlling the banks of New York City as well as the media and entertainment (propaganda) organizations that front for the Deep State.

Israel now has no fewer than seven strikes (in baseball it takes three to get thrown out, my estimate is that it will take at least nine to completely end the influence of Israel in the USA, an occurrence that will be noted when the B’Nai Brith, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are all required to register as agents of a foreign power: Zionist Israel,[3]followed by an end to US funding Israel as well as Saudi Arabia, together the primary sponsors of both terrorism world-wide, and illegal Muslim immigration toward Europe and the USA.

Strike 1: USS Liberty. As a naval officer, I blame the White House for both the Beirut Barracks bombing, and the cover-up of the USS Liberty. If ever there were a clearer sign of how Israel thinks it can screw its “shiksa”[4] ally with impunity, it was the USS Liberty.[5]

Strike 2: 9/11. It has taken too long, but part of the narrative that will emerge in the near future is the culpability of Israel and its assigns including the Bush Family and Dick Cheney. [If and when all of the Kennedy documents are released by CIA, George Bush Senior will be revealed as a key CIA participant in the assassination planned and led by Allen Dulles, an assassination joined by Israel with Arnon Milchan and Yitzhak Rabin as its official representatives.[6]

Strike 3: S. 720 – Israel Anti-Boycott Act, legislation that would make it a felony to criticize Israel and call for a boycott of Israel. I pray that every Senator (46) and Representative (240) co-sponsoring this bill, which will not pass, will be seriously challenged for re-election in the future.[7]

Strike 4: State and local disaster relief and contracts continent on Israel pledge and state employees can be fired for any personal boycott of Israel. No one can receive disaster relief or a contract with multiple US state and local organizations unless they affirm in writing that they will never boycott Israel.[8] State employees are now being fired for boycotting products and services from Israel on their own time with their own money.[9]

Strike 5: Las Vegas. From Sheldon Adelson to Michael Chertoff to George Soros and others, the treason and fraud related to Las Vegas,[10]in combination with the harvesting of the National Security Agency (NSA) unprocessed data that William Binney and I showed Attorney General Jeff Sessions how to harvest in our letter of 26 May 2017, could accelerate the neutralization of all agents of foreign powers in the USA, starting with the Zionist lobbying machine.

Harvey Weinstein, the first major Jewish pedophile to fall – Jeffrey Epstein in my view is a Mossad officer under CIA protection just doing his job – is a pass.[11] The number of sealed indictments is over 2,500 (with Indiana being the state with the most sealed indictments)[12] as of today, and I estimate that fewer than 20% of the elite pedophiles and traitors we take down will be definably Zionist. What is unique about the Zionist “system” is its pervasiveness and singular focus.[13]

Strike 6: Netanyahu Blows Off American Progressive & Reform Jews. Five days after the five strikes above were itemized in the original article, Judy Maltz wrote an excellent article for Haaretz, “Divorcing the Diaspora: How Netanyahu is Finally Writing Off U.S. Jews.”[14] The way is open for most U.S. Jews to write off Benjamin Netanyahu, who may well be on his way to jail. The power of Israel in the USA is not based on the nine million loyal US citizens whose faith is Judaism, but rather on bribery, blackmail, and the manipulation of information from Hollywood to the mainstream media to social media.

The announcement by President Donald Trump with respect to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem can be interpreted in two ways: as a subordination of the USA to the Zionist state, or – my preference – as a stake in the heart of the very corrupt Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionist state that my own colleagues in the Mossad despise. The arrogance of Zion with respect to Jerusalem is exceeded only by the arrogance of Zion with respect to America.[15]

Strikes 7-9: Milchan, Schumer, Orthodox Jewish Synagogues Exposed

I have no doubt that in 2018 Israel is going to earn Strikes 7-9. In my personal opinion, Strike 7 could be Arnon Milchan (as alleged from JFK assassination to Hollywood pedophilia to 9/11 theatrics),[16] Strike 8 could be Chuck Schumer (as alleged treason and pedophilia),[17] and Strike 9 could be the complete exposure of pedophilia and Satanism including the murder of children as an embedded aspect of Orthodox Jewery – and its synagogues – around the world but particularly in the USA.[18]

The Vatican – the Jesuits in particular – and perhaps also the darker side of the Mormon Elders[19] – could join the Zionists and the Arabs in being globally condemned on the latter aspect. Eight million children a year – 22,000 a day – disappear and die within two years of purchase or capture – to keep the Deep State elite in a state of euphoria from a constant ingestion of adrenochrome.[20]

Pedophilia once fully exposed to the public is going to take down the Deep State across all boundaries – banks – religions – governors – universities – mayors – and more. Let me end by emphasizing that Zionism – and the #GoogleGestapo system of censorship, crowd-stalking, and digital assassination and blackmail that the Zionists manage on behalf of the Deep State – are 20% of the problem….the most important 20%.   Take out the Zionists and the rest of the Deep State dominos will fall fast.[21]


Robert David Steele is a former spy recently recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, While serving the Central Intelligence Agency as a clandestine operations officer he did three back-to-back tours, one in a war zone and another as the first officer in the Western Hemisphere  to be assigned the terrorist target full time. He left the CIA to be the founding senior civilian of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, and director of the pioneering study on Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World. The founder of the Open Source Intelligence discipline he is also the author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto and has proposed to President Donald Trump an Open Source Agency that would create the post-Google Internet that cannot be censored or manipulated, while connecting the President to every voter directly with a two-way Trump Channel that buries both the mainstream and the social media that he has defined as a corrupt system able to censor, crowd-stalk, and digitally assassinate anyone who questions the Deep State narrative.A prolific author, his work includes a Trump Revolution Series at Amazon – all Kindle Shorts – intended to help our President be the greatest president ever while making America great again.He is the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with over 2,500 reviews, and is the founder of #UNRIG, a non-profit educational campaign on election reform. His personal website is; he curates a blog at


[1] Robert Steele, “War in the Middle East…, “A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers…,” Veteran’s Today, November 18, 2017.

[2] This is my view – Zionism is over and nationalism (including ethnic nationalism and demands for freedom from Catalan to Kurdistan to Scotland) is on the rise and will inevitably come to pass. I must single out CounterPunch as one of the finest Alternative Media networks around, and on this topic, note their past publications all of which support my premise with respect to the demise of Zionism in the USA: Jim Kavanagh, “Zionism in the Light of Jerusalem,” CounterPunch, 13 December 2017; Lawrence Davidson, “The Inevitable Apartheid Nation: Where is Zionism Taking Us? CounterPunch, 28 November 2017; Yoav Litvin, “A Jewish Atonement for Zionism,” CounterPunch, 3 October 2017; Zarefah Baroud, “Not My Wonder Woman: The Zionist Agenda in US Mainstream Feminism,” CounterPunch, 13 September 2017; Shlomo Sand, “Why I Cannot be a Zionist: an Open Letter to Emmanuel Macron,” CounterPunch, 11 August 2017; Yves Engler, “Why Anti-Zionism and Anti-Jewish Prejudice Have to Do With Each Other,” CounterPunch, 26 May 2017; Lawrence Davidson, “The Unraveling of Zionism? CounterPunch, 23 May 2016; Garry Leech, “Correcting the Zionist Narrative of Israel,” CounterPunch, 19 June 2015; Lawrence Davidson, “The Dilemma of the Liberal Zionist,” CounterPunch, 20 August 2014; M. Shahid Alam, “Zionist Dialectics,” CounterPunch, 24 September 2010; M. Shahid Alam, “Zionism: An ‘Abnormal’ Nationalism,” CounterPunch, 21 August 2009. Related articles of note: Uri Avnery, “Is the Israeli Prime Minister Insane? Adolph, Amin, and Bibi,” CounterPunch, 30 October 2015; Norman Pollack, “Crocodile Tears, Notwithstanding: Pathologic Israel,” CounterPunch, 10 August 2015; Uri Avnery, “The Fallacy of Rising Anti-Semitism,” CounterPunch, 20 February 2015; Alison Weir, “The Origins of the Israeli Lobby in the US,” CounterPunch, 21 March 2014, Brian Cloudhley, “Israel is Immune From Criticism,” CounterPunch, 5 January 2009.

[3] I have been told that Administration’s insistence that Russian and Chinese media companies register as agents of a foreign power is a prelude to eventually demanding that any organizations receiving money or direction from foreign powers also register: in other words, AIPAC and ADL.

[4] Zionist slang for a gentile girl, equivalent to a whore, who “does not count.”

[5] Image Credit [Insert into Collage]: Craig McKee, “What we should have learned from Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty,” TruthandShadows, 8 June 2017. For additional materials see USS Liberty@ Phi Beta Iota. There are strong indications that President Lyndon Baines Johnson was complicit in the planned attack to the point of ordering the USS Amberjack (a submarine) to fire torpedoes at the USS Liberty when the Israeli’s failed to do the job. Johnson then led the cover-up including the threat of jail and loss of pension to all of the survivors if they spoke of Israel’s blatant act of war against the USA.

[6] The Zionists started planning 9/11 in 1988 but it was not until the Bush Administration in 1998 that they had all the pieces in place including Dick Cheney as Vice President. Two big things happened in 1998: first, the Gold War against Russia was started by Presidential order with Buzzy Kronggard moving to CIA from Brown & Root to supervise this war; and second, the joint Israel-US (Neoconservative) cabal began planning 9/11 in earnest. Two particularly good books on the Zionist role in 9/11 are Christopher Lee Bollyn, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World (Christopher Bollyn, 2012), and Mark H. Gaffney, Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology (Trine Day, 2012). Free online see especially Mini-Me, “9/11 Convergence 15th Anniversary — 13 Warnings, Dick Cheney Made It Happen….,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 11 March 2014; and 9/11 @ Phi Beta Iota.

[7] Cf. S.720 – Israel Anti-Boycott Law, 115th Congress, introduced in Senate 23 March 2017. An equivalent House of Representatives bill exists.  While unlikely to pass, it is my view that every co-sponsor of these two bills should be recalled from office for being a traitor and putting Israel First. Certainly they should not be re-elected. The safety copy of both bills and the complete list of all of these treasonous Members who have declared loyalty to Israel First instead of upholding their oath to defend and support the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign, is at Mongoose, “#UNRIG: Roster of Senators and Representatives Who Place Israel First in Betrayal of Their Oath to the US Constitution and in Betrayal of Every One of Their Constituents,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 21 July 2017. A total of 46 Senators and 240 Representatives have co-sponsored this treasonous legislation that makes it a felony to criticize Israel and call for the boycott of Israel, never mind the First Amendment.  All should be dismissed from office by their constituents at the earliest possible opportunity.

[8] Kyle Swenson, “This Texas town offers hurricane relief — if your politics are right,” Washington Post, 20 October 2017; Patrick Strickland, “Wisconsin governor signs anti-boycott Israel order,” Al-Jazeera, 20 October 2017. It turns out at least 23 US states – probably more – have such laws and regulations in place, in contradiction to the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

[9] Jonas E. Alexis, “The Israeli Regime Invades Kansas Public Schools,” Veterans Today, 14 November 2017.

[10] While the complete story is not yet available, we do know that the official narrative is implausible. I have provide a single post with many updates as starting point for considering the various crimes associated with the Las Vegas situation: Robert Steele, “Las Vegas False Flag a Hybrid (Innocent Drill, Rogue Mass Murder Unit)? UPDATE 21,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 3 October 2017. For many sources on false flag operations and how to detect them, see False Flag @ Phi Beta Iota.

[11] Robert Steele, “Zion in Shiksa-Land – Harvey Weinstein First Major Jewish Pedophilia Domino in the USA,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 20 October 2017. See Epstein @ Phi Beta Iota. My conclusion that Epstein may be protected by the CIA (and FBI) stems in part from his very long run as the leading pedophile entrapment specialist in the USA. Neither CIA nor the FBI are stupid. They all seem to be collaborating in blackmailing Members of Congress. I believe the sealed settlement in the Virginia Roberts is particularly telling, see Conchita Sarnoff, “Jeffrey Epstein: Money Conquers Justice, Deception Reigns,” The Daily Caller, 26 May 2017. For a worst case account of how pedophilia and mind-control appear to have free range across the USG – with emigrated Nazis within the National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA) as very active developers and controllers of modern mind-control, see Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, TRANCE: Formation of America, The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave(Reality Marketing, 2005). My summary review: SIX STARS The single most dangerous book in America today.

[12] Timothy Holmseth with Sarah Westall, “Evidence: Child Sex Trafficking Rings & How they Work (Caylee Anthony, HaLeigh Cummings cases),” Business Game Changers, 9 December 2017.

[13] I have personally experienced what I call “six ways in ninety days” of censorship, crowd-stalking, and digital assassination at the hands of the Zionists, and outline my personal speculative understanding of “the system” at Robert Steele, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

[14] Judy Maltz, “Divorcing the Diaspora: How Netanyahu Is Finally Writing Off U.S. Jews,” Haaretz, 23 November 2017.

[15] Cf. the various articles cited at Donald Trump, “Next Year in Jerusalem — NOT — How Donald Trump Just Diminished Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist Influence/Looting USA,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 9 December 2017. More recently see Jim Kavanagh, “Zionism in the Light of Jerusalem,” CounterPunch, 13 December 2017.

[16] The author has no direct knowledge but has read the post, Mongoose, “Is Arnon Milchan Zionism’s STRIKE SEVEN, Connecting Zionist Complicity in Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11, Pedophilia Entrapment and Blackmail, Gold War, and More?Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 28 November 2017.

[17] Treason is generally in the eye of the beholder, as is one’s interpretation of whether Zionism is an enemy of the Republic as I take it to be. The following quote from Benjamin Netanyahu in 1990, recorded and verified, is in my view representative of how Zionists in control of Israel see the USA: a shiksa, a whore, who can be abused and degraded with impunity:

 “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

Preston James and Mike Harris, “Shockwaves (Part III)Veterans Today, 12 March 2015. The Khazarian Mafia centered on the Rothschild Family, including the Black Pope (the Jesuit Superior General), is not Jewish per se – it uses secret societies including the highest levels of the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta to harmonize crimes against humanity across all political, legal, and ethnic boundaries. The term “Deep State” is best understood as a pyramid in which a handful of inter-linked families control banking including central banks, and in each country, the political, media, entertainment, and educational classes, so as to enjoy a hidden power to loot with impunity. Senator Chuck Schumer makes no secret of his dedication to being Israel’s protector in the Senate, Cf. MJ Rosenberg, “Schumer: I’m on a Mission From God (to Be Israel’s Guardian in Senate),” The World Post, 2 May 2010.

[18] Because of PizzaGate and then PedoGate, the public now realizes the breadth and depth of pedophilia and is gradually waking up to the fact that most children inducted into the world of pedophilia are ultimately murdered – their life expectancy is two years from date of purchase or capture – and many of them are subject to ritual sacrifices and the harvesting of their blood, bone marrow, and body organs. It must be emphasized that while multiple religions (or dark segments within multiple religions) appear to practice the ritual sacrifice of children – and this has gone on for centuries – for the purpose of ridding the USA of unwelcome Zionist and Vatican influence over public matters, the Orthodox Jews and their synagogues; select Jesuit-run Churches, and select “Owl” structures including Bohemian Grove, should be focal points for investigation. The complicity and ineptitude of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), itself founded by a cross-dressing pedophile, cannot be over-stated. Cf. Rev. Dr. Matt Hale, “How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion,” RafZen, 14 October 2013 and Rainer Chlodwig von K., “Did Israel Control J. Edgar Hoover with Pedophilia?,” Renegade Tribune, 19 June 2017, note the role of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in establishing and funding the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation. Many do not realize that organized crime in the USA has long been broadly Jewish, not only Italian or more recently Mexican and Salvadoran.

[19] Pedophilia and child harvesting is everywhere. While we must focus on shutting down Zionist control of Congress to avoid a war in the Middle East in February 2018, pedophilia and child harvesting appears common at local, state, and national elite levels, and the Mormon Church is no exception.  Cf.  Susie Madrak, “Child Sexual Abuse In The World Of Romney’s Top LDS Donors,” Crooks and Liars, 3 August 2013.

[20] Adrenochrome is an additive substance found in the blood of humans (ideally very young) as well as other species (e.g. dogs, a Chinese delicacy) who have been terrorized in order to adrenalize the blood (e.g. being boiled alive or sodomized while being choked to death from behind and stabbed to death from in front. Although information about this has been repressed in academia and the mainstream media for generations, since roughly 2011 a few sources have begun to emerge. Cf. Merit Freeman, “ADRENOCHROME: The Blood Sacrifice Exposed,” Conscious Awareness for All, 10 November 2014.

[21] The original books on the Deep State are those of Peter Dale Scott, notably The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil, and the Struggle for U.S. Democracy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). Little noted because of successful narrative repression (pre-Internet), it is now being appreciated. The best book on the CIA as the Deep State’s secret foundation for subverting the US and all other governments is that of David Talbott, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government (Harper Perennial, 2016). The best book on the merger of the financial and political criminal classes is that of Matt Taibbi, Griftopia: A Story of Bankers, Politicians, and the Most Audacious Power Grab in American History (Spiegel & Grau, 2011). Free online by the chapter, and also by the chapter as Amazon Kindle shorts pending publication as a full book, is the definitive A-Z encyclopedia on pedophilia and Satanic harvesting of children, by Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State (Joachim Hagopian, 4 July 2018 in full). Each chapter has many notes all linked.

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