Trumpet Sound in the Sky Over Jerusalem

October 1, 2016

Folks, please don’t be impressed that anything supernatural is going on here! There have been strange cloud and sound occurrences happening for years now and none of it has been supernatural. This is easily created by technologies that we know about. Just go to my page on HAARP and read a little about chemtrails, strange occurrence in the sky.

The thing to pay attention to is how this plays into the script they’re following; their “strong delusion.” Christians, please realize this is a show we’re been presented with. Their script has been woven into our own eschatology. Their (audacious) goal is to deceive believers into accepting a false return of Christ after a brief appearance by an “antichrist” figure. Don’t be fooled.

More sky effects by HAARP

Haarp 1


YouTube video

I’m including this video because Rev Michelle Hopkins discusses some of the technology behind the creation of effects like this. I have respect for Rev Michelle and I think she is a true believer, but she holds to a dispensational view of eschatology, so the scripture references she makes in this video are interpreted through that lens. Please keep that in mind as you watch this.

YouTube video

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