Pentecostalism – Good and Bad – And the “End Times”

Pentecostalism – Good and Bad – And the “End Times”

Talking Pentecostalism | Pentecostalism – The Good and the Bad


This excellent lecture and sermon on Pentecostalism by Mikey Lynch (modern and classic), and is honest about what is good and right about Pentecostalism while highlighting what is wrong and even dangerous about some of its emphases and characteristics. Thinking generously and critically about the history and trends of this incredibly successful movement against the New Testament, Mikey explains the good done by Pentecostalism while warning us of its pitfalls:

Related talk on the Prosperity Gospel by Mikey Lynch:


Mikey Lynch is currently Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, and leader of the church planting networks, The Vision 100 Network (TAS) and Geneva Push (Australia).


  1. bilbobaggins says:

    actually the two tier system is deeply damaging, even traumatising. You brought no sense of passion or conviction to this talk – you seem very detached and clinical. If you had experienced and witnessed the blasphemous and terrifying manifestations of the pentecostal/charismatic/new wave movement as I have I think your talks would have a very different tone.

  2. Thanks Karthik. I was only able to find the audio. If you do find notes, I hope you’ll pass them along!

  3. karthik samuel says:

    very useful. is this possible to get note for this lecture, it will be very useful for my studies.

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