Crucifixion Saudi Style: Behead Victim First–‘ISIS’ Does

by Charles E Carlson | 

Free lance writer, Michael Sainato stated of the Saudi Arabian courts: “A criminal justice system as medieval and gruesome as this should not exist in the world today.” His Huffington Post story, Saudi Arabia Is Set to Crucify Pro-democracy Teenage Protester, reveals:“Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr, a 17 year old Saudi Arabian, was arrested in February 2012, and is slated to be executed by crucifixion at the hands of the Saudi Arabian government, who disregarded any form of due process whatsoever to prosecute al-Nimr under the charge of ‘encouraging pro-democracy protests using a Blackberry…For this alleged crime, al-Nimr will be taken to a public square and have his head chopped off as onlookers watch, leaving his corpse hung there for people to see as a warning.  Al-Nimr was tortured into giving a false confession, never had a lawyer, had his appeal done in secret without his knowledge…’Saudi Arabia may so far this year have executed at least 134 people, United Nations Human Rights Experts wrote.”

We Hold These Truths agrees, and the reader should also note that Saudi Arabia and ISIS are the only two governments that practice beheadings to deter alleged crimes.  Saudi Arabia’s unique religion is called Wahhabism, and it is no coincidence that ISIS seems to practice a very similar religion. “The chop” is not practiced other Muslim countries, and stands as prima facie evidence that the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia is ISIS’s godfather–and probably its financier.  It is well established that ISIS fighters are paid, and that Saudi Arabia, having a huge arsenal of US made weapons, could afford to finance ISIS, especially if they receive hidden US backing.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad stated on the Charlie Rose show that ISIS is one and the same as Saudi Arabia!

And if Saudi Arabia is the USA’s best partner in the Gulf, is it possible that ISIS is a front for the USA, to allow our government to pull down yet another Arab state without taking the blame for ISIS’s brutality?  Note also that Saudi Arabia has publicly stated that Syria’s Assad must go.  Is this because Assad is too brutal for the Saudis, or because it is good business to be on the USA side?  -Charles Carlson


Saudi Arabia Is Set to Crucify Pro-democracy Teenage Protester 

Dr. Rob Prince’s account of a recent forum about Syria at which Prince and Charles Carlson were among the presenters

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