What They Don’t Tell You About Cell Phone Radiation Cancer

Dr.Nick Begich (from 2005)

HAARP expert Nick Begich talks about, not only cell phone radiation and the danger of cancer, particularly in children, but also an aspect of cell phone technology that receives little attention; tracking.

“These phones are now being built with GPS systems so you can be located easily “in case of an emergency” as the story-line goes. But the reality is, every time you make the call, every time that you’re on the line, when you register the call it’s who called, where you called, where you were when you were called. So in case of criminal investigations, in Switzerland and other places they’ve used this data and been able to go backwards and trace all your movements. And you may not feel like, as they say “If you don’t have anything to hide…what are you worried about?” The worry is “Who’s deciding?” (you know) This is the same question that was raised when Adolf Hitler marched through Germany and Europe was “If you don’t have anything to hide…” The fact of the matter is, those in charge have no right to penetrate our personal privacy in that way. I mean, why should our movements be tracked? Why should that data be collected?”

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