Castle Hosting High Level ‘Mother Of Darkness’ Ceremonies – Illuminati Exposed With Fritz Springmeier

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Fritz Springmeier, author of “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”, joins Sean Stone and Buzzsaw in this brand new video to tell us everything we want to know about the history, genealogy and secret rituals of one of the most secretive of the ‘secret societies’, the “illuminati”, including news that a castle in Belgium was recently shut down by the illuminati after being discovered hosting high level “Mother of Darkness” ceremonies. Though this 46-minute video isn’t for everyone, for anyone who wants to know more about this ‘mother of all secret societies,’ this video provides excellent source material.

Springmeier has been exposing the ‘New World Order’ since as far back as 1990 through books, articles and radio appearances and considers himself a born again Christian with no denominational affiliation. One of the topics discussed in this video is illuminati mind control victims and Fritz’ work with helping them to regain sanity and a healthy mind.

From tracing the historical roots of the illuminati and looking at the ‘top families’, they take a look at the rituals undertaken, most hidden and subliminal, to the horrific ‘human sacrifices’ performed and documented here. At the 42 minute mark the conversation turns to the externalization of the illuminati in the present day world, where they’re attempting to make the illuminati part of every day society, “to make it cool” we are warned.

At the 44 minute mark, Stone brings up the occult agenda and using signs and symbols for the ‘invocation of demonic entities’ leading to Springmeier sharing a story from his wife, who used to be a teacher in a public school system where it was BANNED for teachers or students to use the word ‘Christmas’, a fitting closing to a very interesting video that gives us both new information about the ‘illuminati’ while sharing history going back hundreds of years.

Conversation about the closing of the castle in Belgium that had been hosting ‘high level mother of darkness ceremonies’ for the illuminati begins at the 14 minute 30 second mark.

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