Freedom From Alien Abduction in the Name of Jesus! – by Lee Arne

by Lee Arne

Having worked as a secular Counsellor previously (Mental Health , Trauma, Bereavement) and with many traumatic Alien Abduction cases, as well as a Hypnotherapist I also ran Experiencer support Groups for those that were having Abduction experiences.

I no longer do Hypnotherapy, but I still Counsel many people, but NOW I’m sitting in a different seat so to speak.

With all the right tools and information that I learned through having dealt with my own Alien experiences, and of course time reveals many truths when you’re searching for the answers.

That was one of the most interesting times in my life, both in a positive and in a negative way however more so negative. I found the work involved with people who were “experiencer’s ” to be “eye opening.” From a secular Counselling point of view, there was nothing you could do to help these people UNLESS you have the knowledge I have NOW but didn’t have then.

While I was Helping these people who were experiencing the Abduction phenomena like myself, I was also studying them and this became a part of my own research. There is nothing like first hand experience.


I divided the ET contact into 2 categories of people who experience them.

1. The “Experiencer” is a term which is widely used more predominantly for people who have a positive experience with so called extra-terrestrial beings.
2. “Alien Abductee” is a term more predominantly used for people who experience a malevolent, supposed Extra-terrestrial being.

Many still believe we are dealing with Physical Extra-Terrestrial beings, however there has been no hard-physical evidence or proof so far that one or any have existed, even though many times the experiencer can see what looks like an Alien creature. I do believe that experience is 100% real. There have also been many video’s floating around on the internet over the years, and some in fact do look very real. Is it evidence? It’s hard to say, but here me out…

I believe the entities are NOT Extra-Terrestrial biological entities from other stars, planets or galaxies but rather interdimensional in their nature and demonic in the entirety of their being. I also believe they have supernatural abilities to cross the veil at their will and they do, and that they have what we would call shape shifting abilities to present in how ever they want YOU to perceive them. They are masters of manipulation and deception. Remember that these entities are imposters for being represented as Benevolent.

I do believe there is some physicality to these experiences based on my own experiences and what I have seen. It is also my belief that they can leave objects which appears to be implanted materials plus ,scratches, marks, bruises… anything to get you to accept these deceptions to make you think something is a certain way, when in fact it may not be as you assume.

As my research and my own experiences prove , all of it can be stopped without any returning experiences afterward (*with the exception of some cases due to their own misgivings). This research has provided much evidence to suggest we are not dealing with physical Extra-Terrestrial beings but rather an interdimensional entity in the disguise of such. There is such a strong delusion going on. If you were searching for Sasquatch, then that’s what you’re most likely to see. If you are an Alien Abductee that has an affection for blonde Pleiadian type women, then you’re most likely to have an abduction experiences involving what would resemble a Pleiadian woman. They present to you in such a way to manipulate you and your mind to accept the deception.

When I would work as a Hypnotherapist for the Alien Abduction phenomenon, on many occasions I would Hypnotize a person more than once. Sometimes they would request to come back to the office a year later, still trying to explore an experience or gain more insight into their encounter by Regression. I noted with those that came back more than once often would ask the same set of questions as before as well as new questions.

The clients were as much a resource of research for me as they were for themselves. I would note that some of the experiences via the hypnosis would now show “changes” from the original first meeting with me.. Keeping in mind that all my client notes were present from the first Regression to refer to and I could clearly see some minor changes or discrepancy. Due to this fact I could see that Hypnosis and human memories were not a solid resource to rely upon and it was clear the memories could be different over time or indeed false memories. How then could we stand firm in what we see or hear as evidence ?

I know for a fact, that one leading Hypnotherapist working with Alien Abduction Phenomena would accept ALL realities as truth for the experiencer. But there can only really ever be only one REAL truth to what’s really going on in this phenomena.

Indeed Alien Abduction is a true and very real experience for them. No one is denying this and certainly not me. However, is it a true REALITY, or a True DECEPTION ?

On deeper exploration of the Alien phenomena through Clients, I became intrigued by certain things during Hypnosis sessions and I really started to see parallels in cases. My standard procedure before Hypnosis would be to have a consultation, then the Regression session, then to do a review with the client. All up it was about 3 hours’ time.

During the Hypnosis many would report the following incidents which was perceived by the client as stressful or agitating( in their words)

  • DNA collection
  • Excruciating examinations & Procedures
  • Physical deposits of materials or they would call them “implants”
  • Taking samples of skin, hair, semen, etc
  • Sexual encounters with Entities (Male and Female of varies ET races some which included Pleiadian, Reptilian or other Grotesque figures)
  • A variety of different entities present at the one time – Some the clients would say even manifest in The Hypnosis session and would say they are present beside them
  • Military presence in the abduction experience
  • Visitations by Hybrid beings, babies and children
  • Leaving the body (OBE)
  • Puzzles or tests
  • Performing tasks before your allowed to “go home” or be ransomed
  • Impending doom and destruction of the earth

With some cases in Regression, the Abduction experience would be perceived as neutral, neither passive nor aggressive, and in some cases the client while regressed would often show many signs of Agitation, Anger, Frustration, Fear, Confusion, Pain, Tears, Terror and Torment.

Often one person’s number of experiences could have been both passive and aggressive experiences overall. The terrifying experiences would come much later in time almost as if there was a earlier time of settling them in, or similar to a grooming of the experiencer.

Often after these associated emotions were presented the client felt a natural propensity to “accept” these feelings inflicted by the entities rather than reject what was presented.

It is noted that even though the client, in most cases, could show signs of agitated states. They would see themselves as willing participants in such procedures after the entities had coerced them into submitting. The entities enticed them with words, often through a telepathic form of communication, stating they would be “ok and unharmed” no matter how painful the procedure was. These negative encounter experiences would be brushed off by those that had them, and even not shared or spoken about with peers as it would be perceived that their (the experiencer’s) vibration is low and they are attracting negative entities or have an “attachment.” You can see clearly that the choice of their wording has very New Age connotations like “vibration and Frequency.”

This was quite perplexing to me and duly noted. These things were also noted by other Alien Abduction Researchers Like Dr Karla Turner PHD.

When prompted that even the experiments were painful to them, I would ask why they would submit and persist?
Some clients would claim-

  • They told me it’s for my benefit
  • It’s all for the good of humanity .
  • They are there to help us.
  • I’m doing my part
  • It is all part of my mission here at this time. The good will come later.

It was almost as if they were also under a “hypnotic spell” or some type of “programming.”

The Abductee’s seemed to be very compliant and subservient to these entities. These personality types of the people were very empathic resulting in them showing feeling or sympathizing with the entities.

Could these “empathic” people be more easily manipulated ? Could they show more “empathy ‘ to help humanity when shown images of Impending Doom upon the earth, animals hurt and injured etc.?

This brings to mind a similar situation to Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity. Emotional bonds may be formed between captors and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims)

Many experiencers believe, (including those that have terrifying abductions), that for some reason they-

  • Feel Chosen
  • Feel special or selected for a purpose
  • Are Given priority over other human beings by the entities.
  • The are Earth Ambassadors or Leaders
  • Feel like they are on a “mission” and need to complete their tasks.
  • Feel that in the end it will be all good again with a new world and everything will be of peace and love.
  • Many feel such a compelling ,a great need, almost an obsessive “push” to stay on track with the mission.
  • That they agreed to be on this planet at this time for this purpose.
  • They have had many lifetimes OR reincarnated to be here this time.
  • They may be afraid what will happen if they say “no” or do not comply.
  • Many Experiences also felt that the Aliens have aligned certain people to other people, to have relationships and work together as “partners’ in their roles or missions. These relationships are dynamic and powerful with a deep driven sexual nature of the relationship and create a soul bond between the two. Some call it twin flame ,soul-tie, twin soul. I saw many people in New Age leave their former partners and come together in this manner and describe this exact experience.

Eve Lorgen- Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Author of Alien Love Bite discusses the topic and can see the connection and the powerful deceptions – A focus on Alien interference in human relationships.

Many New Agers, Lightworkers, Alien Experiencers have the same feelings as this. It can be such a compelling force, coming from a place other than yourself. I know this because I experienced this myself as well, when I was in New Age running my groups.

Also noted is that Experiencer or Alien Abduction support Groups often do very little to actually help the person. In many cases it would lead to frustration, in particularly to those under spiritual warfare attack. It also could exacerbate Confusion, Depression and Anxiety in the experiencer, especially those looking for relief, and most of all to those who want to STOP the abduction and sleep paralysis experiences completely.

Also in my findings during research, many support groups of this nature would experience spiritual warfare in groups and some even feel to be “targeted” or known as a targeted individual. This seems to take Spiritual Warfare to a whole new level.

Most often the reasons they would want to come to these Alien Abduction support groups is –

  • To hear other experiencers stories.
  • Compare notes ( so to speak).
  • Look for help to “stop “the experiences.
  • Try to understand why it’s happening to them.
  • Learn something they didn’t know.
  • Meet others on the same perceived “mission” they feel they are given by the entities.
  • Feel they are not the only ones experiencing Malevolent beings.( somehow this lessens the overwhelming feelings for them)

I was working with these individuals in the past prior coming to Jesus and understanding these entities are not what people think they are.

Through the contact support groups it was evident there was little you could do to help them. From a secular point of view you certainly couldn’t make it stop. No amount of burning sage in the atmosphere is going to make these entities go away. These methods do not work at all to remove negative energies, neither do crystals, but they probably make the occult shop a nice little profit.
The only solace for the contactee’s was to give them a space to be heard and not scrutinized or belittled. But the people with Trauma and PTSD would have to live with these experiencing because the right knowledge isn’t known to them or they just dismiss it because it mentions the name of “Jesus.”

I want to make a point loud and clear that if the mentioning of the name of JESUS is powerful enough to make those so-called “Aliens” flee, then they are NOT Aliens indeed. They are demonic entities. They will flee and instantaneously dissolve right before your eyes, with the name of JESUS.

How GREAT Is that name?

Who is Jesus this person Jesus ,that he has such a powerful affect on all of this?

This alone should make things evident !

Why do so many know this is a fact yet they refuse to give people the truth or tell them to use it, to make the encounters stop? And I am talking about many UFO Gurus for lack of a better term. The people in the forefront of the Alien UFO communities, the big names you all know about. Pushing the UFO and Alien contact agenda (Admittedly is it preplanned this way(?), or are some doing it unknowingly because they are so deceived themselves) And oh boy. Some are even promoting the very thing that opens the spiritual doorways to bring these entities in to begin within the first place – Occult!!! Yes !!!

Some UFO groups promote these occult modalities to enhance Alien contact. One organization (Name withheld) in particular, highlighting their group name, by prompting their directors who have very high credentials in the Space, Scientific and Professional Medical fields, to give a seemingly Authoritarian Authentic approach to the UFO Alien agenda in what they are sharing with their audience. It sure gets the attention of the people who know very little and want to know more, for an organization presenting such well-known big names involved sure sound professional and enticing. Surely, they must know the truth, right ?

Take heed and let no one deceive you, as I once was too.

Some of those contact modalities these groups promote are listed here-

Ce5, Ce6 which is defined as a new category of Close Encounters, CE6- defined by contact as a conscious, integrated experience, OBE’s, Astral Projection, Pujas, Meditation, Changeling, Mediumship, Table tipping, Ouija boards, automatic writing, and you name it. They encourage it and they promote it.

HOSEA 4:6 — My people perish through lack of knowledge
1 JOHN 4:1–Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
1 TIMOTHY 4:1–Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons…

It is not uncommon for the experiencer to end up in a spiritual warfare battle because of the convoluted nature of the Alien Abduction phenomena and the cross over of the Occultish /New Age
practices that usually impact ALL experiencers. is teaching the fundamentals of why Jesus can make such a great difference to your life, and how to do it and to make the Alien Abduction Phenomena STOP. Its tried and tested over and over again with hundreds of testimonies as prove it works. We give you all the tools including the 8 Rs to freedom-a step by step regime for success and we have 2 Questionnaires to help expose the weaknesses in the persons life.

I hope by sharing a bit about me you can come to know us as a “specialized” support Ministry for these specific Alien Abduction encounters and coming out of Occult and New Age. It has been my greatest pleasure to help people with these types of unusual encounters .

God clearly has his hand in everything we do, and all our needs are met accordingly by the grace of God.

I would like to leave on this note.

Its isn’t just about getting out of the mess ,Occult , New Age, Aliens and UfO’s.

Its so much more than that. In fact everything I have come to know is really all about the same thing. All the world wars, the battles, the politics ,the life battles we face daily and the dramas, it all is about the same thing. If you’re on this earth at this time, we are all in a spiritual battle and everyone living on this earth is a part of that battle whether you know that now or not. The devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking who he will devour. It’s a battle against Satan for your mind and your soul. And he comes to steal, Kill, and Destroy! And we need to watch out for our kids, who are brainwashed in the educations systems, by the idiot box (the tv) the music, the celebrities – it’s everywhere! All things leading to Their new world and NOT the one we want any part of!!

It’s all about humans, our free will and of course what we are going to choose. There will be a time not too far away, that everyone is going to have make a choice. It’s between Good and Evil. The Light and the Dark. Jesus or Satan.

Jesus is TRUTH !!!

Man says show me and I will believe, But Gods says believe me ….and I will show you.

Please choose wisely, your eternal soul depends on it. Jesus can give you salvation, and eternal life. It’s a simple step. It really is.

Just give your life to Jesus, ask Him, talk to Him, tell Him you need Him in your life TODAY. Jesus is NOT religion. It was the religious that killed Him and persecuted him. It is a “relationship.”

Call out to him. Tell Him you choose HIM! Repent for all your sins and you are forgiven by Him.

It could be your last day today and there are no guarantees about tomorrow. Please don’t wait.

Blessings Lee Arne

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