Charlie Challenge Is Dangerous Occult Ritual

Who is Charlie? – #charliecharliechallenge

If your child is involved in this “Charlie” challenge. You need to stop them immediately! This is not a game, it is an occult ritual about breaking through time and space which are governed by Saturn in effort to make a wormhole to other dimensions by using the force called shamir on a mass scale. CERN wishes to collapse the dimensions in onto each other, literally bringing the demonic realm into physical existence. They are doing this, in part, by using naïve young people to summon this demon.

YouTube video

Through the use of his magic ring, King Solomon captured Asmodeus, the king of demons.

Asmodeus taught Solomon the secret of the shamir. Some say that this was a worm that could split rock. The building of the Temple of Solomon depended upon the ability to split rocks without iron tools, for the use of metal had been forbidden by God.

Here is the MSM official story on the “Charlie Challenge.”


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