Christmas | Chanukah – Is it Pagan?

As the wanton shopping for the season commences, here is a 2014 article by Olivia that provides some much-needed insight into the holiday that predominates our lives through the month of December.

I know… I feel like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but if we’re serious about being awake and aware it’s time to face uncomfortable facts. 🙁


Olivet Journal – by Olivia

It is mid December 2014 … it is the most enchanting time of the year is here, everyone. And, it is time for you to be highly alert and vigilant so that … you will not be “bewitched.”

Galatians 3:1 NKJV
(1) O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?

In the Letter to the Galatians, Apostle Paul wrote this. And, it was mainly about the Judaizers who were teaching falsely that believers in Yeshua our Messiah must be circumcised. They were falsely teaching that the Christians must be conformed to the Jewish traditions.

Well .. it was not about Christmas … true. But, did you know that the Judaizers of Paul’s time were basically kabbalists probably sent by the Pharisees and Sadducees, who were called “the Jews” in the New Testament? The same people I have been exposing as deceivers, the modern-day Kabbalistic Messianic Jews and Freemasons, are the spiritual descendants of the Judaizers of those days. And, these “same” people are still bewitching you.

Please try to grasp this concept … the deception we have been studying and discussing here on Olivet Journal is so VAST, ELABORATE, and COMPLETE, involving every aspect of our traditions and the entire Western culture. It is because they are the ones who established the traditions and shaped the Western culture … from the beginning. We are not of the world but we live in the world (Jn 17:14), and they, the seed of serpent, have owned the world and still do. It means that this deceptive system, called the Babylonian system, controlled by the Illuminati elites, practically has built and been running the whole world that we know of and live in right now … And, of course, it includes Christmas.

We all have been falsely associating so-called “Christmas” with Christianity for a long time, and have been participating in the festivity to socialize, and keep family and friends happy, or many other wordily reasons. And, the end result is … compromising our faith and beliefs … and worse, being disobedient to the will of our Father and our Messiah.

Romans 12:2
(2) And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

I am going to be direct and blunt with you — If you are a true believer and a follower of Yeshua our Messiah and a child of YHVH, you must not participate in this festivity of deceptions. That is to “be conformed to this world.

Christmas has NOTHING to do with the Bible, our Messiah Yeshua, or our Father, therefore, neither with you. So, don’t do it; and have nothing to do with it, because, to do so is the “good and acceptable will of God.”

Christmas is just another lie of the false christianity that has been going around for centuries, although this is one of the major lies. Of course, “the church” has been celebrating it, because the church is completely FALSE. It was created and has been controlled by Freemasons (False Ministries (2): Occult Hand Signs), who celebrate “their” holidays worshiping “their” gods esoterically, using the name of our Messiah, “Christ.” But, nothing about Christmas is about Him.

“The reason for the season” …. ?????

There is no biblical reason for the season. Period.

Banning the nativity scene images and exhibitions, creating the conflict between the false christians and atheists, are all stunts and lies. Actors from the Illuminati are playing the both sides.

Do not be deceived …

But, first of all, think about this … if the nativity scene is all false and Christmas is all false, what would true followers and disciples of Yeshua have to worry about them being banned … ? Our Messiah has nothing to do with all these false “pretend” christian holiday things. Let them fight among themselves.

You will see some undeniable evidence here in this article for these assertions.

But, there is one favorable thing I have been observing lately. It is the fact that many have been awakened to the truth that Christmas is a pagan holiday that has been disguised as a Christian holiday … and that is true. Some Hebrew Roots false teachers have been doing a good job by disseminating this fact. But, be aware that they are not telling you the “whole truth” by hiding their own pagan background …. I will explain it more later. Please know for now that, as I started telling you earlier, there is much more to this deception, and, the whole picture is much more complicated and elaborate than most of us realize.

Well … but, if you bear with me and diligently read it, by the time you finish reading this article, you will see at least a good glimpse of the deception behind the deception. I will try my best to present the facts and evidence for it as best as I can, in a concise manner, to show you the deeper truth in this brief report … and, the deeper truth I will show you is … that the origin of Christmas goes all the way back to Babylon, and behind this apparently pagan appearance … it is firmly connected with Kabbalah and Judaism after all. Olivet Journal believes that the biblical Babylon has a close relationship with Kabbalah practicing Freemasonry and Judaism. And as you will understand as you continue to read this article, it is the “Babylon the Mother of Harlot” (Rev 17:5), which is behind this “beloved” winter holiday.

And, to establish this once and for all, I will discuss and present the indisputable evidence that Chanukah is actually a Jewish version of Christmas … they are worshiping the “same” gods and celebrating the same calendar event.

I have heard some people joke about it, saying that Chanukah is a Jewish Christmas. Most of the Jews are offended by this notion, protesting, “That is a ‘heathen holiday’ and is abominable!” … right. So, no one seems to be saying it any more. But, the jokers do have a very good point … you will see it at the end.

Ready for the truth? … Let us begin …

Pagan Origin of Judaism

This Babylonian system is called “Babylonian” because it originated in Babylon (Sumer). And, also, the entire false religious system the apostate Israelites practiced throughout their history is called “Babylon” in the Bible. The gods they worshiped, Baal and its consort Ashtaroth, are the same as Osiris and Isis in Egypt, Nimrod and Ishtar (Easter) in Babylon, and Saturn and Ops (‘mother earth’) in the Roman culture, and the list goes on, and they all go back to Babylon in origin.

Here is a piece of scriptural evidence that they were rebuked for Saturn worship:

Amos 5:25-26
(25) “Did you offer Me sacrifices and offerings In the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? (26) You also carried Sikkuth your king And Chiun, your idols, The star of your gods, Which you made for yourselves.

This verse is basically saying that they carried the tabernacle (‘Sikkuth’), the idol, of their Babylonian god, Saturn (‘Chiun’H3594>), which is “the star of your gods,” throughout the wilderness after leaving Egypt.

Did you know this fact?

And, it is also referred to by Steven, the martyr, in Acts:

Acts 7:43
(43) You also took up the tabernacle of Moloch, And the star of your god Remphan, Images which you made to worship; And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.’

RemphanG4481 means Saturn .. the same god as “Chiun” in Amos 5:26 above. They continued to worship these pagan deities they carried out from Egypt. Moloch is another name for Osiris, and later called Baal. The planet Saturn represents Moloch. You can see that as it is also called “Saturn” by the Romans, and it is said to be representing Lucifer himself.

Star of Remphan

The Star of Renpham (Saturn) on a public building, Toronto, Canada. (Source:

Noticed the hexagram? This design seems to be from the Kabbalah Solomon’s Seal, confirming the Saturn worship of Kabbalah.

The Solomon’s Seal, aka. Talisman of Saturn. Pentagram on one side, and hexagram with and the head of an ox on the other. In the ancient Egypt, the ox was the symbol of the god Osiris, aka. Baal, Moloch, and Saturn was the star that represented it. (Source:

The following is an extremely quick skim through of the history of apostasy of Israelites after the wilderness. I will only touch on some relevant points:

Those familiar biblical names of the false deities, Baal and Ashtaroth, were the names they used mainly before the Babylonian exile, such as the time of judges and kings. And, the House of Israel was exiled and disappeared into the Gentile world. Then, apparently, after the Babylonian exile of the House of Judah, the goddess came to be called “Shakinah” in Judaism at some point, and Baal, “Moloch” (or Molech, Molcom, etc.). Well … some of the gods they worshiped before, as Babylonian gods, came to be called with different names in Judaism by the time the Babylonian exile ended. Ss evidenced by the fact that these gods still have multiple names today, it is the nature of polytheistic false religions that their gods have multiple names, multiple appearances, and multiple myths around them. It is also true that each one has a star or constellation in heaven and something on earth to represent it, as Moloch is represented by Saturn. The basic Kabbalistic idea is to connect “heaven and earth” or “above and below”; “above” being gods and “below” man, using all kinds of idols such as stars, constellations, things of the nature, statues and carved images, etc. That is basically the “idol” worship — They “need” something tangible to worship, because they do not know how to or cannot worship God who is a Spirit in spirt and truth (Jn 4:23).

And, the Judaism as we know of was formed in Babylon … yes … during the 70 years of the Babylonian exile of the Kingdom of Judah. They went up a notch or two in idol worship there. That is where the sects of Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes began to form, as well as the tradition of using the synagogue as the place of gathering and worship. And, after coming back (beginning ca. 538 BC), the spiritual descendants of these apostate Judahites became the leaders in Judea. About 450 years later, they became the group of people called “the Jews” (the Judeans) in the New Testament. Over time, they also developed a systematic religious practice of their own, and incorporated the Babylonian polytheistic false religions into the rituals and traditions from the teaching of Moses, and eventually, the terms and names of the original Scripture, called the Hebrew Bible today, were all replaced and, already in Babylon, had totally different meanings, which soon no longer had any relation to the true teaching and the true God, our Father. They usurped the terms, names, and the law. Therefore, their “law” had nothing to do with the original “Law of Moses” by the time Pharisees became powerful, but had become an enormous compilation of oral traditions, customs, rules and regulations …. the written records of them is called the Babylonian Talmud (more details later).

Judaism is a complete counterfeit of the teaching of Moses. I hope you see that.

Please, read “What is Kabbalah?” and “Preparation of the Bride – Chapter 1” for much more detailed studies and discussions on this subject. What I have presented here is an extremely short digest of it. We all must know the background of Judaism and its relation to “paganism,” which the Jews and false christians despise and condemn on the surface, claiming to be superior to pagans. Well … but the truth is … they worship the same gods.

Basically, the following is the key fact to remember:

Paganism and Judaism (Kabbalah) originated from the same Babylonian Lucifer and fallen angel worship — They worship the same gods.

Please also remember that Egyptian and Babylonian Judaism worship Saturn, “the star of their gods,” Lucifer.

We must understand and know the “core” of their deception, and grasp the big picture. I cannot stress this important truth enough, so allow me to repeat it in different words:

The Bible says Satan has a system of deception controlled and run by his seed, often called the “daughters of Babylon” in the Bible, and he has used and still uses multiple false religions, based on the Babylonian religion, to unite and control his sons, and draws the people of YHVH astray. The main false gods are Baal and Ashtaroth, and they come in many names, but they basically represent “male and female,” “heaven and earth,” “above and below,” and their union, which reproduces “little gods,” the evolved human. And, the modern-day Judaism (Kabbalah), Freemasonry, and all other false religions worship the same gods, believe in the same concept of evolving into gods, in one way or another. The same gods; different religions.

In addition, the term “paganism” simply means worshiping multiple gods and nature, etc. For pagans, any animate or inanimate objects could turn into a god, including natural elements, like sun, moon, stars, weather, mountains, and rivers, etc. It kind of sounds like New Age, does it not? It has the same origin in Babylon and fallen angles. But, the term has been used by so-called “monotheistic” false religions, Judaism, false Masonic christianity, and Islam, to look down upon other religions and falsely elevate their own false religion. But, the truth is that those are not monotheistic, and they worship more than two gods and multiple idols.

Do you see this? … False religions calling other false religions as false, by name calling.

Therefore, we must not be deceived by the Judaizers when they say “Christmas and Ester are pagan holidays, therefore; you must keep the Jewish feasts” … No. Judaism is the same as paganism and their feasts are just another set of false religious traditions. Remember … ? We do not do traditions (Mk 7:1-23). (We will discuss “the feast” a little more in “Chanukah” section later)

The following is an example for Easter bashing by Judaizers, not Christmas, but you will get the point and see how they attempt to trick you:

From a Facebook post by 119 Ministries. Mocking the pagan Easter to legitimize Jewish false feast of Passover. (Courtesy of 119 Ministries, )

They practically “revile” the traditional christianity, usually equating it as Catholicism, and calling it “paganism.”  It is interesting that they bash Catholics, because the Vatican is an undisputed major player of the Illuminati.

In any case, the Judaizers claim that their version of worship, rituals and traditions, is the legitimate one, and the paganism is to be despised.

… ahem … Well, excuse me? .. but, I disagree.

Here is my argument:

First, the true “Christianity” has nothing to do with paganism. So, that is like tilting at windmills, and like attacking a wrong target.

And, I thought that Judaism (Kabbalah) idolized green trees, just as the pagans do on Christmas … calling it “Tree of Life.” It is called “every green tree” in the Bible (Dt 12:2; 1Ki 14:232Ki 16:42Ki 17:102Ch 28:4Is 57:5Jer 2:203:63:13; Ez 6:13; 20:47), and the apostate Israelites were rebuked for it. Menorah also represent the Tree of Life, and “tree” is their most beloved idol.

The Jews also worship the same goddess, “Ishtar (Easter),” aka. Ashtaroth, Semiramis, Mary, etc., just as the pagans do, calling it by different names, such as Sirius, Shakinah, Columbia (dove), and Holy Spirit … the same goddess as Easter. (“What is Kabbalah?”)

Also, Freemasons, another form of Kabbalah, worship sun and its cycle and the summer and winter solstices, just as the pagans doand practically obsessed with it.

…. So, how can they deny and bash the pagans when they do the same things as the pagans do? It seems that it is OK for the Jews and Freemasons to attack their own gods, and their fellow believers, pagans, if it justifies the result, which is to deceive people like us. If they are lying to us about their own gods and what they worship, none of what they say can be believable. Bad trees cannot bear good fruits.

Matthew 7:18
(18) “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. …”

… says our Messiah.

Also, although the Hebrew Roots false teachers cleverly hide Judaism aspects, what they teach is basically the same as Judaism. They teach Judaistic and kabbalistic false religion, by packaging their traditions and gods with biblical terms, names, and twisted and deceptive scriptural interpretations to justify their beliefs and serve their needs. The symbolism and hand signs they exhibit are the same as any other Masonic-Illuminati deceivers, leaving no doubt for the true identity of theirs (False Ministries (2): Occult Hand Signs). The intimate relations and overlapping identities of Judaism-Kabbalah-Freemasonry are explained extensively in the articles listed under Judaism and Kabbalah series.

By the way, just to share a piece of trivial knowledge … The shortened version of “Christmas” is often written as “X’mas,” as you know well. But, have you ever wondered where this “X” came from? I will not go too much into it, but I would like to point out that “X” is a favorite symbol of Freemasonry, and when you pay attention to it, you will see it everywhere. I am sharing the links to Olivet Journal Pinterest Boards on Masonic crosses and X’s here.


If you google terms such as “Christmas pagan,” you can find numerous articles on pagan origins of this holiday. I recommend that you do that at some point, if you have not.

But, it could be overwhelming, so I will briefly summarize the relevant pagan background I have learned. Well … let me tell you in advance, however, … it will inevitably be connected to Judaism and Kabbalah in any case.

First, Christmas has nothing to do with Yeshua our Messiah, His birth, or why He came, died, and was resurrected. None. Also, there is no command or precedent for commemorating or celebrating anyone’s birthday in the Bible. Celebrating birthdays is a purely worldly and “man-centered” tradition, worshiping yourself.

Now, then, what is the pagan occasion for the celebration at this time of the year?

It is most likely to be the Roman tradition of “Saturnalia.”

Here is the first paragraph of a description of Saturnalia I have found:

“By the beginning of December, writes Columella, the farmer should have finished his autumn planting (De Re Rustica, III.14). Now, at the time of the winter solstice (December 25 in the Julian calendar), Saturnus, the god of seed and sowing, was honored with a festival. The Saturnalia officially was celebrated on December 17 (XVI Kal. Jan.) and, in Cicero’s time, lasted seven days, from December 17 to 23. Augustus limited the holiday to three days, so the civil courts would not have to be closed any longer than necessary (Macrobius, Saturnalia, I.10.4), and Caligula extended it to five (Suetonius, Life of Caligula, XVII; Dio, Roman History, LIX.6.4), five days which Claudius restored after they once had been abolished (Roman History, LX.25.8). Still, everyone seems to have continued to celebrate for a full week, extended, says Macrobius, by celebration of the Sigillaria, so named for the small earthenware figurines that were sold then (Saturnalia, I.10.24). … more …”

As you can see, the way they celebrated it has changed according to the rulers of the time. Many things seems to have been added and changed also according to the needs of the societies and the politics, and conveniences, called “traditions,” as well. But, basically, the god they worship is the god of agriculture and reproduction, “Saturn” (Roman) or “Cronus” (Greek), aka. Lucifer, and the timing is the winter solstice. There seems to have been lots of eating, drinking, and orgies in celebrating Saturnalia.

Then, this holiday was seamlessly integrated into the false christianity very early on, by the false church, and has been celebrated as the birthday of “Christ,” therefore, “Christmas.” It was basically “disguised” and “packaged” with a christian terms and names, and sold to christians as an important holiday to celebrate … and the rest is history.

Also, I would like to mention … In the Greek mythology, Saturn (Cronus or Kronus) as god is said to have eaten his offspring to protect his own throne. And, Saturn seems to be depicted as an old caucasian man with thick white beard in most of the paintings and sculptures. So, whenever I see these paintings of Saturn, I cannot help but being reminded of the all too familiar scenes where children are hysterically crying in fear on the lap of Santa Claus at the malls everywhere in America in this season … or is it just me?


Painting by Peter Paul Rubens of Cronus devouring one of his children, Poseidon, 1638 Public Domain. (Source:


Saturn Cutting off Cupid’s Wings with a Scythe (1802) by Ivan Akimov (Tretyakov Gallery), 1808 Public Domain. (Source:

By the way, let me remind you that “Moloch” (Molech, Osiris, Baal, Saturn, etc.) is the god to whom the apostate Israelites offered up their infant children as the human sacrifice. Here is the biblical references for this fact in the Bible: Lev 18:2120:2-51Ki 11:72Ki 23:10Jer 32:35.

Offering to Molech by Charles Foster, 1897 Public Domain (Source:

And, here is the pagan and Babylonian connection of Christmas …

This season, the winter time, when Saturnalia is carried out, is related to the winter solstice. All Babylonian false religions revolve around the solar calendar, especially, the summer solstice and the winter solstice are the biggest events. In the myth of Tammuz, another popular Babylonian deity who was the son of Nimrod (Osiris, Baal, etc.) and Semiramis (Ishtar, Easter, etc.), a product of the union of a god in heaven and goddess on earth, was killed by a wild bore at the age of 40. And, that would be remembered at the summer solstice, when the drought comes and crops die. And, the winter solstice by Julian calendar, December 25, is also celebrated as the re-birth day of Tammuz, who dies at the summer solstice and rebirths* at the winter solstice. That is the day of the year when the day light begins to lengthen, the rebirthing of the day light and crops. And the tradition says, in June, before summer solstice comes and Tammuz dies, when the day light begins to shorten, they are supposed to “weep” for it.

*This “rebirth” of Tammuz may be the reason that the false Masonic christians use the term “born again” excessively. It has been a church “tradition.” But, the original Greek word translated as “again,” ἄνωθεν <G509>, in John 3:3 means “from above,” “from a higher place, and “things which come from heaven or God” rather than “again.” Something to meditate on …

There are all kinds of myths that are very complicated around this deity. But, among many things about this god, his being a “son of god,” who was miraculously conceived by the union of the sun god and a goddess in flesh, dies and be resurrected again, etc. … it sounds so much like the true “Son of God,” does it not? And, Tammuz’s rebirth day is December 25.

So, who are they worshiping on the December 25? Does the Bible say that Yeshua our Messiah was born on the winter solstice, any where? The shepherds who came to worship Him were “living out in the field,” “by night,” herding sheep (Lk 2:8-16), when they heard angels cry, “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Lk 2:14) … in winter in Bethlehem …? It is cold and snows sometimes in winter there.

Have you been worshiping Tammuz with the world?… If this is a criminal court case, what I have presented so far is more than enough amount of circumstantial evidence to convict any criminal as an impostor of the Son of God … don’t you think?

Now is the time to stop.

So, there is no doubt that Christmas is a pagan holiday … no matter how you call it. If you still attend church and they are celebrating Christmas, your church is false. Your church is part of the vast Illuminati false church network. You are still in the world, which is the “Babylon.”

Revelation 18:4
(4) And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

And, the following is another piece of evidence that celebrating Christmas is the same as being part of Babylon, because the kabbalists worship the same god, Tammuz.

The Jews worship this same Tammuz as well by naming a month after it, the “Month of Tammuz” (June – July), in the Jewish Calendar.

Now, what is a Babylonian deity doing in Hebrew calendar? …. Apparently, the month of Tammuz was already used by the time of Ezekiel during the Babylonian exile. Regardless of when it actually started, it is clearly a sign of apostasy, as we can tell from the Scripture. It also coincides with the time of summer solstice, and the custom was to, here again, “weep” for the death of Tammuz.

Ezekiel 8:13-15
(13) And He said to me, “Turn again, and you will see greater abominations that they are doing.” (14) So He brought me to the door of the north gate of the LORD’s house; and to my dismaywomen were sitting there weeping for Tammuz. (15) Then He said to me, “Have you seen this, O son of man? Turn again, you will see greater abominations than these.”

If you think it is more “spiritual” and “prophetic” to go by the Jewish Calendar? … I suggest that you think again. Our Father called it an “abomination,” did He not?

And, people who advocate “Jewish Calendar,” which worships a pagan deity, … are bashing pagan holidays … ? And, they call it the “Hebrew” Calendar, and even more boldly, the “Biblical” Calendar … ? Really?

Please, take a moment and think about it …… what a hypocrisy and a blasphemy!

I pray that you understand how intentionally deceptive this is. As I said in the beginning of this section …. Judaism worships pagan gods.

Christmas Tree

Now, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas … We will look at some Christmas Trees.

But first, did you know that the kabbalists too worship “TREE,” called the “Tree of Life,” so dearly, among many other idols? It is also a typical example of their usurping the biblical terms, the “tree of life” in the garden of Eden, and idolizing them*. If you have read the Judaism and Kabbalah series, you know it well.

*This Kabbalah “Tree of Life” has nothing to do with the “tree of life” in the Bible. Please read  “What is Kabbalah?” for more discussions. It is a Kabbalah specific term, therefore; I will capitalize it.

Babylonian Christmas Tree

When I first began looking into Kabbalah symbolism, I searched a lot for Tree of Life, and learned that there were many variations of its rendering (Olivet Journal Pinterest Board on Tree of Life). And, when I saw a Babylonian wall relief with an ancient Tree of Life, I said … “Hmm .. it looks more like a Christmas Tree to me.” … Well … and, I soon realized that it was indeed the Christmas Tree.

In the following image, I see a decorated tree-shaped tower with bulbs, and an angel-like winged sun disk on top. And, some people-like figures adoring it. Let us see if you do as well.


Ancient Mesopotamian wall relief with Tree of Life worship. (Source:

May be another image of a relief and a comparison with an artist rendering of a Christmas Tree would help you see it. To me, they are identical.


Undeniable resemblance. Ancient Babylonian Tree of Life has a big angel on top of the tree, and bulbs, and the trunk with base, just like the Christmas Tree. Christmas Tree is an art work of Mark Rappoport (

In these images of the relief, you can see two winged humanoid figures with an eagle-like head. They are commonly considered to be “Annunakis,” which are the angelic characters in the Sumerian cuneiform writings. “Sumer” is the ancient name for Babylon. And, the Annunakis are also assumed to be the same as the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch.

We see the Babylonian connections of the Christmas Tree and Tree of Life here.

Star on Top

Now, let us see some more symbolism in the Christmas Tree.

First, let us learn a little bit about the “star” we see on top of the Christmas Tree. The angel on top can be replaced by a huge star. And, we all know by now that they worship stars and constellations as deities in Babylonian religions. And the most revered star among them is the Sirius, which represents the goddess the kabbalists worship.

The article, “What is Kabbalah?,” discusses the Sirius more in detail, because it is the quintessential symbol of Kabbalah, and various renderings of the symbolsism for this star is found literally everywhere in Judaism, Freemasonry, and Illuminati related logos and designs. It can also be symbolized as a dog, because the Sirius is a part of the constellation, “Canis Major,” a dog. But, the most famously, it appears as the shining, or they prefer to call “blazing,” huge star above the eagle (actually a phoenix) and behind the “All-Seeing Eye” in the Great Seal of the United States.

And, here is a Christmas version of it …


A shiny star on top of a pyramid shaped tree, a typical Christmas Tree. (Source:

Furthermore, all Masonic altars sport the Sirius in various forms.


Sirius, the blazing star is a major symbolism in Freemasonry. This same symbol is in the Great Seal of the US.

This one really looks like a Christmas Tree.


A rendering of the Masonic altar – The stair way to heaven reaching to Sirius. (Source:

Some more images are collected on a Pinterest Board. And, when you see a shining and blazing star, especially on a horizon and between mountains, or in hands, in a logo design, it is extremely likely to be the Sirius.

Now we know that the big shining star on top of a Christmas Tree is the Kabbalah goddess (Isis, Semiramis, Ops, Columbia, Shakinah, Mary, and more), represented by the Sirius, the blazing star they worship.

One example … The following lady looks familiar to all of us, I am sure. This is the logo of Columbia Pictures, and she is supposed to be the goddess “Columbia” with the blazing star as a torch. This shiny torch represents the Sirius, and the same as the star on top of the Christmas Tree. Washington DC, District of Columbia, is also named after this goddess.

Columbia goddess Sirius torch

Columbia is one of the names of the Kabbalah goddess, meaning, “dove.” Sirius is at the top of the torch. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

Briefly … “Columbia” means “dove.” And, the Freemasons who have built the false church usurped the term, “Holy Spirit,” put their goddess in its place, and used the dove symbol for it. Any symbolization of the biblical items and names is idolatry, therefore; using a dove as the Holy Spirit is wrong to begin with. And, on top of it, they mean the white dove as their goddess, Columbia, and teaching that the Holy Spirit is female … ??? So, please be aware that, when you see a symbol of white dove, it surreptitiously means the Kabbalah goddess, Columbia —  This is nothing but a blasphemy.

I am hoping that I will have an opportunity to write up an article on this topic sometime soon, but for now, please examine some Masonic white doves on the Pinterest Board, and see what I mean.

Tree of Life

Now, let us learn some important facts about the Tree of Life.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life and it’s symbolized forms are literally all around us. And, if you know what you are looking for, you will have no problem identifying it … you just have to be alert and paying attention. But, here, we will focus on some elements that are related to Christmas Tree.

This is the basic form of Tree of Life.


Basic Tree of Life. The numbered circles are called Sephirot. (Source:

Here is a “Lit-Up” artist rendering of Tree of Life.


An artist rendering of the Tree of Life. (Source:

And, here is the moment of truth.


Christmas Tree is a Tree of Life. By Jason Augustus Newcomb. (Source:

Light symbolizes energy. The ten bulbs of the Tree of Life are called “Sephirot” (?????????) in Hebrew, and it means “emanations,” representing attributes and spiritual energy and force. So, they are very important and essential elements in the Tree of Life. Therefore, Christmas Trees MUST have lights and colorful bulbs.

Now, there are some decorations of the tree with swirling lights going zig-zag up on the tree. I cannot be absolutely sure on the meaning of it, but there are three possible explanations for the zig-zag thing that I am aware of:

  1. Energy flow coming down from heaven to earth
  2. Lightning bolt
  3. Serpent

… and, as far as I know, they all could represent Lucifer.

The following are the examples:


Lightening flash coming from heaven through the Tree of Life down to earth. (Source:

Another example with a comparison.

Accordingly, we can summarize the section as the following:

The Christmas Tree has the same basic elements as the Tree of Life, which are …

  1. a tree (a pyramid shape) with the trunk shown at the bottom.
  2. an angel (sun god) or a star (Sirius) at the top.
  3. light emanating bulbs from top to bottom (sephirot).
  4. swirling or zig-zagging serpent like decoration.

When I see a Christmas Tree, I have no shred of doubt that I am looking at a Tree of Life in disguise. And, here is the truth …

The Christmas Tree is a Kabbalah symbol.

For more examples, please visit the Pinterest Board on Tree of Life. You will see many more examples of the Tree of Life symbolism.


So, finally, what about Chanukah?

Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Root false teachers are absolutely into it. They insist that we forsake Christmas and celebrate Chanukah to be a true covenant keeper … In a minute, you will see that it is a lie.

This holiday is also called the “Festival of Light” or “Festival of Rededication” … and, Chanukah is absolutely and purely a “Jewish (Kabbalah)” holiday, and has no biblical base or relation. None.

Chanukah is Not Biblical

No, it is not … and, every time I say this, some one would jump up and say …. “ Yes, it is biblical, because Jesus celebrated it in the New Testament!” … Not so fast, my dear …

I will be direct and simple.

  • There is NO command or precedent to celebrate such festival in the Old Testament.
  • It is one of the traditions of the elders, which Yeshua condemned (Mark 7), began in the second century BC (mentioned in the book of Maccabees).
  • The New Testament never says Yeshua celebrated it.

Here is the verse where it is mentioned:

John 10:22-23
(22) Now it was the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was winter. (23) And Jesus walked in the temple, in Solomon’s porch.

… and that is it. It is not mentioned anywhere else in the New Testament either. It seems to be a time stamp showing that it was in winter, and also shows that the Judeans were apostate, practicing a tradition of elders, which was not in the Law of Moses …. and this is all I am going to mention on this subject.

Menorah Tree of Life

Chanukah has no biblical connection … and, in addition … it involves overwhelming amount of the symbolism of Kabbalah. Undeniably, it is a Kabbalah holiday, … or may be … a Kabbalah version of Christmas.

As I showed much evidence in the article “What is Kabbalah?” the menorah of Judaism with seven candle holders is a symbol of the Tree of Life. Well … the Chanukah menorah, called chanukiah, has nine candle holders. I used to wonder why. How many candle holders does the biblical lampstand have … ? … Yes … seven.

Why does a chanukiah have nine candle holders, then?



Let us look into this chanukiah. You will see some compelling evidence that this symbol is another disguised Kabbalah symbol, which usurped a biblical item.

Now, the Jewish tradition says there is a reason and historic background for that … of course. It is supposed be based on a historical event. When the temple was destroyed due to the Revolt of the Maccabees (167 – 166 BC) against the occupying power of Antiochus Epiphanes IV (Reign: 175 – 164 BC) of the Seleucid Empire, the priests did not have enough holy oil to keep the lampstand lit. But, only one-day worth of the holy oil for the lampstand miraculously lasted for eight days, and Chanukah is supposed to be for commemorating and celebrating this miraculous event.

First, is it not abominable to change the form and specifications of the lamp stand, which was specifically commanded by YHVH in the Scripture? I believe it is a serious offense. Therefore, it is absolutely invalid, and has no biblical significance, does it? And, the nine-pronged menorah, chanukiah, is still invalid, even if the history and miracle they claimed to have occurred were true. It is a pure idol … an empty object.

So, you can see that admiring and lighting candles on this thing is an idol worship … correct? There is not much difference than “burning incense” to an inanimate god made of wood, is there? It is an abomination, and nothing else.

Please note: Even if it is a seven-pronged lamp stand, if you vainly worship it, it is an idol. In Judaic traditions and customs, we see many symbolized menorah with seven prongs. The biblical lampstand has many prophetic meanings, but it is not to be symbolized, or given different meanings, such as symbolizing it as a “tree.” It is still idolatry. After all, all the biblical items are there for prophetic purposes and meanings, and none of them should be idolized like this.

Then, why “nine” branches?

Here is what I believe to be the reason — Chanukiah is a Tree of Life in disguise.

I will show you why I believe so …

In a Kabbalah Tree of Life, there are ten sephirot (’sephirot’ is the plural form; ‘sephirah’ is singular). And, nine sephirot are above earth, and the tenth sephirah at the bottom, “Malkuth” (kingdom), which represents earthly realm or earth. And in a actual tree form, Malkuth is the “roots” part. Therefore, the nine candles (lights) of a chanukiah are representing nine sephirot (lights), and the base of the lampstand is representing the roots* of the tree, corresponding with the tenth sephirah, Malkuth, which is in the earth.

*By the way, this “roots” of the Tree of Life is where the Hebrew “Roots” comes from.

The following image may help you understand it better.


Meaning of the chanukiah. (Source of the Tree of Life:

The kabbalist Jews desecrated the biblical lampstand by increasing the number of the candles to nine to match the number of the sephirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, using the base as the tenth sephirah, and worshiping it as an idol. They are worshiping the Tree of Life on Chanukah in the form of chanukiah, just as pagans worship the Tree of life in the form of Christmas Tree.

There are many examples of Tree of Life chanukiahs on the Pinterest Board, but I am posting a couple of them here as evidence.


Tree of Life chanukiah. (Source:


Tree of Life chanukiah. (Source:

And, this is the story behind the “shape” of the chanukiah.

But, there is more to it …

Kabbalah Eternal Flame

Now, there is another thing about the chanukiah that they love so much — They get to light the candle flames as the Kabbalah Eternal Flame. That is where the other name of Chanukah, the “Festival of Light,” comes from. The “flame” is another idol they adore so much.

The following is a typical Kabbalah candle flame, which was found on chabad.orgWeb site. Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Judaism is pure Kabbalah and nothing else (Judaism and Kabbalah (1): Chabad-Lubavitch Sect).

When people see the image like the one you will see below, they tend to think of it as just a normal and insignificant candle flame. But, once you learn to recognize it, you begin to notice it in many places. If it is a single candle or a candle flame, it is most likely to be the Kabbalah symbol.


Kabbalah Eternal Flame (Source:

There are many variations of the Eternal Flame. The kabbalists go overboard with the flame in forms of candle light, ancient lamp light, flame, fire, Masonic torch, etc. and they are also discussed in the article, “What is Kabbalah?” They are also integrated into many false christian ministry logos and Web designs everywhere. Please take a minute to visit Pinterest Board on the Kabbalah Eternal Flame, and train your eyes. It is highly encouraged. We must be always alert and vigilant for such hidden symbolism.

The 25th Day

So far, we have looked at the Kabbalah aspect of Chanukah, and there is no question that Chanukah is a Kabbalah holiday that has no connection with the Bible.

But, I have noticed something else, which may further firmly connect this Kabbalah holiday with the pagan holiday of Saturnalia or the rebirth day of Tammuz, aka. Christmas, we discussed in the beginning.

Here is the “something” I have noticed — Chanukah is celebrated every year beginning on the 25th day of the month of Kislev (November – December), which coincides with winter solstice. Yes … WINTER SOLSTICE — Does this combination of the “25th day” and the “winter solstice” sound familiar to you? I am sure it does.

As it was established earlier, this holiday has no biblical background, and it is a Talmudic holiday. It means, it was “added” to the apostate Jewish tradition by the elders and written in Talmud as a holiday to keep.

Talmud “commands” to keep this holiday as following:

On the 25th of Kislev are the days of Chanukkah, which are eight … these were appointed a Festival with Hallel [prayers of praise] and thanksgiving.” (Shabbat 21b, Babylonian Talmud)

This is a crucial point I would like you to take in — Talmud “appointed” a festival, therefore, it is a purely Talmudic festival. The Bible does not appoint any “festival,” or “festivity,” but the Bible, our Father, appoints the “Feasts of the LORD,” and the feasts are not festival. The Feasts are not festivities either. Festivals (festivities happen in festivals) are where the pagans celebrate or commemorate significant religious events or certain cosmic events, but the Feasts of the LORD are the appointed convocations mainly for prophetic meanings for the future. The term “festival” basically is a pagan holiday term.

Moreover, in another section of Talmud, it is clearly mentioned that Chanukah is celebrated in relation to winter solstice … unequivocally. They conveniently use Jewish calendar to Judaize it, but it is still on the “25th day” of the winter month … just about the time for the winter solstice, and it is not a coincidence.

This command is based on the creation account in the Kabbalah “book of creation,” called “Sefer Yetzirah.” The book tells an orally transmitted totally different version of the creation account, with tremendously more “added” details, than the Book of Genesis. It is basically a kabbalistic commentary book. And, based on this traditional story of creation, rabbis later decided that the Jews celebrate this holiday.

However, there is one thing I am curious about. Remember? .. The miraculous event during the Maccabee Revolt was said to be the reason for the festival of Chanukah, and the event occurred hundreds of years after the Babylonian exile. The Sefer Yetzirah was probably written during or after the Babylonian exile. So, which was the origin of the festival … ? Is Chanukah based on the creation account in the Sefer Yetzirah, meaning, it was supposed to have begun with the creation as it says, or it was based on the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days after the Maccabee Revolt in 160 BC? … still a mystery to me.

And, Here is a quote from the Babylonian Talmud, talking about the origin of Chanukah.

“Our Rabbis taught: When primitive Adam saw the day getting gradually shorter, he said, ‘Woe is me, perhaps because I have sinned, the world around me is being darkened and returning to its state of chaos and confusion; this then is the kind of death to which I have been sentenced from Heaven!’ So he began keeping an eight days’ fast. But as he observed the winter equinox and noted the day getting increasingly longer, he said, ‘This is the world’s course’, and he set forth to keep an eight days’ festivity. In the following year he appointed both as festivals.” (Abodah Zarah 8a, Babylonian Talmud*)

*Babylonian Talmud” originates in Babylonian exilic period, and has been continually edited and added to by rabbis, and a popular English translated version,Schottenstein Edition, now consists of 73 encyclopedia-sized volumes.

This is the nature of Talmud teaching …. a rabbi decides what it is, and does not have a shred of truth to the Scripture … NONE. (For the truth about the account of Adam and Eve, please read the article, “Parable of Adam and Eve”)

And, the text continues to say the following …

“Now, he fixed them for the sake of Heaven, but the [heathens] appointed them for the sake of idolatry.” (ibid.)

What this sentence is basically saying is that Chanukah is a legitimate winter solstice holiday because Adam originated it to worship a true God (Heaven), but the way the heathens (pagans) worship winter equinox is an idolatry ….. my, my …. But, it appears to me that these rabbis who taught this was painfully aware of the “despicable” pagan celebration of the winter solstice, and making their vain effort to say that the Jewish way of worshiping this solar calendar event is kosher and sound. Well … but, doing so, they practically admitted and confirmed that they are celebrating the same non-biblical solar calendar event.

Again … this is what Talmud teaches, and this is Judaism … beware. No matter how and how much they make it sound like they worship YHVH our God, Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots false teachers are ultimately teaching the Talmud ideology, customs, and traditions, and completely made up “so-called” biblical truths. There is nothing farther from the TRUTH than what they teach. Again, I say, it is a counterfeit, and is a very harmful counterfeit.

I repeat …

When they say “We must keep the Sabbath and Feasts. If you don’t, you are a lowly pagan and not a true covenant keeper” … or something to that effect … they are talking about and teaching “TALMUDIC” sabbath and feasts (lowercase spelling intended).

You may want to figure it out what is so deceptive about it. But, it would be a “work of the flesh” and is futile. Besides …, it is so complicated and deceiving that only way to protect yourself from their claws of deception is to STAY AWAY from anything to do with Judaism and Talmud, which Messianic Jews and Hebrew Roots teachers teach. They are masters of mind-controlling, and I am not exaggerating. Stick to what is in the Bible, and Bible alone. There is no more time to waste.

Be not deceived, and stay away from the Judaizers!

Now, it is undeniable and overwhelmingly clear that …

Chanukah is a “hidden” Jewish version of Saturnalia, and the false Masonic church calls it

They are the same Kabbalah holiday celebrating

Winter Solstice.

I hope that it is as clear to you as it is to me.

In addition, even if it is a “biblically named” feast, Judaism way is FALSE.

Here is what our Father says about the Jewish new moons and feasts:

Isaiah 1:14
(14) Your New Moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates; They are a trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them.

He said “YOUR” New Moon and feasts… not “My,” and His soul hates it. The Jewish feasts are not His …. He said it.

Therefore, the Jewish way of celebrating any feasts, even in the modern days, is NOT the “Feasts of the LORD.” They are “Jewish feasts,” including all the “biblically named” feasts of the Jews, such as “passover,” “feast of tabernacle,” and all. Judaizers repeat it over and over that they are biblical … but, NO, THEY ARE NOT of OUR FATHER, who is the true and only God.


All these facts we have discussed above point to one conclusion:

The same people are celebrating winter solstice
in many different hidden ways.
And they are the Babylon the Mother of Harlot (Rev 17:5).

This is clearly evidenced by the following facts:

  1. They use different idols with the same symbolism: Christmas Tree or Chanukiah … and both idols represent the Babylonian/Kabbalah Tree of Life.
  2. Both holidays are celebrated on the winter solstice, on the 25th day of the winter month, and continues for seven to eight days.
  3. In addition, the custom is the same: gift giving, feasting, being merry, decorating with lights, festivity, indulging of the flesh, etc.

There are probably more, but these will suffice to show that they are simply the same Babylonian Satanic worship disguised in different forms and with different names — This is the Babylonian system of the world.

Satan has been indeed deceiving the whole world …

Revelation 12:9
(9) So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; …

I have nothing else to say but this:

Do not participate in either Christmas or Chanukah.

They are abomination to our Father; so should they be to you.


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