Former Cop Blows Whistle: America Controlled By Satanic Freemasons

Harold Saive

Retired police officer blows whistle on the Rothschild Army of Satanic Freemasons

This interview posted 6/21/2018 starts out a little slow but stick with it.

Law enforcement has every reason to become a Freemason when bylaws allow members to lie under oath to protect a Masonic “brother”.  All they need is a Freemason judge to rule in cases where a cop commits what would ordinarily be a charge of murder in order to get little more than a reprimand and administrative leave with pay. Original video posted at (Brother Roman Youtube)

YouTube video
Key Comments:

  • Rothschilds are leaders of the Freemason Cult
  • Freemason are foot-soldiers of the Illuminati.
  • MKultra a tool of Freemasons

YouTube video

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