Will We See Our Animals in Heaven?

(I thought I’d take a break from all the “selection” drama.)

“Will I see them again in heaven?”

For animal lovers, it’s the question heavy on our heart when we grieve the loss of one of our beloved furry friends. But when we’ve asked our pastors about it, most of us have gotten non-committal answers.

The Fuel Project beautifully addresses the question in this video. I love how he points out the false, colorless and uninteresting idea of heaven we’ve been given (as my daughter exclaimed when she was only 5; “but that sounds BORING!”). The glimpse I had of the extra empirical realm was vibrant and colorful beyond description. The false representation is undoubtedly another tactic of the enemy to diminish our miraculous, creative God and dampen our future hope. I’m inclined to believe that’s also true of the lack of hope for a future with our beloved animals.


YouTube video

A very similar view was expressed by G.H.Pember in his mini book (15 pages) “Animals”.  It brought me a lot of comfort when I lost my sweet little chow chow, Belle several years ago.

In loving memory of Belle


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