Blending Occult Science With Christianity

In this 2012 article, Gaylene Goodroad examines some of the problems with popular “End Times Prophecy Teachers” (ETPT) methods, pointing out their ties to the occult. What’s interesting to me is that the same ETPT are purporting Judaized Christianity (Dispensationalism/Hebrew Roots/Sabbath Keeping/Sacred Name including the mystical Fallen Angel narrative. It seems that gatekeepers of the truth are stationed at every turn.


So I went in and saw;
and behold every form of creeping things,
and abominable beasts,
and all the idols of the house of Israel,
pourtrayed upon the wall round about.
(Ezekiel 8:10)

By Gaylene Goodroad May 6, 2012

“That the Maya prehistory echoes the advent of the mysterious Watchers, their giant offspring, and the end date 2012 could be beyond significant. In May 2005, I commissioned [David] Flynn to write another study for my daily news service… based on mutual research we were investigating at that time. The article, “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Countdown to 2012” was truly unprecedented and later formed the basis of Flynn’s presentation at the 2005 Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell, New Mexico…. Like Dr. I.D.E. Thomas [The Omega Conspiracy], Dr. Jacques F. Valee, Chuck Missler, and others, Flynn became fascinated with the mysterious connection between Watchers, so-called ‘aliens,’ the coming of Antichrist, the Mayan date 2012, and the hidden occult aspiration of Freemasons and other Iluminatus related subjects.” —Tom Horn, Apollyon Rising 2012[i][bold added]

“Calculation of speed and location under the heavens is considered to be the highest form of sacred knowledge from antiquity. Navigation unites time with space and the heavens with the earth…. Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the earth but also the time a traveler will arrive. The most powerful secret held by the occult elite is related to this concept taken to a higher level. As the navigator can use increments of the earth’s latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself to reveal the appointed time of humanity’s destiny.” —David Flynn, “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Countdown to 2012”[ii][ bold added]

Extraterrestrial Trans-dimensional Visitations

David Flynn, Christian author and researcher of ancient mysteries and Bible prophecy, is another “quantum collaborator” with Tom Horn and Chuck Missler. Pertaining to the opening quotations above, an extensive excerpt of Flynn’s article, “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Countdown to 2012,” became Chapter 6 in Horn’s book Nephilim Stargates: the Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers.

Roswell, New Mexico, has great significance in UFO conspiracy folklore, based on a report that an object crashed there in June or July 1947. This object was allegedly an extra-terrestrial space alien spaceship. This Roswell site has gained sacred significance as an alleged “portal,” and it features prominently in Thor, a recent Hollywood movie about a Norse mythological god in the Marvel Comics-inspired The Avengers movie series.

The Roswell event is also significant to Tom Horn and Chuck Missler, because they believe that the space aliens were actually a few of “Enoch’s Watchers” (fallen angels) who came through the multi-dimensional portals or stargates to procreate with human beings—so that the Nephilim could return “as in Noah’s day.” They base this idea upon wild speculations and suppositions of Genesis 6 and Matthew 24—and heavy doses of extra-biblical and occult writings.

According to their collective and prolific writings, speakings, and teachings on this subject, they believe that what happened in Roswell is happening exponentially around the world (as indicated by the purported rise in “UFO abduction” cases and the government cover-up of the threatening phenomena), and that these trans-dimensional visitations will accelerate to massive proportions this year—threatening humanity as we know it.

Chuck Missler was a presenter at the Alien Encounters Conference in Roswell, NM in 1997 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UFO incident.[iii]
Tom Horn was a presenter at the Roswell UFO Conference in Roswell, NM to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 1947 UFO crash. He presented material from Nephilim Stargates.[iv]

David Flynn’s mystical mathematical calculations have given support to Horn and Missler’s UFO theories and other strange and occult teachings. Tom Horn has cited David Flynn’s research in many of his books (Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers,[v] Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed,[vi] God’s Ghostbusters[vii] and Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, co-authored by Cris Putnam.[viii]). Horn has also published Flynn’s book Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012.[ix] (The reader may detect a theme here, which we will address later).

In a 2006 Horn publication, Official Disclosure: Biblical Perspectives on the Paranormal, Flynn also illustrates his reliance on the so-called Bible codes promoted by Missler (see Part 1 and Part 2 of this series), by identifying the name “AMERICA” spelled out in ELS (equidistant letter sequences) patterns in Daniel 3:3 (“33” being a mystically significant number to Freemasons, as well as to Flynn).[x] Flynn’s calculations forecast the USA to be influential in end-time prophecy.[xi]

Here is Horn’s endorsement of Flynn’s book, Temple at the Center of Time, as it appears on the back cover:

“Temple at the Center of Time deciphers for the first time what Isaac Newton was looking for in Bible prophecy and perfect knowledge—the prisca sapientia—yet never found. Newton could not have known that the key was right in front of him. The technology to unveil it did not exist until now. I predict this book—from one of the world’s most captivating researchers—is going to make waves around the world.” [xii] [Emphasis added, italics in original]

Hence, Flynn’s book hinges on the mathematics and the mysticism of Sir Isaac Newton. Flynn reports Newton’s affinity for “alchemy,” “Jewish mysticism,” and other “esoteric interests.” Analyzing Newton’s research, Flynn writes, “Newton devoted his entire life in the quest of pure science and theology.[xiii]”

John Maynard Keynes, the famous economist,[xiv] purchased Newton’s papers from the Cambridge University library in 1936.[xv] He is quoted on page 21 of Flynn’s book:

He [Newton] regarded the universe as a cryptogram set by the Almighty…. By pure thought, by concentration of mind, the riddle, he believed, would be revealed to the initiate. He did read the riddle of the heavens. And he believed that by the same powers of his introspective imagination he would read the riddle of the Godhead, the riddle of past and future events divinely foreordained.[bold, italics added]

According to Flynn, Newton, in attempting to decrypt “the riddle of the heavens,” did not confine himself to the Bible. Among other extra-biblical sources, “…Newton was searching alchemy for a symbolic key that could unlock the prisca sapientia [perfect knowledge] from the writing of the ancients.” [xvi] [bold added] This alchemical pursuit was carried out through occult doorways leading to “ancient wisdom,” and not via God’s revealed Truth through His Word.

Alchemy (an aspect of Hermeticism) traces its roots to the ancient master alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus, who encrypted magical formulas upon the mythical Emerald Tablet—that later emerged as an occult bundle of manuscripts known as the Corpus Hermeticum. The phrase, “as above, so below,” appeared at the beginning of the writings, and was said to “hold the key to all mysteries.” The ultimate alchemical goal was to obtain “a deeper knowledge of reality,” and “achieve oneness with the Divine.” It is the “central tenet” in occultism.[xvii]

In “searching alchemy” to unlock ancient mysteries, Newton became more of a magician, than a theologian.[xviii] David Flynn also describes Newton’s work as “an obsession with cryptography of God’s design…” and noted that Newton’s “interest in cryptograms in nature paralleled his pursuit of the riddle of prophecy. The code that unlocked all prophetic writing was a topic that Newton explored extensively.”[xix] [bold, italics added]

Chuck Missler, quantum cryptologist, also discusses Newton’s contributions to the Bible codes, but he is either misinformed or dishonest about Newton’s esoteric history. On page 41 of his book Cosmic Codes, Missler writes:

“Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most famous scientists in history, who invented calculus, figured out the mechanics of the solar system and gravity, was also a deeply committed student of the Scriptures. Most of the million words left in Newton’s own handwriting were not about mathematics, mechanics, or astronomy, but about theology.47 He was also convinced that there was a “cryptogram set by the Almighty.” He spent half of his life searching for Biblical codes.” [bold added]

Ironically, on page 173 of Cosmic Codes—in a chapter subsection called, “The Dangers of Divination”—Missler inserts this favorable commentary about Newton’s theology:

Sir Isaac Newton, widely acclaimed as the greatest scientist that has ever lived—having virtually invented the entire sciences of mechanics, optics, and calculus—also considered his daily study of the Bible as part of his expertise…He believed the books of prophecy were provided so that, as they were historically fulfilled, they provided a continuing testimony to the fact that the world is governed by the Providence of God. He objected to the use of prophecy in attempts to predict the future….” [bold added]

While Flynn and Missler may disagree on Newton’s mystical and esoteric past, they both agree with Newton’s belief that the universe is a “cryptogram set by the Almighty,” as demonstrated by their respective works and writings. It has already been documented in previous sections of this article series that the religious pursuit of hidden (cryptic/secret) “keys,” “codes,” or “riddles,” belongs to the forbidden realm of the occult—dark mysteries opposed to biblical Christianity.

Using Freemasonry as the Divine Template

In his book, Temple at the Center of Time, Flynn examines this universal “cryptogram,” existing in Gary Stearman’s “historical hologram” (who says that history is like “a 3-D hologram whose parts all exist simultaneously as intersecting patterns,”[xx] see Part 5.), by combining Newton’s Bible codex, mystical mathematics, and extra-biblical writings to predict the date that the last Jewish Temple will be built in Jerusalem—the year 2012. On page 48 of his book, Flynn writes:

“…Solomon also built the first temple of God in Jerusalem. Many scholars—even before Newton—believed that the geometry of the future temple of Jerusalem and the “heavenly city of Jerusalem” of Revelation possessed some key to the unfolding of prophecy itself. God as a “divine geometer” pervaded early Christian thought…The temple was, then a microcosm of the universe in which God’s structure of time was represented both symbolically and geometrically…. [bold, italics added]

This is also what the Freemasons believe. In Solomon’s Builders, Christopher Hodapp, himself a Freemason writes:

“Freemasonry’s mythic legends originate in the great building projects of the Bible—the Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark and, most important, King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem…Geometry became venerated as a sacred science, and it became a popular Christian motif in art to represent God as an architect holding a pair of compasses in his hand while peering at the earth. Geometry could be used to design and construct buildings, circumnavigate the globe, predict the seasons, measure the heights of mountains and plot the movements of the constellations and planets. In short, geometry was a science descended from God, and so the masons must be divinely inspired….”[xxi] [bold added]

Horn and Flynn also use Masonic architecture and symbology, mixed with other occult writings, to construct outlandish scenarios of prophecy and spiritual warfare not found in the literal text of Scripture. These dark teachings color their interpretation of Scripture. All of this undermines the doctrine of the sovereignty of the Lord God. In “Prophecy of America in Daniel 3:3,” Flynn writes:

“The occult elite [ie., Freemasons] believe that the world is under the authority of powerful spiritual beings in high places. They understand the spiritual nature of reality.”[xxii]

This idea hearkens back to Horn’s teaching of the “Divine Council” addressed in a previous Herescope article, “Militant Prayer,” which describes Horn’s dealings with territorial spirits. Essentially, this “Divine Council” false teaching says that after the Tower of Babel, the Lord God divided the nations by giving His authority over to the Divine Council—an ordered, ranking army of dark angels or “divine beings” (enter Enoch’s Watchers/ETs/pagan gods and goddesses) who control earthly affairs. It is claimed that this Divine Council secretly guides the destiny of nations and governments by inspiring and employing the human hands behind these sinister plans (Freemasons/occultists) to mysteriously embed hidden esoteric symbols and codes in their works while constructing earthly buildings, cities, and famous landmarks. This entire concept forms the backdrop of Horn’s book Apollyon Rising 2012, which begins with a 25-page Preface by award-winning Christian filmmaker, Christian J. Pinto, who used this introductory text as the basis for his film: The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers.[xxiii]

In Horn’s Official Disclosure magazine, Flynn, using complicated and detailed ciphers—and his “AMERICA” Bible code divined from Daniel 3:3—concluded that the USA will be a pivotal player to prophecy unfolding in 2012.[xxiv] Horn also sees America as an important player in 2012. In Apollyon Rising 2012, Horn surmises that the god Apollyon/Nimrod/Osiris (a Nephilim creature) who will “rise” in 2012, will also be “the Great Architect,” a Masonic “messiah” (Hiram Abiff)—the Antichrist![xxv] (How these men relate these wild predictions to the upcoming presidential election remains to be seen.)

With Freemason-like precision, Flynn expands this Masonic “divine geometry” by applying complex mathematical calculations to historical and prophetical information provided by the Bible. Using “sacred numbers,” such as the “sacred cubit,” Flynn (in agreement with his occult sources), concludes that the mystical relationship between these measurements—as they relate to God’s physical temple on earth—becomes a not only a sacred space… but a divine “template” for fulfilling prophecy:

“The ancients regarded the area where the temple stood as an intersection between dimensions set by God. It was a place on Earth that constituted a divine and central “pivot” from where God interacted with mankind… the word “temple” was related to “time”…In the same way the word temple is related to words associated with time itself, the dimensions of the temple are related to the divine “template” of God for the fulfillment of prophecy.”[xxvi] [bold added]

Flynn explains his view of biblical prophecy:

“These manifestations of prophecy recorded in the earth are, in part, the priscia [sic] theologia [”ancient wisdom”[xxvii]] for which Newton and the Renaissance intellect sought. It demonstrates God’s control over time, space, the rise and fall of nations, and the fulfillment of prophecy. Because time has a beginning, a present, and an end, it is reasonable to believe that the time/distance phenomena should manifest with respect to prophetic events in the modern age, as well as those set in the future.”[xxviii] [bold, italics added]

Reasonable?! Employing Missler-like reasoning, Flynn defends these and other esoteric beliefs, by citing ultra-dispensationalist E.W. Bullinger’s[xxix] Number in Scripture (a book that Flynn uses favorably throughout Temple at the Center of Time[xxx]):

That numeric symbols in the Bible have correspondence with the work of Christ on Earth was a subject of a great many theologians in history… [their] predecessors had focused on this issue in their studies of Bible prophecy. The regard that the biblical numbers provided a valid means of interpretation was eventually abandoned in later theological circles through the course of history. This was due to the aversion of mixing esoteric and occult practices with pure exegesis and rational thought. However, the significance of numbers within Christianity has varied according to the nature and meaning of the times. The book Number in Scripture by the Bible scholar E.W. Bullinger is one example of renewed interest in the late 19th century. [bold, italics added][xxxi]

All of this to say that these men are selectively misusing the Bible as a source of esoteric knowledge, which is a common practice in the occult world. Further, their wild speculations are built upon a foundation of extra-biblical knowledge that comprises some of the darkest occult lore in the history of mankind. From these pagan sources they are attempting to extrapolate an interpretation of the Bible’s endtime events that goes exceedingly beyond the Written Word. But it gets worse. . . .

Determining Prophecy by Divination

In the occult world, these ideas and practices described by David Flynn are called “geomancy.” It is a form of divination using geometry and geography to access hidden information in the earth. Grahame Gardner, a modern geomancer writes:

Sacred Geometry is one of the three main foundations of western geomancy (the other two being dowsing and astronomy – astrology). Whenever we wish to commune with our Gods, meditate, worship, contact our higher selves, whatever name we give to the practice; we tend to disassociate ourselves from the everyday mundane world by going to a place that has some spiritual meaning for us…. Most of these places…are sacred spaces constructed using sacred geometry… Sacred geometry lies at the heart of many of the most famous sacred spaces around the world, from stone circles to the pyramids, from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem to the great Gothic cathedrals, which are supreme examples of the art…. Geomancy is the bridge between worlds: the Upper World, skies and heavens, the Lower World, the living Earth and the energies flowing through it, and the Middle World between them, the human world… [xxxii]

In other words: “as above, so below,” the Hermetic heresy which has been popularized in the New Age movement and brought into the church.[xxxiii]

Geomancy is not a new concept in the evangelical world. It has been popularized by teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation such as “portals,” “open heavens,” “alignment,” “spiritual mapping,” “prayer marches,” “Labyrinths,” “prayer circles,” etc. which are all based on the idea that there are sacred physical spaces and/or places where one can gain access to superior spiritual power. But this idea comes from the occult world. In 2006, Herescope explained:

Geomancy” is described more generically in a New Age dictionary, The Seeker’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Spiritual Pathfinding by John Lash (Harmony Books, 1990), as a term currently used to describe “a vast system of knowledge and practices based on the theory that the earth is an intelligent and sentient being whose natural processes are permeated by supersensible fields and currents that conform to consistent mathematical and geometric laws, not recognized by modern science, though they were carefully plotted and manipulated in ancient methods of technology and mathematics that are now being widely revived. . . .” (p. 277)

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by Bletzer (Donning Co., 1986) describes a “geomancer” as “a psychic who communicates with nature spirits,. . . also skilled in palmistry and clairvoyance.”

Doctrines and practices categorized under the generic term “geomancy” include dowsing, ley lines, labyrinths, feng shui, magic circles, Fibonacci series (popularized in The DaVinci Code book), sacred geometry, golden section, the Great Pyramid, Solomon’s Temple, etc. The term “alignment” is used in archeo-astronomy, which is coordinating things on earth spiritually with the heavens (astrology).[xxxiv]

Geomancy is now also coming into the evangelical church world through these psychic theories of David Flynn. Relying upon occult computations, Flynn claims to reveal Isaac Newton’s “key” and produces his proof:

Indeed, time is the interpreter, and the temple, as Newton had long suspected, was the key. By fixing a point on the site of the temple mount, a measuring line extended over Jerusalem to the center of London, produces 1,948.40 nautical miles. Recorded in the earth between the temple mount of Jerusalem and the historic center of London is the fulfillment of Newton’s own prediction. Israel became a nation again on May 14th, 1948.[xxxv] [bold mine, italics in original]

Flynn, by using nautical lines of distance between two geographic points in this mystical way, is also utilizing a geomantic device called a “ley line,”[xxxvi] which is believed to be an invisible line “between two points of power or energy on the Earth.” Ley lines are analogous to acupressure points or unseen meridians on the body, sometimes called “energy paths.”[xxxvii] One author, discussing “ley lines” and “vortices,” believes that these things have an unseen “template” too:

My theory is that there is a template for this physical reality in a world existing concomitant with this one, and that template is geometric, or mathematical in organization. Matter is here, then not here, moving back and forth between implicate and explicate reality, as described in the theories of David Bohm….[xxxviii] [bold added]

Using the quantum physics of David Bohm (whom Chuck Missler has positively cited), the author of this article also explains that, “these major [ley] lines ‘crack’ the Earth in a regular, mathematical pattern, a function of pi.”

Pi is very significant to these occultists, who use it in a way that goes beyond general math. In a Chapter entitled, “The Ark of Time,” Flynn identifies “pi” as the ultimate “sacred number” that defines all “arks” or circles. He then mystically applies pi to an historical event in Joshua 6:4, that details the Ark of the Covenant and its “circling of Jericho,” ultimately linking pi to another historical event, “the handwriting on the wall of Daniel 5):

Pi is a ratio found in circles and their applications that is an important feature of Pythagorean geometry. It is a universal constant that does not depend on any number system to function and is the only number in existence that defines all circles . . . The significance of this sentence [in Josh. 6:4] goes far beyond the exegetic interpretation usually encountered in modern theology. It contains the unifying proportion that Newton sought, the divine number that according to Daniel would be finally understood in the time of the end. [Bold added]

The geomancer Grahame Gardner explains “pi” and its mystical relationship to circles from a geomantic perspective:

Sacred Geometry depends on the use of what are called irrational numbers. These are numbers like Pi… and Phi…, where the decimal part is infinitely long and non-repeating. Pi is also a special kind of irrational number called a transcendental number…it’s defined more by what it isn’t than what it is…. The Circle [is the] Simplest shape of all, and manifestation of the One. Draw a circle around yourself and you immediately distinguish your personal space from your surroundings. That’s really the power of the circle. It is the first expression of Universe; a horizon, a boundary between Self and Other. With no beginning and no end, the circle’s circumference is a profound statement about the transcendental nature of reality. Defined as ‘an infinite number of points equidistant from a centre’, the circle in its manifestation implies the divine generation of shape and form from nothing to everything.[xxxix] [bold, italics added]

This gains further occult significance. As concerning deity, some state that God is a circle whose circumference is everywhere and whose center is nowhere. “Pi” then becomes the symbol for a monistic worldview communicated by the Hermetic statement, “as above, so below.”

In a separate article, Gardner also connects this teaching to quantum physics as he describes the practice of “dowsing” (also known as “water witching”), which is also a form of geomancy (divination):

So dowsing is in effect a form of controlled clairsentience…. Many successful ‘remote viewing’ experiments demonstrate that it is possible to access information about distant places…. This is both a very old (mystical) and a very new (scientific) world view. If you’ve done any reading at all on quantum physics, then you may be familiar with the phenomenon known as ‘quantum entanglement’, which shows that two electrons that have been in contact with each other maintain some sort of connection and can transfer information between them, no matter how far apart they are moved. So if we take two paired electrons, then move one to the other side of the galaxy, it will still react instantaneously to changes we make to the first electron…everything is connected at a quantum level…. Another way of looking at it is to think of the Universe as a hologram. If a hologram is broken, each small piece of it contains all the information needed to reconstruct the whole image, albeit at a somewhat lower resolution. This is actually quite a good analogy for map dowsing….[xl] [bold mine]

Reality Check: At this point the reader might stop and ask what all of this has to do with the simple truth of the Gospel of Salvation found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Bible. Not anything at all! But according to these new occult ways of reading Scripture there are all sorts of hidden prophetic elements, and one need only learn how to decode its hidden mysteries. Decoding becomes the new method of reading Scripture, and only the initiated elite can divine its mysteries.

All of these Masonic coded mathematical computations point to the year 2012 for these occultists. Using all of these various forms of divination (geomancy/ley lines), Newton’s mystic math (and pi), and Gematria (Kabbalah)—David Flynn applies Newton’s “keys” to unlock one mystery date of the end times: the date of the rebuilding and rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. Here are Flynn’s complex and mind-boggling ciphers:

“The numbers 33, PI (3.14159265…) and 360 are prevalent in all major historical dates of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. These values are seen most often connected with the 360-day prophetic year used in the Old Testament. These numbers also reinforce the theme of “a circle.”

The name “Jebusi” (a place trodden down or a threshing floor) was the original name of Jerusalem and site of the Temple.6 The Hebrew letters in the name Jebusi equal 88. When the year of the First Temple’s dedication by Solomon in “960” BC is divided by the number of the name of the Temple site “88,” the dividend is:

10.9090909090909090…This number x 33 =360, the number of degrees in a circle.

Perhaps the most significant correlation between the “circle” and the history (and future) of the Temple lies in the year of the dedication of the First Temple of Solomon in 960 BC.”

PI times 960 = 3,015.928947…Could this number also represent prophetic years?

If we assume that this number represents prophetic years with 360 days, the conversion to 365.242-day, solar years is 2,972.64394861. If this figure stands for the number of total years from the dedication of the First Temple of Solomon in 960 BC until the dedication of the Last Temple that will be built before the Second Coming of Christ, the date indicated is AD 2012. 2,972 years – 960 BC = AD 2,012. The conversion to 365.242-day, solar years is: 3,015.928947 x 360 = 1085734.4210806 days… divided by 365.242 = 2,972.64394861… solar years.

Is AD 2012 the appointed time of completion for world influence over the Temple in Jerusalem? Is this the year that the circle of our age draws to a close?[xli] [bold, underlining added]

Did you follow all of this?! Flynn found these “prophetic” calculations compelling enough to record them in his book—highlighting this “pivotal” year in the book title: The Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012.

Tom Horn, discussing the work of David Flynn in his NewsWithViews column in November 2009, in an article titled “Deeper Secrets: Maya, Watchers, and the 2012 Return,”[xlii] [bold added] elaborately describes “geoglyphs,” large rock formation designs, specifically the ones from ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations, that fit “Inca and Mayan prophecies of an “awakening” to knowledge of the ancient past, of the “builder gods” and of their return” on “December 21, 2012.”[bold added] According to Horn, Flynn’s article, “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Countdown to 2012” [bold added] was truly unprecedented and later formed the basis of Flynn’s presentation at the 2005 Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell, New Mexico.” Horn states:

“Like Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, Dr. Jacques F. Vallée, Chuck Missler, and others, Flynn became fascinated with the mysterious connection between Watchers, so-called “aliens,” the coming of Antichrist, the Mayan date 2012, and the hidden occult aspiration of Freemasons and other Illuminatus related to these subjects.” [xliii][bold in original, color added]

Horn explains how Flynn studied the doctrines and methods of the “occult visionary Manly P. Hall” to arrive at his Freemasonry conclusions:

The compass and square, the most visible emblems of Masonry, are the symbols of this navigation and mapmaking process. The number three is essential because without the geometry of the three-sided triangle, establishing location and distance on a map—”triangulation”—is impossible. Navigation not only predicts the destination of a traveler on the earth but also the time the traveler will arrive. As the navigator can use increments of the earth’s latitude and longitude to determine location in space and time, these increments can be measured in the earth itself according to mystics to reveal the appointed time of humanity’s destiny. This is one of the main reasons the number thirty-three and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite.[xliv]

Furthermore, in Horn’s Official Disclosure magazine article, Flynn outlined and affirmed the occult (Masonic) design and location of Washington, DC, giving it mystical significance by calling it: “mystical toponomy,” or the “occult significance in earth location.”[xlv]

All of this occult geometry and geomancy is tied to Horn’s wild speculations about “Watchers” and space aliens coming to visit planet Earth, especially the prophetic significance of UFO headquarters, Roswell, New Mexico:

A related matter that is equally disturbing and perhaps validates the concerns of Dr. Thomas, Vallee, Flynn, and others whose research produced repetitive connections between Watchers and so-called “probing aliens” is the most celebrated ufological location on earth—the impact site near Roswell, New Mexico, which sits incredibly at 33 degrees north latitude, at a distance 2,012 miles from the equator! Furthermore, when the latitude of the Roswell impact site, 33 degrees north, is multiplied by the universal mathematical constant pi (3.1415926572…), the result is 104 degrees, the longitude of the impact site![xlvi] [bold added]

Despite Flynn’s untimely death in January,[xlvii] his occult teachings are being given long-lasting credibility through the direct assistance of Christian book authors and marketers like Tom Horn. Flynn’s book is featured on the main page of his website, along with Stearman’s Time Travelers of the Bible, and several other books mentioned above.[xlviii]

Flynn’s groundbreaking heretical work goes on. Cris Putnam, who co-authored Petrus Romanus with Tom Horn, wrote an article for his website in April entitled, “Isaac Newton, David Flynn & the Arrival of Petrus Romanus [Peter the Roman].” Affirming Newton’s use of mystic math to predict doomsday, Putnam writes: “Newton’s calculation is not all that mysterious. In fact it is based on the exact same logic we have presented in Petrus Romanus….”[xlix] In promoting Flynn’s methods and book, Temple at the Center of Time, Putnam concludes:

…David Flynn arrived at a prophetic event horizon in roughly the year 2012 from several different angles and our research for the soon to be released, Petrus Romanus, seems to further confirm many of Flynn’s ideas.… On top of all this, it seems beyond the reach of mere chance that a Belgian Jesuit predicted the arrival of the prophesied final pope in 2012 (back in 1951!) using the Malachy [sic] Martin prophecy….[l]

Petrus Romanus: the Final Pope is Here was released shortly after Putnam’s article was posted. It was published by Tom Horn.[li]
Flynn, then, is not alone in prophetically pointing readers to the year 2012. Tom Horn and company have published several books with the same theme: Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers, Apollyon Rising 2012, and Decoding Doomsday, the 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Perilous Days Ahead. This is the subject of the Herescope article, “Doomsday Datesetters2012” as well as the current article series.

What does all this have to do with the Bible and its actual written text, the plain meaning of which is OPEN to all readers? Divination is absolutely forbidden in the Bible (Deut. 18:10; 23:23; Jer. 14:14; Ezek. 13:6-7). Geomancy and all of these other methods of deciphering and decoding are pure divination.[lii]

The premise of the mystical writings of these “quantum collaborators” is that there are hidden, coded, obscure and secret messages embedded in the biblical text, and that only Freemasonry and other occult decoding methods will unlock these secrets in time for the D-Day, Dec. 21, 2012, the magical date when these space alien/creatures will return to earth.

Since when do believers use the arts of black magic to interpret end-time biblical prophecy? Especially when Jesus plainly recorded what He wanted us to know and remember concerning His return—in His Word. At the conclusion of Revelation the Lord Jesus Christ specifically warned against adding to His prophetic Word:

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
(Revelation 22:16-21) [bold added]

Endnotes:[i] This quote came from the last chapter, Chapter 20:12, of Apollyon Rising 2012, p. 320. This chapter is titled: “Final Part of the Last Mystery of the Great Seal: When,” pp. 303-336. A look at the chapter subsections reveals the occult influence over Horn’s reinvented biblical endtime prophecy:

* 2012 and the I-Ching

* 2012 and the Web Bot Project

* 2012 and Solar Maximum

* 2012 and the Ancient Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies

* 2012 and Prophecy from the Zohar on Messiah’s Return

* 2012 and Matthew 24

* 2012 and Christian Prophecy. Here Horn quotes from Jack Van Impe & Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries. This subsection includes more occult influences: “Unorthodox ‘prophetic’ voices, which researchers claim also foresaw the year 2012 as the end of the world, include sixteenth century English prophetess Mother Shipton, Merlin, Nostradamus, Einstein, Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon, the Romans, and the Hopi Indians.” [Apollyon Rising, pg. 315]

* Deeper Secrets: Maya, Watchers, and the 2012 Return [section where I excerpted the Flynn quote]

* Great Deception 2012 and the Final Conclave [info now included in Petrus Romanus]

* Take Practical and Spiritual Steps for Whatever may come[Excerpted from Chapter 20:12, AR, pp. 303-336]

[ii] The complete article. “An Occult Translation of the Roswell Event: Count Down to 2012,” by David Flynn can be found here, complete with exhibits: An excerpt from David Flynn’s article is included in Nephilim Stargates, Ch. 6 “Count Down to 2012,” pp. 73-91. Quote on pp. 80-81, bold added.



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