EU building FIVE new “HAARP type” arrays — 50,000 antennas called EISCAT 3D

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Big news in the world of science. Europe is building five new antenna arrays to take the lead in RF (radio frequency) “research”.

Full website post with covering these 5 new VHF arrays being built, each array is to consist of 10,000 dipole elements per array! (absolutely huge) .. total of 50,000 antennas, talk of going up to 100,000!…

The new program is called EISCAT 3D — called “5th generation RADAR”.

All five stations are designed to cross beams to interact with each other (scalar potential). Stations to be located in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

This overall array is MUCH larger than the IRI antenna instrument at HAARP in Gakona Alaska, and working on FM frequency bands (VHF – very high frequency) instead of lower HF bands like at HAARP.

In otherwords, bigger facilities, multiple facilities, and on a higher frequency band than the US is using at HAARP. HAARP is still open and active by the way:…

If HAARP was a single instrument plucking a few strings of the ionosphere, then these FIVE facilities could be more likened to a rock band with 5 members. Or a 5 string guitar as opposed to a single stringed guitar.

On another ‘note’ (no pun intended) , Norway has announced they are STOPPING using FM (VHF) bands for radio station broadcasts by 2017 — stopping VHF use by public entities, freeing up the FM bands for EISCAT.

Coming in 2017, the new EISCAT 3D arrays will be dominating the FM radio spectrum.

In 2017, the radio station across Norway will be 233.3 FM .

I can hear the future EISCAT FM radio station ID now!

“You are listening HOTT 233.3FM in Tromso Norway !! Where we are literally BURNING UP THE AIRWAVES with the latest greats hits”

(hits off the ionosphere that is to say)

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