The Psychopathic Influence

People who essentially run the planet, have openly declared that they engage in occult rituals, which multiple reliable sources conclude to be Satanic in nature. These rituals include the sacrifice of compassion, and oaths of obedience which are pledged to a cause. The evidence suggests that these rituals are symbolic pledges to carry out a political agenda known as the New World Order. 

The Psychopathic Influence

Both the financial elite and their servants who maintain this system, appear to exhibit behavior that is consistent with symptoms associated with a medical disorder known as psychopathy.(*) Psychopaths, also called sociopaths, are categorized as those who exhibit superficial charm and intelligence, and are absent of delusions or nervousness. Their traits include:

  • Unreliability
  • Frequent lying
  • Deceitful and manipulative behavior (either goal-oriented or for the delight of the act itself)
  • Lack of remorse or shame
  • Antisocial behavior
  • Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
  • Incapacity for love
  • Poverty of general emotions
  • Loss of insight
  • Unresponsiveness in personal relations
  • A frequent need for excitement
  • An inflated self-worth
  • An ability to rationalize their behavior
  • A need for complete power
  • A need to dominate others

Psychopathy is basically an emotional disorder. The book, The Psychopath, by James Blair, Karina Blair, and Derek Mitchell, states, “The crucial aspect of psychopathy is … the emotional impairment.” According to Dr. J. Reid Meloy’s book, The Psychopathic Mind, although psychopaths don’t feel emotion in a normal sense, they do experience boredom, envy, exhilaration, contempt, sadistic pleasure, anger, and hints of depression.


Generally, those who believe it’s caused by environmental factors use the term sociopath, and believers of the biological theory use the term psychopath. Psychopathy closely resembles Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD or APD) or Conduct Disorder (CD) as outlined in the DSM-IV. These disorders are detected using the Psychopathy Checklist-Revisited (PCL-R), the DSM-IV, and other diagnostics.

These character types, comprise about 4% of the population and span every level of society. Psychopaths can be found in every race, culture, profession and class. Because the term psychopath has been used to describe APD types and sociopaths, in this chapter I’ll use it as a universal label for these three character types.

Later when I’m explaining how psychopaths always mask themselves when seeking positions of power, it will help to remember the following: If a rational person tries to apply their logic while trying to understand the reason for an objective or act of a psychopath, they will fail. This will be explained in more detail later. Likewise, when a rational person hears of the possibility that a massive lie has been told to a population by a trusted leader, and they attempt to use their logic to determine weather or not such a lie is possible, they will usually not believe the truth (that they have fallen for a huge lie).

The reason for this is that although most of us can identify with small lies, we find it difficult to conclude that such a massive lie is possible. When I use the term massive lie, I don’t just mean a complete falsehood regarding a major event, but also the scope of its influence (global) and the amount of people that have fallen for it.

In his book, The Mask of Sanity, Dr. Hervey Cleckley, says that even during the most “solemn perjuries” they show “no difficulty at all in looking anyone tranquilly in the eyes.” He adds that that they will “lie about any matter, under any circumstances.” He explains that it is difficult to express how completely straightforward they appear when telling a blatant lie.

“The great masses of people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
-Adolph Hitler

“Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths,” agreed Dr. Robert Hare, in his book, Without Conscience. “When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed–they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie.”

Psychopaths are always able to justify their actions, no matter how brutal. They have, “an ability to rationalize their behavior so that it appears warranted, reasonable, and justified,” says Dr. Cleckley. Dr. Hare added, “Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the devastating effects their actions have on others. Often they are completely forthright about the matter, calmly stating that they have no sense of guilt, [and] are not sorry for the pain and destruction they have caused,” which, says Dr. Hare, “is associated with a remarkable ability to rationalize their behavior.”

Psychopathy is usually untreatable. Most therapists won’t work with them because they often end up damaged in the process. Dr. Hare explained, “Such counseling would be wasted on psychopaths.” Some of them will even reflect the wishes of the therapist and pretend to be getting better.

In his book, People of The Lie, psychiatrist Dr. Scott Peck had this to say: “Among themselves therapists will not infrequently refer to a patient’s psychopathology as being ‘overwhelming.’ We mean this literally. We literally feel overwhelmed by the labyrinthine mass of lies and twisted motives … into which we will be drawn if we attempt to work with such people…”

Wikipedia describes that, “traditional therapeutic approaches actually make them, if not worse, then far more adept at manipulating others and concealing their behavior. They are generally considered to be not only incurable but also untreatable.” Basically psychopaths are the way they are for life. In most legal jurisdictions they are considered sane. So technically, they’re not mentally ill, just different.

Dr. Scott Peck concludes, “I have learned nothing in twenty years that would suggest that evil people can be rapidly influenced by any means other than raw power. They do not respond,” he says, “to either gentle kindness or any form of spiritual persuasion with which I am familiar with.”

Where Are They?

When people hear the word psychopath, most think of the famous serial killers locked away in prison. However, most don’t end up in prison or mental hospitals. Dr. Cleckley wrote, “The true difference between them and the psychopaths who continually go to jails or to psychiatric hospitals is that they keep up a far better and more consistent outward appearance of being normal.”

“This outward appearance,” says Dr. Cleckley, is essentially a mask, which, “may include business or professional careers that continue in a sense successful, and which are truly successful when measured by financial reward or by the casual observer’s opinion of real accomplishment.”

“Many psychopaths never go to prison or any other facility,” agreed Dr. Hare. “They appear to function reasonably well–as lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, academics, mercenaries, police officers, cult leaders, military personnel, business people, writers, artists, entertainers, and so fourth–without breaking the law.” He continued, “Their intelligence, family background, social skills, and circumstances permit them to construct a facade of normalcy.”

“Corrupt and callous politicians, social or career fast climbers, authoritarian leaders, abusing and aggressive persons, etc., are among them” wrote Dr. Renato Sabbatini in his article, The Psychopath’s Brain. “A common characteristic,” says Dr. Sabbatini, “is that they engage systematically in deception and manipulation of others for personal gain. In fact, many successful and adapted non-violent sociopaths can be found in our society.”

Most of these people are not just right in your churches, schools, charitable organizations, and workplaces, but by their very nature, they are likely running them. It is a core trait of the psychopath to place themselves in positions of influence, not for public service, but for power. “The experience of pleasure is not reciprocal for the psychopath,” stated Dr. Meloy, “it is available only through sadistic channels of power and control.” Achieving power for the sake of having power is the nature of the psychopath. “They love to have power and control over others,” agreed Dr. Hare.

The need for absolute power over others and the wish to inflict pain for the enjoyment of watching others suffer, are almost never apparent to the casual observer. The reason for this is that another core trait of the psychopath is disguise. So unfortunately, these individuals usually mask themselves as good-natured people. If they have tremendous wealth, you can bet that they’ll create charitable organizations as part of their mask.

They are well aware that their mental makeup is drastically different from the majority. They have a sixth sense for detecting and exploiting any weakness you may have. At a very early age they learn that they can inflict mental and emotional harm on others with ease. They also learn how to detect others like themselves out of a crowd of normal people. Beginning in their childhood, most of them learn to mimic normal emotional reactions in order to blend in with society.

An article on Dr. Hare’s website called, Psychopaths Among Us, by Robert Hercz, describes how Dr. Hare was contacted by Nicole Kidman, who wanted his advice on how to play the part of a psychopath for her film, Malice. Dr. Hare uses the anecdote of a psychopath who had just witnessed an accident where a mother watched her child get killed by a car. There’s blood all over the place, and the psychopath experiences no emotion, but instead, is trying to avoid getting blood on her shoes. The psychopath notices the mother’s emotional reaction to the accident and is fascinated. She goes home, looks in the mirror, and begins to mimic the facial expressions of the mother. “That’s the psychopath,” revealed Dr. Hare.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, states that, “any emotions which the primary psychopath exhibits are the fruits of watching and mimicking other people’s emotions.” They are adept at, “using their charm and chameleonlike abilities to cut a wide swath through society and leaving a wake of ruined lives behind them,” Dr. Hare warns.

“More often than not,” says Dr. Cleckley, “the typical psychopath will seem particularly agreeable and make a distinctly positive impression when he is first encountered. Alert and friendly in his attitude, he is easy to talk with and seems to have a good many genuine interests. There is nothing at all odd or queer about him, and in every respect he tends to embody the concept of a well-adjusted, happy person.”

“Psychopaths are often witty and articulate,” concurred Dr. Hare. “They can be amusing and entertaining conversationalists, ready with quick and clever comeback, and can tell unlikely but convincing stories that cast themselves in a good light. They can be very effective in presenting themselves well and are often very likable and charming.”

Remember, most of them don’t psychically hurt people, so this is about mental and emotional domination. To accomplish these objectives, they will use their mask of sanity to place themselves in positions within your community. These positions may include school boards, charitable organizations, churches, politics, law enforcement, or any position which they believe will offer them power over others. These are the places where most psychopaths end up, not jail.

A Different Species

Some researchers agree that the traits exhibited by these people produce a division stronger than age, race, and religion, which places them in a new category of people. In other words, these people are almost not human as we know it. The word antisocial does not describe someone who prefers to sit at home rather than attend gatherings. More accurately it means antihuman. Most people can’t bring themselves to understand the mind-set of a psychopath. Dr. Hare explained, “Imagining the world as the psychopath experiences it is close to impossible.”

In his book, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski wrote, “The pathocratic world, the world of pathological egotism and terror, is so difficult to understand for people raised outside the scope of this phenomenon that they often manifest childlike naivet�, even if they have studied psychopathology and are psychologists by profession.”

But, if you can, try to imagine someone who seeks power for no reason other than to have power, or someone who deceives just to experience the delight of having done so. Or someone who tortures another person physically or emotionally for the enjoyment of watching them suffer. Imagine someone doing these things, and not losing a moment of sleep at night (zero remorse). And add to all this, the ability to conceal themselves from an extremely naive public. Psychopaths are essentially aliens that look human. Probably one of the best skills to learn is how to detect and avoid a psychopath.

“The typical person, of whatever nationality, wants only to enjoy success in his job, to be able to afford a reasonably high standard of living complete with leisure and travel,” describes Gary Allen. “He wants to provide for his family in sickness and in health and to give his children a sound education. His ambition stops there,” says Allen. “He has no desire to exercise power over others, to conquer other lands or peoples, to be king.”

He continues, “Since he has no lust for power, it is difficult for him to imagine that there are others who have [and] who march to a far different drum.” He asks, “Why should we assume there are no such men today with perverted lusts for power?” In my opinion, we shouldn’t because we know that they do exist, and consist of about 4% of the population during any period. “And if these men happen to be billionaires,” ponders Allen, “is it not possible that they would use men like Hitler and Lenin as pawns to size power for themselves?” As I’ve demonstrated, true history supports this claim exactly.

Dr. Hare refers to them as “intraspecies predators.” “There is a class of individuals who have been around forever and who are found in every race, culture, society and walk of life,” he says. “If you think about it,” he adds, “you will realize that what is missing in this picture are the very qualities that allow human beings to live in social harmony.” “It is not a pretty picture,” he warns, “and some express doubt that such people exist.”

A 2005, report entitled, Antisocial Personality, Sociopathy, and Psychopathy, by North Carolina Wesleyan College, describes them as, “morally depraved individuals who represent the ‘monsters’ in our society. They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless.”

In addition to carrying out goal-oriented acts, the psychopath will also deceive and create chaos for no reason other than the enjoyment of doing so. “He will,” says Dr. Cleckley, “in fact, commit such deeds in the absence of any apparent goal at all.” This critical factor is often the one which baffles most rational people. When seeking an explanation for the behavior of a psychopath, they will attempt to apply reason. But, when dealing with a psychopath, we must understand that psychopathy is the reason.

One day a scorpion and a frog were by a river’s edge and both needed to get across to the other side. The scorpion said to the frog, “Mr. Frog, would you be so kind as to let me on your back as you swim across this river? I have important business to conduct on the other side and I cannot swim in such a strong current.” The frog was a little perturbed and so began to question the scorpion’s motives. The frog spoke, “Mr. Scorpion, while I can appreciate the fact that you have business to conduct on the other side of this river, please consider what you are saying.”

“You are a scorpion. You have a large stinger at the end of your tail. As soon as I let you on my back you will proceed to sting me which I might add IS your nature.” The scorpion, ready for this, replied, “My dear Mr. Frog, it is clearly not in my interest to sting you at all! I do need to get to the other side and I PROMISE that no harm will come to you.” Well, this made a great deal of sense to the frog, so the scorpion crawled on his back to make the trek across the river.

The frog was making good time getting across when all of a sudden, in the middle of the river no less, the scorpion began to sting the frog repeatedly. The frog, shocked at this development, cried, “Why, oh why are you doing this? You said you needed to get to the other side to conduct your business!” The scorpion replied casually, “Mr. Frog, you said it yourself. I am a scorpion. I have a large stinger at the end of my tail. And yes, it is in my nature to sting you.”

Psychopaths in Politics

If this 4% of the population exists at all levels of society at any given period, is it possible that some would seek top positions of influence? Of course. Remember, a need for absolute power over others is a core trait of the psychopath. Goal-oriented deceitfulness, superficial charm, an outward friendly appearance, and having no remorse, are other traits which will allow them to achieve their goals. If they are also people of tremendous wealth, they will definitely use this to further their objectives. And because deceitfulness is a core psychopathic trait, this will probably be done by creating a humanitarian front organization.

Evil people are often busy building for themselves various fronts for disguise and to further their ambitions. Dr. Peck described, “They are likely to exert themselves more than most in their continuing effort to obtain and maintain an image of high respectability.” So, unlike in the movies, evil does not reveal itself as the bad guy dressed in black, or the monster in plain site. Evil will very rarely expose itself to public light. It must hide. And it almost always hides under the guise of something righteous.

In fact, rather than hiding in the shadows dressed in black, it disguises itself in suits, uniforms, and charitable organizations, which allow it to deceive us into thinking it’s our savior. This enables it to cause far greater damage. “While evil may manifest itself obviously … it rarely does so,” Dr. Peck proclaimed, and added, “those who are evil are masters of disguise.”

Now let’s examine the track record of the people who control the planet. They have created wars for profit and control, which have resulted in the deaths of millions of people, for which they exhibit no remorse. They’ve allowed attacks to occur, created depressions, and overthrown governments to further their ambitions. They have repeatedly lied about these events using the media, which they control, and academia, which they also control by their Tax-exempt Foundations.

These wealthy people masquerade as the saviors of society. They disguise themselves using public front organizations, which appear to be humanitarian in nature. They’ve repeatedly not only lied about major historical events, but have deliberately created these catastrophes for their own benefit. Their own publications indicate that they plan to install a global dictatorship with them in complete control. These people are textbook psychopaths.(**) They are antihuman!

Compared to regular law-breaking criminals, these people appear to be OK, on the surface. But as we’ve learned, lies, deception, and disguise are standard traits of those who are evil. “[They] come from the very highest social strata,” wrote Allen. “They are immensely wealthy, highly educated and extremely cultured. Many of them have lifelong reputations for philanthropy. Nobody enjoys being put in the position of accusing prominent people of conspiring to enslave their fellow Americans, but the facts are inescapable.”

If you were to research the people throughout history that have committed atrocities against populations, you would probably find that most were psychopaths. Although mainstream history books do describe some of these events, they don’t emphasize the pattern which they were part of. This pattern consists of a steady stream of psychopaths lying, deceiving and murdering their way to the top, which then resulted in the atrocities. This re-occurring theme seems to be the norm.

Regarding this, Dr. Lobaczewski said, “We then usually reach the conclusion that the deed would not have taken place … since the pathological factor sealed its occurrence or became an indispensable component it its origin. The hypothesis thus suggests itself that such factors are commonly active in the genesis of evil.” He explained, “Within this interlocking structure, one kind of evil feeds and opens doors for others regardless of any individual or doctrinal motivations.” Finally, he suggests, “Since pathological factors are present within the syntheses of most instances of evil, they are also present in its continuum.”

“Because their willfulness is so extraordinary–and always accompanied by a lust for power–I suspect that the evil are more likely than most to politically aggrandize themselves,” described Dr. Peck. Dr. Sabbatini wrote, “Under stressing social situations such as in wars, general poverty and breakdown of the economy, sweeping epidemics or political fighting, etc., sociopaths may acquire the status of regional or national leaders and saviors… When they are in positions of power, they can inflict far more damage than as individuals.”

Professor Marrs commented, “Yet, in public, they impress us as men who are likeable, intelligent, refined, fair-minded, tolerant, thoughtful, kind, and gentile men who sincerely care about such matters as the environment, the plight of the hungry and starving overseas, the jobless, and the poverty-stricken. Moreover, they often are recognized as leaders in the legitimate quest for world peace and tranquility.” He continued, “Many are active in church work and charitable organizations. Others give freely to good causes.” Recognizing this facade, he added, “No one would suspect for a moment what actually goes on in the deep, dark recesses of their diabolical minds.”

Another extremely useful skill to learn is the ability to detect this pattern of decay in a nation under a pathological influence. Dr. Lobaczewski’s book, Political Ponerology explains this pattern in detail. He has experienced this process personally while living in Poland under both Nazi and Communist occupation.(***) Once you realize that psychopaths control America and the NATO nations, the reason for endless wars and never-ending turmoil becomes clear. Once you understand the nature of the psychopath, it makes perfect sense.

When psychopaths rule a society, it will exhibit their traits. Generally it will be heavily corrupted. But because deception is a primary trait of the psychopath, it will appear humane. Its traits can be observed from the highest level of government down to the street level. If you wanted to witness the madness of a civilization under psychopathic rule, you need not visit the state capital or a major city, because even the smallest village will exhibit these traits.

When the controlling faction of a society is evil the sickness permeates into the lower levels. Immoral attitudes are projected, while moral ones are ridiculed, and enemies are created. The destructive process ends with a holocaust, genocide or persecution of some manner. The New World Order is such a movement.

In November of 1975, Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald stated that the most important issue of our time is the “drive of the Rockefellers and their allies to create a one-world government, combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.” He warned that this drive is “international in scope,” and “incredibly evil in intent.”

Ross wrote, “I don’t know about you, but these … activities seriously concern me, because my children and grandchildren will suffer many times greater than we do today under the control of these EVIL MONSTERS.” [Emphasis in original] He added, “I have tried to find worse terms for them, but this is the best that I can think of to describe them.”

When a nation or other organization begins this process of evil, psychopaths and other deviants are attracted to it like a magnet. Like-minded individuals are installed in key positions of influence. Regarding the current epidemic, this would include the federal agencies which are allegedly carrying out these Cointelpro operations and hitting people with Non-lethal Weapons, as well as the citizen networks which stalk targets in public.

As already demonstrated, you must capture the streets and a percentage of the population in order to install a dictatorship. To do this, a portion of the society is selected to enforce the dictator’s rule on the street level. Historical evidence suggests that this portion usually consists of the core operational centers of a society, e.g., factories, hospitals, schools, civic centers, religious organizations, law enforcement, utility companies, stores, etc.

Dr. Lobaczewski described this in the following way: “The actions of this phenomenon affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every village, small town, factory, business, or farm. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country, creating a ‘new class’ within the nation. This privileged class of deviants feels permanently threatened by the ‘others.'” The “others” are apparently the people who have been targeted for persecution.

The Hidden Evil

It’s very difficult to describe with words an event that must be experienced in order to understand. The event I’m referring to is the observation of the psychopath or psychopathic system in its true form, after the mask has been removed. It can be described as something deeply horrific. This is a gut-wrenching experience for a normal person, and can cause severe trauma, especially if they can’t escape it.

“If someone has personally experienced such a nightmarish reality,” says Dr. Lobaczewski, “he considers people who have not progressed in understanding it within the same time frame to be simply presumptuous, sometimes even malicious.” “This experience,” he continues, “[is] unceremoniously rejected by … [people and] becomes a psychological burden for him, forcing him to live within a narrow circle of persons whose experiences have been similar.”

This encounter with a psychopathic element has been the experience of many Mobbing and Hidden Evil targets across the planet. McKinney wrote that one objective of these harassment campaigns is to instill a perverted sense of loyalty toward the agency responsible for the harassment. This makes perfect sense when the pathological factor is considered. “Sadistic control is also an element of perversion,” wrote Dr. Meloy, which is an indication of “psychopathic disturbance.”

McKinney also mentioned that these agencies appear to treat their targets as objects while harassing them. “Psychopaths view people as little more than objects to be used for their own gratification,” explains Dr. Hare. “The weak and the vulnerable–whom they mock, rather than pity–are favorite targets.” This helps to explain the reports of people being targeted by the Hidden Evil for no particular reason, other than being decent. A psychopathic program will target such people.

Just as the creators of this program are masked as humanitarians, the program itself is masked as beneficial and necessary. Naive individuals who participate, may not immediately recognize this. But a percentage of those who control the weapons which torture civilians (it takes a psychopath to do this), as well as those on the lower levels who follow and harass targets, are psychopaths. And they’re aware of the true nature of this program. That’s why the joined.

“The outer layer closest to the original content is used for the group’s propaganda purposes,” says Dr. Lobaczewski. “Average people succumb to the first layer’s suggestive insinuations for a long time before they learn to understand the second one as well.” “Anyone with certain psychological deviations,” He explains “especially if he is wearing the mask of normality … immediately perceives the second layer to be attractive and significant; after all, it was built by people like him.”

The pathological factor also helps to clarify why people who are, arguably, more spiritually and morally evolved than the masses, are being identified and targeted. According to Dr. Lobaczewski, these types of individuals are the first to be targeted in regimes controlled by psychopaths. Dr. Meloy explained that the psychopath’s “perception of others’ pleasures arouses only envy and greed in themselves.” And that they receive, “gratification of sadistic impulses through intentional infliction of emotional or physical pain upon others.”

“Psychopathic individuals who never enter psychotherapy are paradigms of this hatred of goodness,” says Dr. Meloy. According to Dr. Meloy, although envy is not consciously felt, it is the driving force for the motivation of their destructive behavior. He describes this behavior as “manipulative cycling” which includes a “mocking, [and] controlling attitude” while attacking their targets.

“The manipulative cycle,” explains Dr. Meloy, “both enhances his narcissism and protects his vulnerability.” This cycle is ongoing because the threat to the inflated self is ever present. He describes this cycle as a purification process for the psychopath. “The desire to control and degrade the actual object . . . may be fueled by the sadistic pleasure inherent in the behavior,” he says.

The mocking and controlling behavior exhibited by these federal agencies against their targets, appears to be part of the manipulative cycling which Dr. Meloy speaks of. This makes even more sense when we consider Dr. Lobaczewski’s premise, which states that the controlling psychopathic faction of a society (the financial elite), will recruit lower-level psychopaths to do their bidding. These lower-level deviants naturally seek employment in law enforcement, security, the military, politics, or other positions which they believe will offer them power.


A small portion of the population have a psychological makeup which is much different than most. They are completely aware of their difference. They also know that most people are not aware of this profound separation. The difference includes an emotional deficiency, accompanied by a lack of remorse, which allows them to operate outside of standard moral boundaries. They are able to conceal this difference to some degree and usually appear to be generous and friendly.

They consistently engage in antisocial behavior which includes destroying people’s lives, in order to feed their inflated egos. During this process they frequently enjoy mocking their targets, which they see as weak, or are envious of. They will inflict pain upon others for no reason other than the enjoyment of doing so. They span all levels of society. Some authors consider them to be a different species of humans.

Psychopaths naturally gravitate toward positions of power. Many historical atrocities were caused by psychopaths. An organization or nation under a psychopathic influence will become saturated with its sickness. It will exhibit these destructive traits, from the upper levels, down to the smallest village. The Hidden Evil is a psychopathic program which exists in a society controlled by psychopaths.

* It’s nice to know that there’s an actual scientific category that these people can be placed in. I first learned that psychopathy was likely the specific illness that the creators of this program suffer from while listening to author and radio host Alan Watt at He now hosts a show on the Republic Broadcasting Network.
** This charge is based on my unprofessional opinion. A true diagnosis is a complex matter involving an in-depth diagnostics using the PCL-R, or DSM, as well as input from friends, family and employers.
*** Ponerology is derived from the Greek word poneros, which means evil. Political Ponerology is the study of the growth of political evil. According to the author of Political Ponerology, Zbigniew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission attempted to prevent the book from being published.

The Satanic Influence

There is a definite Satanic manifestation within this program which is evident during group stalking, and more generally, by the true sinister nature of the program, which will be abundantly clear to most after careful study. The ongoing life-destroying tactics, accompanied by repeated messages intended to mock targets, are surely acts perpetrated by those who are influenced by evil. McKinney found that there is a striking similarity between the tactics used by this worldwide group and those reported by people who have been stalked after breaking ties with Satanic cults.

Dr. Kilde too, noted that “Satanism” is a common theme used by worldwide Gang Stalking crews. She wrote that group members “get rewarded for their evil actions,” which includes Satanic symbolism such as wearing yellow, orange, and black colors.

Targets may be stalked by an unusual amount of red vehicles and citizens dressed in red. These vehicles, which may be red or black, may cut targeted people off on the road, block them in a parking lot, or perform some other tactic to reveal their presence. License plates which include the numbers 666, 696, 616, and variations of these are used. Apparently these plates can be made-to-order directly through the DMV. McKinney wrote of the “use of modified license plates,” which “appears to have been acquired through the State DMV channels, thus suggesting government/intelligence agency involvement.” Citizens with Satanic apparel such as devil figures on shirts or other clothes may stalk targets.

The people who are used to convey these messages may not be aware that they’re participating in a Satanic theme. This is not surprising because most appear to be unaware of the nature of the program in general. There may be several motivating factors used to gain the complicity of well-meaning participants. Those with red clothing or vehicles who surround targets may be told that this is necessary so the target will know that they are part of the team and will be persuaded to leave the community.

For symbolism that is more overt, such as devils and the number 666, participants may be told that if a target believes members of the community are actual Satanists, they’ll leave. Although I think the majority are not, some of these people may be Satanists. Multiple researchers contend that Satanists usually appear to be religious and are often much respected members of society. Consider the account of Dr. Peck in his book, People of the Lie; evil needs to hide, and almost always masks itself as righteousness.

The reason for the existence of this program as told to the citizen squads, stores and restaurants is a lie. The role they believe they play is a lie. Lies are spread about individuals to gain cooperation. So there are lies within lies. The program is literally, one… big… lie… As demonstrated, the consistent track record of those likely responsible for this secret program forms a clear picture of their true nature. I’ve already demonstrated the atrocities they have caused. But add to that, the lies, upon lies, upon lies, upon…

“Lying,” wrote Dr. Peck, “is simultaneously one of the symptoms and one of the causes of evil, one of the blossoms and one of the roots.” He says, “The evil in this world is committed by the spiritual fat cats … by the Pharisees of our own day.” “They are,” he announced, “for instance, in my experience, remarkably greedy people. Thus they are cheap–so cheap that their ‘gifts’ may be murderous.”

Satanism encompasses the international child sex slave trade, drug trafficking, human sacrifice, murder, and other crimes. In her book, The New Satanists, Linda Blood wrote, “Satanism is the fastest growing underground criminal movement in the world today” and that it is “directly linked to an exploding number of child abuse cases, Nazism, [and] drug dealing.” Linda’s analysis of Satanism harmonizes with the conclusions of other researchers, such as former Senator John DeCamp, and Ted Gunderson.

She adds, “Satanic crime–in fact, all violent, destructive, and criminal activity associated with malevolent forms of occultism–exists as part of a wider criminal continuum and must be understood and recognized within that context.” Linda draws from her personal experience in a Satanic cult known as the Temple of Set, run by former army intelligence officer and psychological warfare expert, Dr. Michael Aquino.

Gunderson announced, “The video Conspiracy of Silence documents that children were flown to Washington D.C. … for sex orgies with congressmen and senators.” He contends, “My Finders report documents that the CIA was involved and … still is involved in an international child-kidnapping ring. I have filed formal complaints with the FBI concerning this but they refuse to investigate it.” Mainstream publications such as the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Enquirer showed that the Conspiracy of Silence documentary was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994, but before it did all copies were purchased and destroyed. Fortunately an anonymous person sent Gunderson a copy and it is available at his website,

But where is this Satanic influence coming from? Once again, if we follow the trail, we find it leads to the supra-governmental organizations previously mentioned, which are interlocked with Satanic cults. More evidence for this will be provided. “Satanists control and dominate the big corporations … in America,” proclaimed Gunderson, and added, they have “overtaken and now control for the most part all aspects of our commercial system…” He says there is a “satanic cult … network operating within the United States, with ties to top level officials–including politicians, judges, law enforcement, U.S. intelligence agents, and leading professional business men and women.”

He continues to list specific organizations under a Satanic influence such as:

  • The military
  • Many law enforcement agencies, including the police
  • Courts
  • The Federal Reserve and Wall Street
  • Education
  • The AHA, APA, AMA, ADA
  • Hospitals and mental institutions
  • The FDA
  • Communications such as internet, telephone and postal service
  • Transportation such as airlines, trains, roads/highways
  • Religion, science and research
  • Utilities such as gas, electric, oil
  • The entertainment industry including movie production, TV, music industry and casinos
  • The mainstream media
  • Most major corporations

This Satanic influence within the controlling elite organizations filters down into the executive branch and intelligence agencies. And from there it extends into state and local governments. Although there may be other organizations which are Satanic in nature that influence governments, I’ve focused on the Bohemian Grove and The Order of Skull and Bones. The existence of these organizations is incontrovertible. They are both heavily interlocked with the Think Tanks. It is only a question of whether or not they are Satanic in nature and how much influence they have on our society.

The Order of Skull and Bones

The existence of The Order is irrefutable. Also called, Skull and Bones, The Order of Death, The Brotherhood of Death, and The Order of the Deaths-head. The Order was founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. The first graduating class was in 1833. It was formed after Russell returned from a trip to Germany before his senior year. It is said to be an American branch (chapter 322) of a German Masonic/Illuminati group in Bavaria.(*)

Confirmation of its existence and the fact that its members occupy key positions in business and politics have appeared in mainstream media. For instance, during the 2004 presidential candidacy, articles appearing in The Baltimore Sun, CBS News, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed that both Kerry and Bush were members.

Kerry and Bush also admitted being members on television during a live interview on Meet the Press. There have also been books published on The Order that have received favorable Establishment reviews. Although most of this mainstream coverage was a whitewash, it did reveal a pattern of members occupying the executive branch.

Each year during commencement week 15 juniors receive a “tap” and are asked “Skull and Bones. Accept or reject?” Most say yes, says Professor Sutton, author of Americas Secret Establishment. After initiation the “patriarchs” spend only one year at Yale, and upon graduation, they reportedly receive $15,000 and a grandfather clock. “The organization,” states Professor Sutton “is oriented to the post graduate outside world.” Members of The Order are elevated to key positions in government. To the right we see George H. W. Bush standing to the left of the grandfather clock in this 1947 photo consisting of the 15 new members.

It was legally incorporated as the Russell Trust at Yale University in 1856. It conducts yearly meetings at Deer Island (sic) in New York, which was donated in 1906 by a member of The Order, G. Douglas Miller (1870). The core membership consists of about 20-30 wealthy American families who originally settled on the East Coast in the 17th century. These families include, Whitney, Lord, Phelps, Wadsworth, Allen, Bundy, Adams and others. Its membership also includes families which later acquired wealth, such as Rockefeller, Sloan, Pillsbury, Davison, Harriman, and Payne.

On the left is the The Order’s tomb at Yale University. An article appearing in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on March 6th 2004, entitled Yalies Bush, Kerry Can Keep a Secret, stated, “Bush and Kerry are only the latest Bonesmen to star on the national stage. President George Bush, the incumbent’s father, was also a member of Skull and Bones…” The article continued to name other prominent individuals.

Notable members of The Order include:

  • Henry Luce (1920), Time Magazine
  • Henry Lewis Stimson (1888) Secretary of State, Secretary of War to Truman, recommends Atomic bomb be dropped on Japan and worked with General Marshall and FDR to allow Pearl Harbor to occur.(*1)
  • William H. Taft (1878), Supreme Court Justice and President
  • William F. Buckley Jr. (1950), National Review
  • Pierre Jay (1892), first chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917) worked with W. Averill Harriman to fund Nazis and Communists via Union Banking Corporation and Guaranty Trust Company
  • Winston Lord (1959) Lord, Day and Lord, Law Firm
  • William Putnam Bundy (1939) CIA, editor of CFR’s Foreign Affairs magazine, Assistant Secretary of State
  • McGeorge Bundy (1940) National Security Advisor, President of the Ford Foundation
  • W. Averill Harriman (1913) Director of Guaranty Trust, Special Assistant to President Truman, funded Nazis and Communists
  • E. Roland Harriman (1917) Brown Brothers, Harriman, director of Union Banking Corporation

An examination of these names reveals cross memberships in the CFR, TC, BB, and the Bohemian Grove. For instance, William F. Buckley Jr. was a member of The Order (1950), the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bohemian Grove.(*2) “Columnist William F. Buckley is on the CFR’s membership rolls,” wrote Professor Marrs. Buckley … is a Skull and Bones alumni, [and] has also been honored as a participant in the secretive Bilderbergers Group.” In his book, Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy, Mike Hanson wrote of The Order, “You will also notice that many of the names … show up in Bohemian Club member lists.” These two organizations, in turn, are interlocked with the Think Tanks.

George H. W. Bush was a member of The Order (1948), the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and was appointed U.S. Ambassador to the UN. Perloff acknowledged, “George Bush was a Skull and Bonesman, a director of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a member of the Trilateral Commission.” He was also the director of the CIA and eventually became President of the United States. In addition to being a member of The Order, Professor Marrs concludes that Prescott Sheldon Bush was a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations. George W. Bush, was initiated into The Order (1968), and eventually became president. Both George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush have attended the Bohemian Grove.

Winston Lord became the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1983 and is also a Bilderberger. Professor Marrs wrote that “Winston Lord” of the “CFR elite is a Skull and Bones man” and is on the “steering committee of the Bilderbergers.” Both Bundy brothers were CFR members and William was once the director. Henry Lewis Stimson was also a CFR member. E. Roland Harriman was a CFR member. W. Averill Harriman, who financed Nazis and Communists, was a member of The Order, and the Council on Foreign Relations. He also became the U.S. Ambassador to the USSR and Great Britain, as well as Governor of New York.

In more recent years we find that during the 2004 presidential campaign John F. Kerry (1966), George W. Bush and Ralph Nader’s lawyer, Donald Etra (1968), were all members of The Order. This was not a coincidence. “The Order has been called a “stepping stone” to the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission,” wrote author Marrs.

Another example of this is offered by Jim Tucker’s analysis of the 1992 election. He wrote “Bush had been a longtime member of the Trilateral Commission which has interlocking leadership with Bilderberg. Clinton had been a Trilateralist for seven years and was promoted to the Bilderberg in 1991. Thus the world shadow government owned both presidential candidates in a typical win-win race.”

Of the initiation ritual, Professor Sutton concludes, “Even with our limited knowledge of the internal ritual of The Order we can make … definite statements about the links between The Order and satanic beliefs.” Within the ceremony, he says, are “aspects notably satanic.” He explains, “The first link is through photographic evidence of the association of Skull and Bones with satanic devices, i.e., the skull and crossed bones. The second link is through satanic symbolism.”

“In brief,” continues Professor Sutton, “the photographs reveal the men portrayed as grave robbers who reject human dignity and decency and use satanic devices.” Professor Sutton also notes the activity of “Patriarchs dressed as skeletons” that “howl and screech at new initiates.” A History Channel documentary entitled, Secret Societies, hosted by Arthur Kent, added that the shortest senior is appointed “little devil,” and wears a Satanic costume.

Commenting on the bizarre rituals and beliefs of the Order, Professor Sutton declared, “The reader may consider this juvenile, and it may well be.” However, he adds, “On the other hand, these ‘juveniles’ are the men today running the United States.” To that, I would add, the planet. Professor Marrs concurred, writing, “I agree. It is absurd.” But, “I can only tell you that this is exactly what goes on.”

Another consideration is whether these initiation rituals are significant after graduation. Evidence suggests that the answer is yes. Like the “cremation of care,” which will be covered shortly, members of The Order are pledging their allegiance, not to a country or Jesus Christ as they would have you believe. The rituals are enacted for the purpose of worshiping a Satanic entity, and diminishing the conscience of the individuals who partake in them.

Similar to the Cremation of Care at Bohemian Grove, this diminishing process is necessary so they can continue to perpetrate heinous acts on citizens of the world. The “pledge” is essential so that members will never stray from this one-world movement and the Satanic aspect of it. “It is a psychological conditioning process,” observed Professor Marrs, and “also an intense form of peer pressure … a type of group training.”

As elite and influential as members of this society are, they too are manipulated and are under a form of mind-control. They are being directed. Professor Sutton observed, “What happens in the initiation process is essentially a variation of brain-washing … through heavy peer pressure” they become “prepared for a life of the exercise of power and a continuation of this process into future generations.” He adds, “The ritual is designed to mold establishment zombies, to ensure continuation of power in the hands of a small select group from one generation to another.”

“Like their counterparts, the Skull and Bones Society, the Bilderbergers try to keep what goes on at their meetings hidden from public scrutiny,” wrote Professor Marrs. “These two clandestine organizations … have much to hide or else their procedures would not be kept behind closed doors. He warned, “What these cynical and powerful men are doing to damage America, [and] take away our freedoms … is criminal.”

The Order has, says Professor Marrs, “been able to gain impressive positions of influence in … the Trilateral Commission … and the Council on Foreign Relations.” Later he adds, “They have also been active in places of leadership for the … foundations–Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Russell Sage, etc.” He explained, “The Order’s current lock on the White House, gives the Brotherhood all the authority it needs to carry out sweeping changes in the international system of governance.”

Professor Sutton also contends that The Order has infiltrated the top of public organizations such as the church, law, communications, industry, finance, and politics. For instance, the “American Historical Association, the American Economic Association, the American Chemical Society, and the American Psychological Association were all started by members of The Order or persons close to The Order,” stated Professor Sutton. His list also includes, Education, Law, Politics, Economy, Psychology, Philanthropy, Medicine, Religion, and Media. He reveals, “These are key associations for the conditioning of society.” Many of these organizations that the professors speak of were also mentioned by Gunderson.

One way The Order controls these major institutions is through infiltration, another is by founding them. Professor Sutton explains a phenomenon where The Order sets up organizations, then fades away. “One observation is that The Order gets the ball rolling in new organizations, i.e., puts [in] the FIRST President or Chairman, he explained, “and then, when operations are rolling along, often just fades out of the picture.” Professor Marrs wrote that The Order has “infiltrated every aspect of society. In four areas in particular…” He lists these areas as, “American foreign policy,” “Wall Street,” “education, and religion.”

The Order being first on the scene is evident especially among foundations and think tanks according to Professor Sutton. Noting specific acts of infiltration, he writes, the first “President of the Carnegie Institution … was Daniel Coit Gilman [1852], but other members of The Order have been on Carnegie boards since the turn of the century.” He adds, “Gilman was on the scene for the founding of the Peabody, Slater, and Russell Sage Foundations.” And that, “McGeorge Bundy was President of the Ford Foundation from 1966-1979.” In 1969, James Jeremiah Wadsworth (1927) formed the Peace Research Institute, which later merged with the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). Andrew Dickson White (1853) was the first president of Cornell University, and Daniel Coit Gilman was the first president of John Hopkins University.

There can be no denying that members of The Order are appointed key positions in government and industry. Now an important question would be: What are their plans? The activities of The Order are directed towards bringing about a “New World Order,” warned Professor Sutton, which “will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, [and] without Constitutional protection…” He adds, “We deduce this objective by examining and then summing up the actions of individual members: there has been a consistent pattern of [this] activity over one hundred years.”

Bohemian Grove

The existence of Bohemian Grove is also incontrovertible. There have been several major sources of grove information by first-hand experience. Philip Weiss of Spy Magazine infiltrated the grove in 1989 for about 60 hours. Professor Peter Phillips of Sonoma State University published information on the grove after he was invited to the summer encampment of 1994. In 2000 independent filmmaker Alex Jones and TV Producer and author Mike Hanson infiltrated the grove with a hidden camera. They produced a film of their experience called, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. In addition, Mike Hanson authored a book called, Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy.

Other sources of the club’s history include the California Historical Society, University of California Bancroft Library, the California State Library, the Bohemian Grove Action Network (BGAN), and a few mainstream media sources such as The Washington Post, the New York Post, and the Sacramento Bee. Most of these mainstream publications are sanitized whitewashes that divert attention from the occult activities which unfold there. Although I’ll be primarily referencing some of the previously mentioned sources, I’ll also include the personal experiences of others who have been there, as well as some interpretations of grove activities by people I consider to be experts in history.

Bohemian Grove is the summer retreat of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. Mike Hanson wrote, “The Bohemian Grove is more properly known as the Midsummer Encampment of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco. It takes place annually each Ides of July in a majestic redwood grove outside Monte Rio, California…” The Bohemian Club of San Francisco was formed in 1872-3, as “as a gathering place for newspaper reporters and men of the arts and literature,” wrote Professor Phillips.(*3)

The club is invitation only. According to Hanson and Phillips, although the club was formed by artists, in the 1880s it was eventually dominated by business elites. Some early members included, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Bret Harte, Wytter Bynner, Henry M. Stanley, Jack London, Bing Crosby, Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, and Douglas Fairbanks. Apparently the artists (men of talent) needed the financing of the industrialists (men of use), and these businessmen eventually took over the club. It is now a, “good-old-boys political network,” described Hanson.

The Bohemian Club began camping out at various locations in Sonoma County beginning in 1878. Between 1893 and 1899 they rented Bohemian Grove, and in 1901 purchased about 160 acres. It now consists of about 2,712 acres of redwood forest. It is located in Sonoma County outside the small town of Monte Rio, situated along the Russian River, and is about 70 miles north of San Francisco. At the grove, there is a civic center with a Bar and Grill, Post Office, and store.

“While the Grove’s public areas afford a communal atmosphere for the Grovers to socialize, the real action goes on in the private confines of the individual camps,” stated Hanson. The Bohemian Grove is equipped with a fire department and medical care on the premises during the encampment. Wait staff and other workers must wear ID tags and are restricted to the dining area and the parking lot.

In the November 1989 issue of Spy Magazine, Philip Weiss wrote in an article entitled, Inside Bohemian Grove, that “No Trespassing” and “Members and Guests Only” signs cover the grounds, and guards with binoculars and infrared sensors watch the paths.” Reportedly there are barbed wire fences surrounding it and helicopters patrol the perimeter during the encampment. Hanson commented, “The Grove is vigorously guarded during the entire encampment.” The Sonoma County Sheriff’s department is said to be the Bohemian Grove’s own private security force. Professor Marrs’ research also leads him to conclude that one of several layer of protection consists of sheriff’s deputies. Compare this to the Bilderbergers, who are escorted by police and surrounded by SWAT teams during their meetings.

The encampment lasts for about two weeks, and it never rains during their stay. Lots of alcohol is available 24/7, and the food is apparently first-class. The average club member’s age is reportedly 55. Between two and three thousand people attend each year. Entertainment includes plays known as Jinks. The second Saturday of the encampment is referred to as the “Low Jinks,” and the following Friday is the “High Jinks,” also known as the Grove Play. There are apparently also Spring Jinks in June.

Bohemian Grove is basically a playground and policy-making vacation for the CFR, interlocking Think Tanks, and Tax-exempt Foundations. “The CFR and Bohemian Club membership lists reflect a lot of the same names,” stated Hanson. “By recent comparison, I was able to count about 40 Bohemians who are also CFR members.” He added, “If you’re a member of the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations, chances are you’re a member of the Bohemian Club, too.”

In attendance are representatives of companies such as: Atlantic Richfield, Avery Dennison Corporation, Colgate-Palmolive, Calfed, CBS Broadcasting, IBM, Universal/Vivendi Entertainment Group, Mattel Incorporated, Media General Incorporated, Northrop Corporation, Philip Morris, Pacific Enterprises, Rockwell International, Sears and Roebuck, SCE Corporation, Security Pacific, Times Mirror Company, Union Bank, Union Electric Company, Bechtel Construction, Wells Fargo Bank, Southern California Edison, General Electric, Bankers Trust, and Bank of America. Former directors of the FBI and CIA have also attended. As well as representatives from CNN, Los Angeles Times, Time Warner, and Times Mirror corporation.

Hanson wrote, “Here, heads of state and industry, such as Henry Kissinger, Caspar Weinberger, James Baker, Dick Cheney, Malcolm Forbes, Stephen Bechtel and a host of prominent CEOs, foundation chairs and university presidents mingle. … About one-fifth of the members are either directors of one or more of the Fortune 1000 companies, corporate CEOs, top governmental officials (current and former) and members of important policy councils or major foundations.” He proclaimed, “99 percent of them are white. And all of them are very, very rich.”

“The remaining members are mostly regional business/legal elites with a small mix of academics, military officers, artists, or medical doctors,” added Professor Peter Phillips, in his article, San Francisco Bohemian Club: Power, Prestige and Globalism, which appeared in the Sonoma County Free Press on June 8, 2001. “I found at least 150 Bohemians hold nearly 300 directorships in the top 1000 U.S. corporations,” said Hanson. “Of these, I spotted several corporations with more than one Bohemian serving as directors. These include Bank of America, PG&E, (Pacific Gas and Electric), AT&T, Ford Motor Company and General Motors.”

Notables that have attended the grove include, William F. Buckley Jr., George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Walter Cronkite, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth, Leonard Firestone (Firestone Tires), Henry Ford II, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Herbert Hoover, Robert Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Richard M. Nixon, David Packard (Hewlett Packard), Prince Philip, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, David Rockefeller, Laurence Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, Donald Rumsfeld, Helmut Schmidt (former German chancellor), William Howard Taft, Colin Powell, and Newt Ginrich.

The grove consists of a variety of camps which members are assigned to depending on their status. Reportedly, at one point the grove had over 200 camps, but now has about 116. The most prestigious camp is Mandalay. “Mandalay,” wrote Hanson, “is the campsite where you’ll find Henry Kissinger, former president Gerald Ford, Nicholas Brady, [and] George P. Shultz.” Some camp names include: Dog House, Isle of Aves, Pink Onion, Oz, Lands End, Rattlers, Red Fire, Jinks Band, Dragons, and Druids. Former President Nixon belonged to the Cave Man camp, Reagan was a member of the Owl’s Nest, David Rockefeller belongs to the Stowaway camp, and Art Linkletter is a member of the Dragons camp.

“The Bushes call the Hill Billies camp home,” wrote Hanson, “as did Walter Cronkite, William F. Buckley Jr. and Christopher Buckley.” He continues, “At Owl’s Nest, Reagan camped out with the chairman of American Airlines, while over at Hill Billies, his vice-president George Bush Sr. was rubbing shoulders with the president of Eastern Airlines.” “Hill Billies,” he says, “also houses directors from General Motors, Southern Pacific, Westinghouse Electric, B.F. Goodrich, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Mutual Life Insurance, Metromedia, and Superior Oil.”

Hanson asks, “Do the Bohemians really expect us to believe that … cabinet officials, corporate chieftains and foundation directors … share the same intimate camp site in the redwoods, and all these gentlemen are going to do is talk about music and the arts?” “There are few rules,” wrote Weiss, “the most famous one being [the clubs motto] ‘Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,’–in other words, don’t do business in the Grove.” But, he adds, the “rule is widely ignored.” The club’s motto was taken from Act 2 of Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“The media figures attending the retreat all agree not to report on what goes on inside,” stated Extra! Magazine. One example of this media blackout occurred, “When Dirk Mathison, San Francisco bureau chief for People Magazine infiltrated the exclusive Bohemian Grove retreat … [and] got a view into the U.S. elite that very few reporters have glimpsed.” “Unfortunately,” they revealed, “that elite includes the management of Time Warner, the owner of People, which prevented Mathison from telling his story.”

They continued, “In 1982, NPR got a recording of Henry Kissinger’s speech at the Grove–but declined to air it… Also in 1982, a Time reporter went undercover as a waiter in Bohemian Grove; like Mathison’s People article, his story was killed.” Hanson’s experience is similar, he said, “After Alex and I returned from the Grove, Alex went on his radio show and told the world what we had done. So the next thing you know, we’re getting calls from all these newspapers expressing interest,” but “an editor above their heads would kill it.” “Media access to the Grove continues to be limited,” confirmed The Daily Reveille.

One topic of concern over the years has been the Lakeside Chats, also known as Lakeside Talks. Like topics covered by the Think Tanks, these topics become policy regularly. This is policy passed without the voting public’s knowledge or approval. Lakeside Talks begin at 12:30 and last for about 30 minutes. “Arguably, the Lakeside Chats are the most important aspect of what goes on inside the Grove,” wrote Hanson, and added, “matters of public interest are discussed and perhaps even decided here through the collective consensus-building process.”

In their August 2, 1999 article entitled, Movers, Shakers From Politics, Business go Bohemian, The Sacramento Bee Correspondent stated, “The club has drawn criticism for years because of its emphasis on privacy.” They added, “What particularly concerns Phillips and others are the “Lakeside Talks” held during the summer retreat.”

On the left we see both George H. W. and George W. Bush at a Lakeside Talk during the 2005 encampment. One vocal group that has protested since 1980 against this type of activity is the Bohemian Grove Action Network (BGAN), run by Mary Moore. The Sacramento Bee announced, “The point of the protests, Moore said, has been ‘to let the American public know that what they’ve learned in civics isn’t the full story on how decision-making … is made in this country.’ The Bohemian Club, she said, ‘is one of the most elite organizations on the planet.'”

The article continued, “Phillips echoes Moore’s objections to the off-the-record nature of the Lakeside Talks. ‘These are extremely powerful people and private discussions on policy issues that affect us certainly go against democratic principles. There’s no reason that those speeches they’re giving couldn’t be transcribed and made public. They have a responsibility to be open about it.'” Weiss wrote, “The important men come out for the Lakeside Talks, and each speaker seems to assume that his audience can actually do something about the issues raised, which, of course, it can.”

Apparently the Atomic Bomb was proposed at Bohemian Grove. “Historical records also clearly tell us that the Manhattan Project [Atomic Bomb] was planned, instituted and operated out of the Bohemian Grove,” stated Hanson. Regarding the meeting at the Grove’s river clubhouse on September 13-14, 1943, he wrote, “Bohemians make no effort to deny that this important historical moment took place at the Grove; in fact, they rather enjoy telling the story around the campfire.”

He continued, “They publish it in their internal history books with a sense of pride. In an article entitled, Gay Porn Star Services Bohemian Grove Members, The New York Post reported on July 22, 2004, “Grovers privately boast that the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb was conceived on its grounds.” Extra! Magazine, stated, “Policy speeches are regularly made by members and guests, and the club privately boasts that the Manhattan Project was conceived on its grounds.”

“The atom bomb made this particular meeting at the Grove world famous,” declared Hanson “but it was not an isolated case of business and government war planning through Bohemian Club facilities.” Regarding the 1967 encampment, he wrote, “Nixon and Reagan sat down informally at the Grove to work a political deal wherein Reagan agreed to run only if Nixon faltered. Indeed Nixon’s campaign was launched from the Bohemian Grove that year by means of his Lakeside Talk.” In a 1989 Lakeside Talk, the plans for the Stealth B-2 Bomber were considered at the Grove, as well as plans for the European Union.

Hanson continued, “During the 2000 Grove summer camp, they announced Dick Cheney as George W. Bush’s vice-presidential running mate from Bohemian Gove. CNN reported in July of 2000 that the decision had been partially made and that George Bush Jr. had been consulting with George Herbert Walker Bush … at Bohemian Grove.”

“But perhaps the most striking example of the elite Grovers’ prior knowledge of future events,” says Hanson, “is a speech given at the 1981 camp by the late nuclear scientist Dr. Edward Teller.” Hanson describes, “In this Lakeside Talk, he accurately predicted that the United States would go to war in the Persian Gulf–ten years prior to our first incursion into Iraq.” Other Lakeside Talk topics have included, “World View,” “The Recovered Memory Movement,” “Agenda for America,” “World Naval Power,” “Rogues, Terrorists [and] … National Security in the Next Century,” “Spies and Terrorists: Confronting the Enemies Within,” “Smart Weapons,” and “Defining a New World Order.”

Here on the right we see former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt giving a Lakeside Talk in 1991. One can only guess what the results of these talks have been. These speeches were delivered by Prime ministers, CEOs, scientists, chancellors, former directors of the CIA and FBI, and a variety of government officials.

Professor Phillips wrote, “On the surface, the Bohemian Grove is a private place where global and regional elites meet for fun and enjoyment. Behind the scene, however, it serves a very important function similar to 18th century French Monarchy scheming or the 19th century empire building of the British. The Bohemian Grove is an American version of race, gender and class elitism. It is the human process of building insider ties, consensual understandings, and lasting connections in the service of class solidarity. Ties reinforced at the Grove manifest themselves in global trade meetings, party politics, campaign financing, and top-down democracy. In a sense, they live in a self-made Bastille surrounded by power, prestige and privilege, and united in their fear of grassroots democracy.” Hanson adds, “Conspiracy nuts think the Bohemian Club meets each summer to takeover the world. Get real. These guys ALREADY run the world.”

“The Owl of Bohemia,” is the club’s symbol. Some members reportedly have their homes fraught with owls. “Club members collect owl statues, figurines, jewelry–anything with an owl on it,” stated Hanson. He described, “You’ll see them walking around the Grove wearing polo shirts embroidered with owls, owl belt buckles, owl bolo tiles, owl cufflinks, owl rings. … The owl is found on all Bohemian materials from matchbook covers and doormats to the most elaborate Club publications.” Apparently all of this merchandise can be purchased at the Bohemian Grove gift shop. The individual camps are decorated with wooden or stone owl statues according to Weiss. Even the 24-hour shuttle service within the grove is called, “The Owl” shuttle. Pictured right we see the owl on a napkin taken from a dining area.

During the encampment, a 40-foot stone owl is worshiped in a ceremony called the Cremation of Care.(*4) The ceremony involves a mock-human sacrifice and is performed by men with torches dressed in red, black, brown and silver robes. Some of them have white skeletons painted on their faces. The ceremony takes place on an altar located at the base of the owl and lasts for about 15 minutes. Members admit to this ritual and information regarding it has appeared in mainstream publications. It was also filmed live, by Mike Hanson and Alex Jones. In fact, the Bohemian Club acknowledged this infiltration and even viewed the film. In a letter regarding the Cremation of Care, which was sent to a member of the Jones/Hanson team, they stated, “it’s about as innocent as anything could be.”

The New York Post acknowledged this, writing that members, “perform mock-druidic rituals that revolve around a 40-foot-tall stone owl. In one ritual, called ‘Cremation of Care,’ members wearing red-hooded robes cremate a coffin effigy of ‘Dull Care’ at the base of the owl altar.” “The annual gathering near the Russian River … starts with the ‘Cremation of Care’ ritual,” echoed the Sacramento Bee, “in which the club’s mascot is burned in effigy, symbolizing a freedom from care.” The Daily Reveille added, “The ceremony includes Grove members carrying torches and wearing ‘hooded robes.'” So, according to mainstream media, business leaders are performing mock human sacrifices at the Bohemian Grove.

Speaking from personal experience, Weiss wrote, “The cremation took place at 9:15 p.m. … [and they] wore bright red, blue and orange hooded robes … another priest or two appeared at the base of the main owl shrine, a 40-foot-tall, moss-covered statue of stone.” “Built to serve as a ceremonial site for traditional Bohemian rituals,” said Hanson, “the Owl of Bohemia is used yearly for the Cremation of Care Ceremony.” During the ceremony, Beethoven’s 7th symphony is played as well as funeral music.

Also, during the actual sacrifice, there is an auditory effect which is apparently intended to suggest that the sacrificial object is screaming in pain. The “Care” that these world leaders sacrifice, is obviously symbolic of the care or compassion that they must subvert in themselves, in order to carry out the acts necessary for world domination and the infliction of suffering that accompanies it. In a radio report entitled, Expose of the Bohemian Grove, Professor Texe Marrs, a bestselling author, says that the ceremony would be “silly if it weren’t so evil.”

Some believe that this owl represents Moloch, or Molech, which is a deity in the Old Testament that children were sacrificed to. Hanson described, “There is no shortage of evidence that the rituals conducted at Bohemian Grove are derived from the rituals of ancient Babylon, Sumer, Canaan, Phoenicia, and Carthage.” The picture on the right is of the 1990 Cremation of Care ceremony.

He continued, “All the evidence seems to be pointing towards the Bohemian Grove’s ritual being a contemporary manifestation of the ancient Cult of Isis. Among many other titles, Ishtar was known as ‘The Lightbringer,’ ‘Light of the World,’ ‘Exalted Light of Heaven,’ and ‘Torch of Heaven and Earth.’ Ishtar is also known as Venus, and many theologians see Ishtar as the female counterpart of Lucifer, who is also referred to as ‘the Lightbringer.'” He concludes, “In the final analysis, the Great Owl of Bohemia symbolized the Cult of Isis, by symbolizing all four if its gods: Ishtar, Lucifer, and by virtue of the associated flames representing abandonment to Lucifer … Satan.”

During the ceremony, Jones and Hanson were surrounded by men groaning with sexual delight, saying, “Do it, do it,” and “burn him, burn him.” Both Jones and Hanson were sickened by the ritual. There was a feeling of disgust they felt that even the documentary, which they would later produce, could not express. Some of us have been in a similar situation, perhaps in the presence of another, where we could literally feel the evil emanating from their presence, which caused us to feel disgusted.

Dr Peck described, “Revulsion is a powerful emotion that causes us to immediately want to avoid, to escape, the revolting presence. And that is exactly the most appropriate thing for a healthy person to do under ordinary circumstances when confronted with an evil presence.” “It’s just really sick to be inside there,” described Jones, and added, “words can’t describe the evil that was in there.” Jones sums up his description of the Bohemian Grove as, “a nightmarish, hellish place that I would expect Satan to reside in.” It is a, “sick” place where members “carry out a Satanic ritual,” added Professor Marrs.

Like its interrelated Think Tanks, Bohemian Grove appears to be directed by an inner-core, which most members may not be aware of. There have been rumors circulating for years that pedophilia, murder, rape and real human sacrifices have taken place at Bohemian Grove. If it is an established fact that these mock human sacrifices take place, and mainstream media has acknowledged this, then how far of a leap is it for some of these inner-circle members to perform real sacrifices?

Hanson and Jones had some occult experts analyze their footage of the Cremation of Care, and they concluded that what they witnessed was an outer sanctum of a cult that exists without the knowledge of most members. “In more recent years,” proclaimed Hanson, “troubling new information has come to light in the testimony of CIA Mind Control survivors involving sexual abuse they suffered at the Bohemian Grove.”

Former Senator John DeCamp stated that one of his clients spoke of an area later identified as Bohemian Grove, where his client was forced to witness and engage in Satanic activity. DeCamp wrote, “Paul [Bonacci] was taken by Larry King [no relation to the media personality] and others to a wooded area in California–identified after publication [of The Franklin Cover-up] as Bohemian Grove. There Paul and another boy were forced to … [participate in unspeakable acts].” Apparently Boystown was used as a recruitment ground for young boys to be flown to Bohemian Grove and Washington to service wealthy pedophiles in positions of political influence.

Referring to this matter Professor Marrs said that these wealthy individuals were caught, “picking them up and flying them out to the Bohemian Grove where these orphans, evidently, were servicing these monsters.” The professor continued, “He [Bonacci] was taken to … the Bohemian Grove in California,” and was “forced to do sex acts with other children in front of these wealthy perverts.” DeCamp attested that, a snuff pornography film was made of these events. And Bonacci stated that the “men with the hoods” disposed of a murdered child dropped out of a helicopter over a wooded area.

Hanson commented, “Paul Bonacci was an eyewitness to the ritual rape and murder of a young boy at the bohemian Grove in the summer of 1984 … [while] being forced to participate (at gunpoint) in a homosexual snuff film…” He added, “No teenage boy could possibly know these intimate details about the Grove unless he had actually been there. Even more, Bonacci had never even heard of the Bohemian Grove at the time he was taken there to ‘entertain’ the Bohos years ago.”

Professor Marrs agreed, “He [Paul Bonacci] was forced to witness and participate in Satanic cult murder.” He added, “Now think about this, why would he even know about such a place?” Interestingly, homosexual activity is known to take place at Bohemian Grove. Male and female prostitutes are often hired during the encampment.

“In the fall of 1992,” proclaimed Hanson, “Paul was shown a black and white photo of the Grove’s moss covered owl statue and quickly identified it as the site of the July 1984 snuff film described in DeCamp’s book. This is not a game or the fanciful imaginings of a child. This is the cold-blooded ritual murder of a human being!” DeCamp added, “Understand that I didn’t know that this place he describes was Bohemian Grove back then, nor did the kid when he was writing it.”

Speaking of just one of the many sudden deaths that occurred surrounding this investigation, Jones stated, “The senator was hired by the republicans to disprove these stories, [but] he found out it was true. Then his investigator had his plane blow up, right after he called him [DeCamp] and said I’m flying out to Chicago … I’ve got the goods on these people.” The investigator and his son were killed.

Another person with first-hand experience of grove activities is Cathy O’Brien. Hanson comments on O’Brien’s account of the grove, writing, “O’Brien writes of her visits to the Bohemian Grove, [which were] secretly approved by top insiders. Her programmed mission was to take part in porn films shot at the Grove, and to entertain in the various secret live sex rooms located within the massive property.” She says she was often prostituted to various government leaders which was covertly filmed for blackmail purposes.

In her documented autobiography, Trance Formation of America, former government mind-control victim Cathy O’Brien writes, “Bohemian Grove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing a supposedly secure environment for politically affluent individuals to ‘party’ without restraint.” O’Brien was apparently used by the CIA at the Bohemian Grove to compromise politicians. “My knowledge of these cameras,” she describes, “was due to the strategically compromising positions of the political perpetrators I was prostituted to in the various kinky theme rooms.” Apparently, for the inner-core members, the grove is equipped with several, “perversion theme rooms,” which include necrophilia, group orgy rooms, and others too graphic to mention.

She continues, “Slaves of advancing age or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered ‘at random’ in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove.” “Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument,” where “I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim.” She adds, “no memory … is as horrifying as the conversations overheard … pertaining to implementing the New World Order.” “The solution being debated,” she describes, “was not pollution/population control, but mass genocide of ‘selected undesirables.'”(*5)

“Even more difficult to ignore,” wrote Hanson, “is the fact that Bonacci’s tale jives with that of Cathy O’Brien, who was forced to participate in a similar snuff film where she witnessed the murder of another young woman at the Grove. Paul Bonacci and Cathy O’Brien have never met … yet they tell nearly the same story” but “no official investigation has been done…” The grove consists of over 2,700 acres of redwood forest. It would not be difficult to conceal an actual murder. Hanson wrote, “A lot of the people who work at the Grove don’t even get to go over to where the Owl is. That’s a whole separate part from where they work and they are confined to a certain area. We talked to some Grove employees who don’t even know that the owl statue is there.”

For the most part, it’s common knowledge that human sacrifices happened in ancient times. These sacrifices were apparently conducted by the financial elites of those periods. Even if these are only mock human sacrifices, at the very least, the people involved are still performing the rituals symbolic of the subversion of their conscience. Dr. Peck noted, “Those who are evil” exhibit a “brand of narcissism so total that they seem to lack, in whole or in part, this capacity for empathy.”

So, if one of the major steps on the path to evil is the removal of compassion, or care. And if it is an established fact that world leaders are emulating this removal of care for humanity by sacrificing it, then this is a serious problem. However, I tend to believe that much worse things go on at the grove, because I’ve concluded that the people who run this planet are definitely monsters.

Other than engaging in occult rituals and planning policy without the public’s approval, what’s the purpose of the grove? O’Brien writes, “My perception is that the Bohemian Grove serves those ushering in the New World Order.”

Former FBI Senior Special Agent Ted L. Gunderson has 27 years experience investigating Satanic cults. In his report, Techniques Used To Silence Critics, he sums up the Bohemian Grove as a “Satanic Cult” which is “actively practicing behind the scenes … to insure the passage of regressive legislation that takes away many of our Constitutional rights contained in the Bill of Rights.” He says this legislation includes, “Homeland Security and the USA Patriot Act.” Gunderson’s claim that these major decisions were made at the grove is consistent with what has already been admitted in mainstream news. He also concludes that these Satanists control all of the major Federal Government regulatory agencies.

Run by Satanists

According to this information, the planet is essentially controlled by wealthy Satanists. Author Perloff wrote, “Many centuries ago, the Hebrew Old Testament … and the Christian New Testament … warned of an evil, one-world government.” He explained “Many notables of the American Establishment have given themselves over to one side in this conflict, and it is not the side the ancient scriptures recommend.”

On her Road to Freedom Show , which covered the topic of Satanism and organized stalking, Eleanor White proclaimed that the upper level of this international stalking group is Satanic in nature. “In my view,” she says, “nothing else could account for such merciless destruction of innocent peoples’ lives.” Now that we understand that Satanic cults composed of world leaders exist, this becomes perfectly logical.

Unsurprisingly, the FBI’s Project Megiddo “educated,” law enforcement, by warning them of paranoid extremists, who believe they are being persecuted by the Satanic U.S. government. “Almost uniformly, the belief among right-wing religious extremists is that the federal government is an arm of Satan,” they say. “By extension,” they add, “the FBI is viewed as acting on Satan’s behalf.”

“I proudly served in the FBI for more than 27 years,” countered Gunderson, “and realize that there are thousands of loyal, honest and dedicated citizens in all branches of the government, including the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence agencies. However, it is apparent that upper level management in the FBI and CIA and other intelligence agencies are under the control of … satanists.” Gunderson says there is an active disinformation program launched by the U.S. Government to discredit those who speak out against these wealthy Satanists.


People who essentially run the planet, have openly declared that they engage in occult rituals, which multiple reliable sources conclude to be Satanic in nature. These rituals include the sacrifice of compassion, and oaths of obedience which are pledged to a cause. The evidence suggests that these rituals are symbolic pledges to carry out a political agenda known as the New World Order.

Elite Satanic cults, the drug trafficking trade, and the international child sex-slave business are interconnected, according to these researchers. To this I would add, the Hidden Evil. These researchers contend that this is a multi-billion-dollar worldwide enterprise. The fragments that occasionally appear in mainstream media are merely a tiny fraction of an undercurrent of interconnected programs, which are part of Satanism. The occasional media pieces are diffused by federal law enforcement which botch investigations, and by official “experts” who assist with cover-ups by discrediting witnesses.

The documentation presented portrays a heavy cross membership between the elite Think Tanks and Satanic cults. All of these groups work in concert to essentially control the planet. The evidence provided also indicates that this Satanic thread runs from the top-down, and encompasses a network of highly organized crime. This influence runs from the supra-governmental organizations down into the executive branch, and federal level. From there, it extends down to state and local governments where it manifests as the Hidden Evil.

Citizens on the lower level, who participate in stalking targeted people, are mostly not aware that their seemingly helpful group is one small component of a larger, very malicious structure. If they were to follow this command structure upward, they would most assuredly find that it meets at a hub, where other destructive activities originate. The Hidden Evil exists as an offshoot alongside other activities at the highest levels, emanating basically, from Satanism.

* All photos of The Order with the exception of the cross bones, were taken from Bohemian Grove photos, and the cross bones were taken from
*1 See Shadows of Power, by James Perloff.
*2 See Americas Secret Establishment, by Professor Antony Sutton, Dark Majesty, by Professor Texe Marrs, and Bohemian Grove, Cult of Conspiracy, by Mike Hanson.
*3 Hanson says 1873, Peter Phillips, and Philip Weiss say 1872.
*4 The owl is 40, or 50 feet tall and made of either stone or concrete. No non-member has ever measured it. Jones says it could be 45-50 feet, Hanson says it could be 45, the New York Post and Weiss say 40 feet.
*5 Cathy’s experience leads her to conclude that those implementing the New World Order are drawn from the CFR and other elitist groups. Interestingly, in her second book, Access Denied For Reasons Of National Security, she wrote about the frequent use of, what she later discovered to be NLP, by her government handlers.


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